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Download Best Cooking Games on PC for Free - Games for Kids & Adults has all the best free cooking games for kids in every category and flavor you can ever imagine. From baking to ice cream to food games, we got you covered. Join us in this cooking adventure here! Do you like both games and cooking? If so, then there is no doubt that you will love all the cooking games for kids we offer here on These cooking mama games will not only give you fun and excitement but will also help you improve your cooking skills. From cooking and baking to making delicious ice cream, we have got the most popular ones here!

free fast food cooking games
The Top 5 Free Fastfood Cooking Games

Are cooking games a relaxing activity for you? You don’t need to be a real chef in the kitchen to succeed in these types of games.

Wait, are cooking games just for kids? Nope, you are wrong! Cooking games are not only for girls too! If you dream of becoming the next Gordon Ramsay or Jamie Oliver, then you have come to the right place. It is a start for you to practice a little bit about cooking in your downtime.

Our list of free cooking games includes those that let you make virtual food. Free cooking games are not for kids alone. Some are also developed to challenge your mental and visual skills. Games like Sara cooking games and Sara’s cooking games are exceptional. Become good at cooking games for kids and enjoy some favorite pastimes like preparing ice cream or baking stuff. Challenge your customer service skills with games like Cooking Fever and Cafeland – World Kitchen. Whip up a feast for your customers and see them leave with happy faces! Start downloading and play now!

All of these cooking games are downloaded for free on PC/Mac. Treat yourself to some of the greatest free food games ever developed. Challenge yourself with virtual baking and cooking games. Enjoy these super fun food games today!

Top Cooking Games We Recommend

Cafeland: World Kitchen

Cafeland: World Kitchen is one of the most comprehensive cooking games ever. While other cooking games only allow you to prepare the meals and other orders of your customers, Cafeland provides a far more immersive food game experience than that. Aside from the usual serving up of meals to your customers, you also have the opportunity to design, build, and change up the aesthetics of your restaurant! From a simple café to a world-class restaurant, you can build the dream food hub that you have always wanted in this free cooking game.

Cafeland: World Kitchen is also a great game for kids because of its inviting graphics and easy premise. Cafeland is a complete baking game, ice cream game, and food game. You can whip up dozens of different types of food from appetizers to desserts, so you will never be bored! The game has hundreds of dishes and ingredients waiting for you to be skilfully cooked and served to your hungry customers.

If you want a kid’s game that you can let your children play without worrying about the content, we highly recommend Cafeland: World Kitchen. It is a free cooking game that will hone your time management skills and also provide you with tons of fun!

Cooking Fever

cooking fever free pc download

Start your journey to become a world-renowned chef and cook up delicious meals for your customers in this highly popular cooking game – Cooking Fever. The game is just one of the many offerings of Nordcurent, the mobile developer behind other hit games like Sniper Arena, Happy Clinic, and Happy Café. Cooking Fever sets you out on an adventure of a lifetime as you visit different cities around the world and help many restaurants to rack up lots of customers with your cooking skills.

Play in over 20 locations and cook over 400 kinds of dishes from burgers and hotdogs to exquisite cuisines in this free cooking game. Cooking Fever is suitable for children, and you can expect your kid to have fun playing the game due to its easy-to-learn gameplay and very helpful tutorials that will let them get familiar with the controls of the game. Don’t worry about getting stuck at a level as the game also offers several upgrades for the kitchen appliances to improve the production of food and cooking time.
Log in daily to get special rewards and bonuses that you can use to better serve your customers.  If you are looking for a classic cooking game to kill your time, Cooking Fever is a top contender among other food games.

What else are you looking for? These free cooking games, such as the Barbie cooking games, cool math cooking games, and any girls games on cooking. Surely your kids will love girl cooking games and enjoy their make-believe roles.

Serve up your best dishes today by starting your cooking journey with any of these games here!

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