Where’s My Water? 2 – Beginner’s Guide To Solving Puzzles

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Posted on June 1, 2021

Not all puzzle games are match-3 puzzles where you match similar pieces together to eliminate them from the board. Though they’re the most popular type, there are also other fun and more challenging puzzle games available. One such puzzle game is Where’s My Water? 2. It’s a puzzle game where your goal is to guide the water flow towards the shower.

But you won’t be rearranging pipes here. Instead, you’ll create a path on the sand for the water to follow. Keep in mind, though, that this puzzle game is also physics-based. This means that the water, the flow will all be natural. It will depend solely on how you carve the path for them to follow in Where’s My Water? 2.

The gameplay is simple and you’d likely have an easier time in the first few levels. But as you progress further, you’d encounter tougher puzzles to solve. Fortunately, this blog post will provide you with some beginner tips that can help you solve puzzles in this game. The tips are useful, even for the puzzles that are challenging.

Not All Water Needs to Go to The Shower Pipe

This is probably one of the most important tips that you should remember when you play Where’s My Water? 2. You don’t need to guide all of the water towards the shower pipe. You just need to make sure enough water will go to the shower pipe to keep the gator happy. The rest of the water can be used for getting the ducks on the level.

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This is important to know as this will allow you to plan your routes accordingly. Many of the difficult levels will place ducks in hard-to-reach places. This means you will split up the water so some will go to the ducks and others to the pipe. You should remember, though, that you should get the ducks first before putting water into the pipe. If enough water reaches the pipe, you already complete the level, even if you haven’t gotten any ducks yet. So, make sure you get the ducks first as these ducks are your payment to unlock a gate.

Timing Is The Key To Absolute Success

Many of the puzzles in Where’s My Water? 2 will rely on great timing for you to bring water to the pipe while collecting all ducks. For example, there’ll be levels where if you make a path towards the pipe, you’ll miss out on a duck. Then there are also instances that if you carve a path for the duck, the water will go to waste. In many instances, both scenarios are present

To deal with these scenarios, you need good timing. You need to properly time when to carve another path to change the direction of the water. For example, for the second scenario, you can let enough water go towards the duck just to acquire it. Then immediately carve a path for the rest of the water to follow. This is something that will require some practice to do. So don’t hesitate to keep on repeating the level until you get it right.

Wheres My Water 2 Puzzles
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Starting from the Bottom is the Better Option

When you start solving the puzzle, your initial action would be to start digging from where the water is. Then just create a path towards the ducks and then towards the pipe. Though this is usually the best way to start solving the puzzle. There are instances where starting from the bottom might be a better idea than from the top. This means beginning from where the ducks are located and then digging a path there towards the water.

This strategy is mostly applicable, though, on the levels where you need to avoid the ducks. Yes, there are challenging levels where your objective to complete it is to avoid the ducks. This can be problematic, especially if the ducks are placed on a path towards the pipe. For this scenario, digging from the pipe first towards the water might be the best approach.

Don’t Forget To Use Hints & Items

As you progress further and open gates, you’ll get access to items. They can help you complete the level while also making it easy to get ducks. For example, the vacuum item will give the ducks the ability to suck water. This means that you don’t necessarily have to worry about the water hitting the duck. The vacuum will automatically make the water go to the duck as long as it’s close enough.

The hint, on the other hand, will help you identify a path that will take you to the pipe. This is very helpful, especially if you’re dealing with the challenge of avoiding the ducks. In this way, you’ll find a path where you won’t have to go through any ducks. Try these awesome tips out by playing Where’s My Water? 2 on PC today. Use our Games.lol launcher for a more optimized experience!

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