Food Court Fever: Hamburger 3 – Gameplay, Tips, & Tricks To Know

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Posted on July 11, 2021

Become the master chef of several restaurants and prepare the best meals in Food Court Fever: Hamburger 3. It’s a time-pressured game with levels of difficulty ascending faster than you can ever imagine. It’s a part of The Food Court Series, which is one of the most addictive cooking and time-management games worldwide. So, wear your aprons, put on that chef’s hat, and start cooking! If you’re a newbie in Food Court Fever: Hamburger 3, don’t worry because you can learn the basics here.

Gameplay Basics

Food Court Fever: Hamburger 3 is one of the most successful installments of The Food Court Series. It features six different restaurants that you can enjoy. This new game also introduces the latest restaurant, which is the Pizza Shop. Here, you can showcase your pizza-making skills! Other restaurants include Burger Shop, Mexican, Donuts, Sushi, & Seafood. The more shops and restaurants, the merrier.

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In this game, you will also receive diamonds. These are the premium in-game currency, so you must complete each level to collect and earn more. Aside from that, each level will award you three stars if your performance is excellent. These are integral parts of the game, and you need to know how to manage your time well to achieve these stars. So, perform your best and make your customers happy! Never miss to serve a customer or don’t make them wait too long!

Three Important Elements Of The Game

To master this cooking game, there are only three elements you should pay attention to:


Your customers are the main stars of the game. They get impatient quickly, and they can leave if you don’t serve them their food fast enough. That’s why the game can be full of pressure, and you need to hone your time management skills to appease the customers. To keep your customers around longer, you can serve their orders one by one (if they have multiple food requests). Their patience meter will reduce whenever you send out one of their orders.


Coins are premium in-game currency that customers leave after they get their order. Don’t forget to collect the coins because you can use them for many things, such as upgrading or buying more kitchen appliances. The more coins you have, the better because it will be easier for you to level up if you have the best instruments to help you in cooking.

Kitchen Appliances

These are machines you need to upgrade in order to pass difficult levels. Aside from that, kitchen appliances will help you perform well. Upgrade them once in a while, so you become better in the kitchen. For example, you can upgrade the cola dispenser so you can serve two drinks at once. Upgrading kitchen appliances also help you serve orders faster.

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Familiarize Your Kitchen

Aside from the main elements, you must also take note of the most important parts and equipment of your kitchen.

  • Beverage Dispenser: This machine prepares your customer’s beverages and refills them. The first one you will get can only fill one cup, and as you progress, you can upgrade it to add another cup and make its refill time shorter.
  • Kitchen Tabletop: This is the area of the kitchen where you can prepare your customer’s orders. You can prep ingredients for cooking, side dishes, and store cooked food in this area. At the start of the game, you will have only one tabletop. You can add more as you get to upgrade your kitchen.
  • Main Serving/Cooking Ingredients: It’s located beneath the Kitchen Tabletop, and this is where you will find the main ingredients for your dishes such as burger buns.
  • Cooking Area: This is where you will find the grills, pans, and stoves that are used for cooking. Right underneath are the main ingredients, such as the meat and buns. You can upgrade this to add more slots so you can cook more food.

Now that you know the basics of Food Court Fever, it’s time to explore and experience the game on your device! Download this cooking game for free on your PC here at!

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