Subway Surfers – The Truth About The Game’s Tragic Backstory

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Posted on April 14, 2021

Subway Surfers is an endless runner arcade game that’s published by SYBO Games. It has remained to be one of the most downloaded and most popular mobile games in the past decade. Though it’s a typical runner game, it offers many things that make it such a fun game to play.

Instead of just running, players will have a chance to use a hoverboard while avoiding obstacles and trying to run away from the grumpy Inspector. The game’s graphics are also much better than a typical endless runner. But one of the things that recently attracted people to this game is the supposedly tragic story behind its creation.

Many people believed that story, which further increased the game’s popularity and drew more people to it. But was it true or not? Let’s discover the truth in this article.

The Tragic Story of Subway Surfers

A viral social media post mentioned that the son of Subway Surfers creator passed away after he was struck by a train. This happened while he was skating along the train tracks. To honor the memory of his son, he created Subway Surfers. It was a tragic story, and many people from all over the world believed it. However, there were no credible sources to back up these claims.

It ended up being a good thing for the game since it resulted in increased interest and downloads. Subway Surfers, though, don’t need it since it’s already a popular and well-liked game. And as much as the tragic story would have been an interesting one for the game, it isn’t true.

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The Truth Behind Subway Surfers Creation

To set things straight, Subway Surfers doesn’t have a tragic or inspiring backstory for its creation. The CEO of SYBO, Mathias Gredal, said in 2018 that the game was created when the founders of SYBO started taking an animation course. They were inspired by fashion, urban art, music, and skateboarding, which is why Subway Surfer was born.

And if you look at the game closely, you can see that all of these inspirations and cultures are present. You can see urban art through the graffiti on trains. Street culture is also seen in the background of the game and fashion is showcased in the different skins and outfits that the characters wear.

There wasn’t any mention of a dead son in any of this, which shows the tragic story is nothing but a myth. The game’s developers doubled down on the inspiration for Subway Surfers’ creation with a Tweet. They said that the game was a homage to the diversity and creativity of street culture. They believed that the arcade game allows for a “safe and entertaining environment” for fun and creativity.

Will This Revelation Affect the Game?

Now that the tragic backstory is ruled as a myth, the question is, will it affect the game’s popularity? Will interest eventually die down? To some extent it might. Many of the recent downloads and interest that the game generated was because of the supposed backstory. But now that it’s debunked, some people might instantly lose interest in the game.

But this doesn’t mean that the game will just fall off. Subway Surfers was already popular and well-liked even before the myth was circulated. And there’s a big reason why this is the case, the game is just fun to play.

Subway Surfers is simple to play, but also very challenging to get ahead of. And many people love challenges, so they keep on coming back to see if they can beat their previous score. The developers of the game also made sure that interest in the game won’t just die down. They do this with the many new content and features being introduced to the game constantly. This gives players something to look forward to.

So will people start to lose interest in the game? Yes, there will be some who will likely stop playing the game. But will it have a big impact? Not really, since the game itself is fun to play and the myth will just be an added lore to the popularity of Subway Surfers.

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