King God Castle Guide – Master Tips, Tricks, & Strategies for Victory

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Posted on July 29, 2023

Published last 2020 by AWESOMEPIECE, King God Castle is a thrilling strategy game where players embark on defending their castle against relentless waves of mobs and powerful bosses. With a choice of up to 6 diverse characters, you can enhance both their abilities and weaponry. Success in the game heavily relies on employing the most effective strategies. In this King God Castle guide, you will learn valuable strategies, tips, and tricks to conquer King God Castle and emerge victorious in your battles.

King God Castle Guide – Tips & Tricks on How to Effectively Play the Game

In King God Castle, a plethora of features and items await to be unlocked as you progress through the game. By completing various tasks, you can acquire Relic Keys and Scrolls. To maximize their effectiveness, it’s best to wait until you have gathered 4 or more of them, as every fourth chest opened yields a double reward.

However, do keep in mind that this counter resets daily. Your ability to employ different tactics in the game depends on the characters and relics you possess, adding depth and variety to your gameplay experience.

To successfully play the game, here are some strategies, tips, and tricks you can use to play this strategy game:

1. Acquire the Rapid Sword Relic

One of the most impressive King God Castle relics is the Rapid Sword. This particular Relic enhances the attack speed based on the number of identical characters on the battlefield. Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that the Rapid Sword doesn’t grant any additional bonus when more than 5 characters are deployed. As a result, this Relic becomes particularly useful for swiftly completing lower-level chapters.

The Rapid Sword is a crucial turning point, rescuing players from getting stuck on lower-level chapters. This powerful Relic augments the attack speed based on the number of identical heroes present on the battlefield. By assembling a group of 5 of the same hero, their attack speed becomes remarkably swift (with no further increase beyond 5).

To capitalize on the benefits of the Rapid Sword, utilizing the Altar of Heroes and Altar of Greed becomes highly advantageous. These altars allow players to deploy as many high-rank units as possible, further enhancing the effectiveness of the Rapid Sword and maximizing your chances of success in battles.

King God Castle relics

2. Play With Aramis & the Penetrating Spear

Aramis, the favored ranged unit among King God Castle players, is widespread. You can unleash devastating damage upon your enemies by strategically positioning six Aramis units in the back lane. To make this build effective, it’s crucial to have two tanks to absorb incoming damage, and we recommend employing two Leonhardt units for this role.

A game-changing asset for this setup is the Penetrating Spear, which extends the range of all characters by 1. Notably, the farther a unit is from its target, the more damage it inflicts. This synergy pairs exceptionally well with multiple Aramis units. Fortunately, you can obtain the Penetrating Spear in the Arena for 80 points. Farming Corrupted Chapters will grant you the Rapid Sword, further solidifying the power of this Aramis build.

Combining the Penetrating Spear, Rapid Sword, and a strategic lineup of Aramis units allows you to create a formidable and highly effective build in King God Castle.

king god castle aramis

3. Learn the King God Castle’s Best Altar

Utilizing XP King God Castle relics and spending meat in “King God Castle,” you can amass significant XP, altar points, and character levels. Several valuable altars can be earned from the game, including the following:

10 Greeds & 15 Heroism

This altar offers substantial character rolls, granting numerous double-ups and additional silver. Players can take advantage of this altar to reach Tier 7.

5 Blacksmiths & Heroes & 15 from Greeds

When you have abundant gold, focusing on high-roll chances for the blacksmith and heroes is wise. Enhancing them with this gold can significantly improve your blacksmiths and heroism in the game. With some luck, you can complete your gameplay with powerful T4 weapons and all platinum.

Ten from Giants & ten from Blood

This altar build is ideal when you need more supporters in your team. It works exceptionally well for bruiser teams, offering substantial life-stealing capabilities.

By strategically choosing and utilizing these altars, players can optimize their gameplay experience and enhance their chances of success in King God Castle.

King God Castle altar

4. Level Up Your Altars

You’ll amass many Altar points as you progress through different chapters in King God Castle. However, leveling up all altars might not be practical, as it could result in unnecessary bonuses that don’t align with your specific build. Concentrating on two altars complementing your chosen build is a better approach.
For the Aramis build, it is recommended to prioritize the Altar of Greed and the Altar of Heroes. To optimize this setup, it’s advisable to keep the Altar of Heroes at a level that is 2-3 levels higher than the Altar of Greed. This strategic leveling will enhance the effectiveness of your Aramis-focused team and maximize its potential in King God Castle.

King God Castle level altars
King God Castle level altars

5. Discover King God Castle How to Get New Heroes

Consider waiting for them to appear in the game’s shop to make your hero acquisitions more efficient and beneficial in King God Castle. The shop offers three free refreshing video ads, providing multiple hero choices. While using scrolls might seem tempting, it’s often not the most cost-effective approach, as the success rates can be relatively low.

King God Castle’s how to get new heroes through free common scrolls is another viable method, and you can earn these scrolls using diamonds. The chances of obtaining a hero are 2.5% for common scrolls, 5% for king scrolls, and even higher at 10% for god scrolls, which are doubled with every fourth scroll.
Keep an eye out for special events that coincide with your time of play, as they can also grant you heroes and offer opportunities to purchase new hero scrolls. Being strategic and patient can maximize your hero collection in King God Castle.

King God Castle heroes

6. Create the King God Castle Best Team

You can utilize some excellent characters in n the game’s early stages, and if you want a strong start, we recommend using Bardney. Combining Bardney with Alberon can lead to significant success and rapid progress in the game.

Another winning character you should prioritize is Mel, known for his exceptional strength to dominate everything in the game. Pairing Mel with another tank unit will unleash his supreme power in battles.

Zuo Yun is also a versatile pick for any game phase, providing a solid balance of survivability and damage output. He boasts the highest DPS (damage per second) and has self-recovery capabilities, making him a reliable hero in challenging encounters.

Evan is perfect for a solid character to include in your team from the beginning. She excels as an excellent support legend and will complement your team effectively. You can develop the King God Castle best team by knowing the best units.

King God Castle best team

7. Don’t Miss Joining an Alliance

As you advance through the game, you will reach level 7 and unlock the Alliance feature. Joining an active Alliance becomes essential if you aim to strengthen your character. Participating in alliance activities and contributing your characters to other members will reward you with significant additional Gold, which is vital for enhancing your characters’ power.

King God Castle alliance

King God Castle Alliance

Follow the King God Castle Guide Now!

King God Castle is a game that allows every player to employ their distinct strategy in conquering adversaries. With the game’s Gacha system, players will possess a variety of characters at their disposal. Utilize the King God Castle guide to craft a personalized strategy that perfectly aligns with your unique playing style.
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