Subway Surfers Space Station Update

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Posted on April 3, 2021

Ride your hoverboards to space because Subway Surfers is here with another update. 2021 has been a busy year so far for SYBO Games because of the slew of updates that they have released. They’ve taken the new year more seriously and fans from all over the world can’t get enough!

Lately, the World Tour has touched down in Berlin, with a new character (Zayn) being added to the crew. It was released on February 18, and it’s still ongoing. But if you want to go on a journey farther than Berlin or the East, why not visit the Space Station? Yes, you can. The first-ever update in 2021 was the Space Station update. It was released on January 7, 2021. Now, let’s see what this update has brought to this endless adventure game.

New Characters in Subway Surfers: Space Station

Subway Surfers: Space Station is the 130th update of Subway Surfers. It brings two new robot characters, which are the perfect addition to the long list of characters in this game.

Subway Surfers Space Station new character
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Spacebot is a limited character from this update and can be bought for $2.99. His appearance is similar to a boombox. His head is red and white, but his eyes are cyan. The color of the Roto board on his face is also cyan. Frankette is another robot character. He wears Frank’s mask and his body’s color scheme is similar to a suit and tie. He almost appears to be a fusion of Frank and a Robot. Frankette also costs $2.99.

The 3 New Hoverboards to Ride in Space

Hoverboards are the heart and soul of Subway Surfers. And of course, every update brings a new kind of hoverboard that you should collect! Subway Surfers: Space Station is no different because aside from two new characters, there are three new hoverboards that you can ride and enjoy.
Subway Surfers Space Station hoverboard

The first board is the Secret Society. It is a limited-time hoverboard and has the same logo as Roto. It costs 50 keys to unlock. The second board is the Discovery. Like the Secret Society, it is also a limited-time hoverboard and it also has the same logo as Roto. It also has the same shape as the Secret Society and Endeavour, except for its color. You can purchase the Discovery for $1.99. The last hoverboard is called Endeavour. It has the same shape as the Secret Society and Discovery. It also has the same Roto logo as the other two. The only difference is the color. You can buy Endeavour for $1.99.

Exciting Trivia for Subway Surfers: Space Station

The new Space Station Update doesn’t only bring new characters and new hoverboards, but it also brings a lot of exciting trivia that every Subway Surfer fan ought to know.
Subway Surfers Space Station

First, the Space Station Update is the 33rd update to have mixed background music. It’s also the second space station update after 8 years, the first space station update being Subway Surfers Houston. There are also trapped aliens in the game, and these came from another SYBO game called Blades of Brim. In other words, it incorporates a crossover from a different game from the same developer.

If you want to check out these new game updates, download Subway Surfers on PC today for free!

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