My Cafe – Restaurant Game: Strategies to Help You Become the Best Cafe Owner

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Posted on April 4, 2021

There are tons of cooking and restaurant games where time is the actual matter. But the fun part is you get to experience the stress that chefs from Gordon Ramsay’s show feel because you need to be good at multitasking all the time.

You will get to experience all of these things in My Cafe – Restaurant Game. Many people would also say that it’s one of the most challenging restaurant games they ever played because making money is hard. Though getting customers is a little bit harder. So you will have to work and grind hard.

All About My Cafe – Restaurant Game

At My Cafe – Restaurant Game, you will need to customize your restaurant. Buy new equipment. Placing stools and tables. Everything will seem slow at first. But once the customers start pouring in and get to unlock new features, that’s when the real challenge will come into play.

After that, you’ll find yourself playing My Cafe all the time. You will also fall into the rough path of addiction because this game is immersive, challenging, and fun! There are real stories and gossips you will want to know which sets My Cafe – Restaurant Game apart from other restaurant games.

Each customer has a story to tell. Ann, the main character, will be a part of each of these stories while helping them overcome their problems and challenges. Some of these stories are a part of a quest, so you need to complete them to earn rewards and coins. This interactive game by Melsoft Games Ltd. will force you to pay attention to this game. Upgrade your equipment, redecorate, master recipes, serve your customers, and become involved in your customers’ lives!

Restaurant Cafe Gameplay

If you want to become a great cafe owner that everybody loves, you better follow these strategies, hints, and tips to become better at it. Not only will you gain more profit and attract customers, but you will also get to be one of the best My Cafe – Restaurant Game players there ever was! Read on to learn more about this challenging game.

Strategies & Hints You Will Need in My Cafe

During the first part of the game, Ann will teach you how things work so that you will be doing most of the job. But once you level up and hire employees, they mostly do all the legwork. With that, there are more customers than you can handle and speed things up by lending them a hand. Plus, you can also serve the customer all by yourself.

All you need to do is to tap on a customer and take their orders. You can start prepping the food or drinks and serve the best of service that you can. In case you forgot how to do it, you can always click on the teacup icon to access the recipes list.

Skills When you see an arrow icon appear on top of Ann’s head, click on it and tap on the “Tell Me About Your Skills” button to find out her current level and skills available. Ann’s three main skills are Daily Simple Gift, All Items Prices, and Speed.

Other employees may have different skills, so check out their available skills by clicking on the arrow icon on top of their heads. This part is fairly essential whenever employees level up, so checking upon it would be best. Lastly, you better choose wisely because this matter will impact your cafe.

Hiring More People

Hire more servers when you think your current employees and Ann couldn’t do it by themselves. Even if you’re not playing, the new server will be there to do all the work for you. Hiring a new server will speed up work and earn you more profit.

My Cafe Restaurant Game Recipes

Get Special Recipes by using Special Spices. You will earn over 100 bucks with the Special Recipes, sometimes maybe even more! Ensure to Get Special Spices by logging on daily and getting the daily reward. Increase daily gifts by increasing your employee’s Daily Gift skill. You will get more facilities and more chances of getting those Special Spices.

Get Restaurant Bonuses!

Earn bonus tips from customers with your beautiful and eye-catching cafe. Your customers will leave hints about what kind of decorations you should get, so make sure to pay attention to them! For instance, some customers will provide you with the recipe and decoration hints.

These hints will help increase revenue because you listen to your customers. It will help boost your income and expand your cafe quickly. Lastly, checking your chat messages from time to time will help you boost your cafe as well. Some of these are quests that will get you gems. Some of your customers are just chatting to gossip, while others have side quests you need to complete.

Play My Cafe – Restaurant Game all for free on your PC screens! We bet you, it’s more fun to manage the restaurant with the people you trust! And of course, that’s your friends or relatives!

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