Animal Jam Guide – How To Play If You’re A Beginner

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Posted on June 10, 2021

Do you want to let loose your inner animal? Well, you can do that with Animal Jam. It’s an action-adventure game that’s published by WildWorks. In this game, you play as an animal. But, you won’t do animal things. Instead, your goal here is to be the most popular and sociable animal in Jamaa. To do that, you have to style your animal.

Customize what your animal would look like and express your style and creativity with how your animal looks. Aside from your animal’s appearance, you also get to express your creativity in designing and decorating your den. There are also mini-games for you to play and be able to chat and interact with other players. It’s an exciting game that will keep you entertained for hours.

Though the gameplay of Animal Jam is simple, many beginners might still be a bit confused about it. There are many things that they need to do and consider in this game that can be overwhelming. We’ll help address that, as this blog post will be an animal Jam guide on how to play as a beginner.
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Go Through the Tutorial

The great thing about Animal Jam is that there is a tutorial at the beginning. It will teach you the basic gameplay of this action-adventure game. You will learn about customizing your animal’s appearance and your den. You’ll also learn about the mini-games, interacting with other players, and just exploring Jamaa.

Make sure you don’t skip the tutorial and learn as much as you can. The basics of the gameplay are important. It will teach you the minimum of what you need to do in this game. So, you won’t be looking like a deer lost in headlights.

Gems will Play an Important Role

Like with many other games out there, Animal Jam also uses in-game currency. And the currency you use here is gems. The gems will allow you to purchase items that you can use for decorating your den. You can also use gems to buy costumes and other things that you can use to change your animal’s appearance. This is why they’re significant since you use them for a lot of things.

There are various ways to earn gems in the game, and one is through the Daily Treasure Hunt. Each animal that you own will allow you to participate in this daily event. So, if you happen to have 3 animals, then you can participate 3 times. You are given 5 keys that you use to unlock boxes. What’s more, you can earn exclusive items in the game and gems if you’re lucky enough.
Animal Jam Board

Aside from Daily Treasure Hunt, you can also earn gems from the Mini-Games. Animal Jam has many different mini-games available for you to play. Many of these games will award you with gems if you do well. So, playing and doing your best in these mini-games can earn you many gems. You need to find which game you’d like to play frequently and then play it frequently to earn gems.

Besides, you can also earn gems from Recycling Items. You can recycle old items that you have, and you’re given gems for it. And the last way to achieve them is when you level up. Some of the rewards you earn when you level up are gems. So, make sure you do various activities in the game and earn experience to level up.

Interacting with Other Players

Animal Jam is a social multiplayer game, which means you will interact with various players from all over the world. You can add people to the game, and they will become part of your Buddies list. Once they’re there, you can see them whenever they’re online. You can also send them Jam-a-grams, which are cool and awesome messages to your Buddies.

Another thing that you can do with other players is Trading. A large portion of the players of Animal Jam would like to trade items. Many players usually have a list of items they have available for trade. You can offer up some of your things and see if they will like them and are willing to make the trade.

Other Things to Do in Animal Jam

Aside from customizing, earning gems, and interacting with other players, you can also do other things in Animal Jam. One of the things you can do is to explore. There are many different places that you can go to in Jamaa. So, you can run around for a while and explore what the island has to offer. You can even discover little secrets as you explore, adding more excitement to the game.

Aside from exploring, you can also participate in Parties. The game will have various events and activities scheduled, and you can join them. The parties, in particular, are entertaining to attend since you get to preview exclusive items and unique room designs. You can see that it’s not that hard to figure out how to properly play Animal Jam. And it’s actually fun to figure things out. But if you need a guide, the ones mentioned above will help you get started properly.

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