Tower of Fantasy Beginner’s Guide – Tips, Tricks & Strategies To Use

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Posted on August 21, 2023

Are you looking for a Tower of Fantasy beginner’s guide that can help you how to play Tower of Fantasy effectively from the beginning? Let this guide help you out!

Published by Level Infinite last 2022, Tower of Fantasy is a role-playing game that looks a lot like Genshin Impact. It has similar things like exploring, collecting characters, and fighting. But Tower of Fantasy has special items, especially because you can play with many people. You can join groups, fight bosses together, and help each other with challenges.

Initially, the game might feel confusing because it introduces many new ideas quickly. Especially if you haven’t played games like Genshin Impact before, you might feel even more lost. But don’t worry, Tower of Fantasy is easier than it looks. After you play, you’ll understand how things work and become good at exploring, fighting, and strengthening your character. Here are some important Tower of Fantasy tips to help you start playing.

1. Strategically Create Your Character

In Tower of Fantasy, you can create your own anime character, just like in those big multiplayer online games. It’s like making your dream character. But be careful; some choices will stay forever unless you create a new character. You can change some things later, like your clothes and hairstyle, but only some things. So, when you start the game, think carefully about how you want your character to look and be.

Tower of Fantasy Characters
Image By: Tower of Fantasy Gameplay

2. Finish the Tutorial & Start Leveling Up

Even though it might feel a bit slow, finishing the first part of Tower of Fantasy as quickly as possible is a good idea. The real fun starts when you reach the first Omnium Tower. Then, you can use the gacha system to get better and stronger weapons.

But after that, don’t worry about rushing through the main story or trying to level up fast. You can’t do that because the game has some rules that stop you from making too much progress in a short time. For example, if your XP bar is full and you’re not getting stronger, you reached the day’s limit. On your first day, you can only get to level 18.

The same thing happens with the main story. If you do too much of it too quickly, the game will tell you to wait a while before continuing. It might be annoying, but it’s a way to make you try other things in the game or take a break and do something else.

Tower of Fantasy Tutorial

3. Opt for Powerful Weapons

One of the Tower of Fantasy Tips you must not forget is to obtain powerful weapons in the game. After you’ve finished learning how to play Tower of Fantasy and unlock the gacha system, it’s time to get better weapons. Don’t keep using the starting blue weapons for too long, and don’t spend resources to make them stronger. You’ll have enough money to start getting new weapons by playing the game and getting rewards. Look for weapons with SSR and SR ranks because they’re stronger and have better stats than the blue ones (and they come with special characters you can play as called simulacrum).

The thing is, the best SSR weapons are still being determined. You should start collecting purple SR weapons more often. Even though they’re not as good as SSR ones, they’ll work well in the game. When you get the same weapon more than once, it strengthens and brings extra abilities. So, when you have a few SR weapons with extra abilities, choose your favorites and make them even stronger. You might get an SSR weapon later (you will get one after 80 pulls using the Golden Nucleus money), but strong SR weapons will also help you.

Tower of Fantasy Weapons

4. Start Rerolling To Get Your Favorite Character

If you’re unhappy with the weapons you get from the gacha game, you have another choice. If you don’t get a strong SSR weapon after trying a few times, you can make a new game account and try again. This might take a lot of time, but you can do it if you want a specific weapon to start your adventure.

As you know how to play Tower of Fantasy, you’ll have fewer chances to get new weapons for free, and you might have already used a lot of your resources to improve your other weapons. Starting a new game while you’re still at the beginning is a good plan if you want to start with the best weapon, but you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to.

Tower of Fantasy Rerolling

5. Equip Your Weapons With Elements

To add a tip to this Tower of Fantasy beginner’s guide, you must know the elements you can put on your weapons. Different elements are really important in Tower of Fantasy’s fights. For example, weapons with fire can make enemies burn and hurt them slowly, and icy weapons can freeze them. Some enemies are weaker against certain elements or have a shield that only breaks when you use a different element. Also, some puzzles need certain elemental weapons to solve.

Different elemental weapons are good, so you’re ready for anything. You can carry three weapons simultaneously, and it’s also an excellent plan to have at least one weapon that can shoot from far away. There are flying enemies, and defeating them from the ground might be tough.

6. Focus on Charge & Shatter Stats

One of the most important Tower of Fantasy tips and tricks you must consider is the charge and the shatter. A weapon with a high Shatter rate is better at breaking enemy shields. A weapon with a high Charge quickly fills up a meter, letting you make a strong attack when you switch weapons. Knowing which weapons are good at each of these things is a big part of how you fight, so don’t pick three weapons that are all good at breaking shields but not good at building up the Charge. When an enemy has no shield, use a weapon that’s good at building Charge. Then, when the enemy gets a shield, switch to your best weapon for breaking shields.

7. Play the Dailies

One of the Tower of Fantasy tips you must not miss in the game is the dailies. Every day, you can do four special tasks that give you lots of different kinds of money and XP. This is helpful, especially if you can’t do the main story for a while. These tasks help you level up. Besides these tasks, you can do several other things each day. Some of them use up your energy, which comes back over time.

If you want to get lots of materials to strengthen your character, try doing a few Joint Operations or Dimensional Trials daily. That way, you won’t waste your energy. You’ll fill up a progress bar for the week by doing daily tasks and some weekly ones. You’ll get even more stuff to help you when you reach certain points on the bar. So, if you do these tasks daily, you’ll get the most weekly rewards.

Tower of Fantasy Dailies

8. Don’t Miss Exploring!

Like in Genshin Impact, a big thing in Tower of Fantasy is wandering around the game’s big world. When you explore, you can find puzzles to solve and collect things. This helps you get more chances to get new weapons, XP, stuff to strengthen your character, and more. You’ll also get special rewards when you explore a lot in different areas, like a mushroom that makes you stronger forever or cool items called Relics that greatly help you.

Tower of Fantasy Map

9. Get Everything!

As you know how to play Tower of Fantasy, it’s always good to be ready. You have a big space to keep things, so don’t worry about collecting vegetables, fruits, or things to improve your weapons when exploring. These things will be useful later for cooking or making your weapons stronger. Sometimes, you need a specific amount of a certain thing for daily tasks or side quests. If you’ve been picking up these things while you explore, you can finish tasks and quests quickly without doing much, which is good.

Tower of Fantasy Inventory

10. Start Joining a Crew

Another Tower of Fantasy tip you must not forget is joining groups like guilds, but they’re called Crews. You can do special Crew missions and donate things while in a Crew. These give you more rewards and special Crew money that you can use to get cool stuff. Since you’ll probably be doing these missions anyway, joining a Crew is a way to get even more rewards from your daily and weekly tasks.

Utilize this Tower of Fantasy Beginner’s Guide Now!

In Tower of Fantasy, a captivating MMORPG world awaits your exploration. Like Genshin Impact, you’ll venture into vast landscapes, solve puzzles, and gather treasures. Remember, different elemental weapons play a key role in battles, and having a mix of them can make you a formidable fighter.

Don’t underestimate the power of your choices – select weapons with high Charge and Shatter rates to break shields and unleash devastating attacks. Your journey will be smoother if you’re part of a Crew, allowing you to complete special missions and earn extra rewards. So, gear up, team up, and embrace the fantastical adventures that await you in Tower of Fantasy. Play and progress in the game using this Tower of Fantasy beginner’s guide.

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