Fate/Grand Order (FGO): Learn The Basics of Building A Team

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Posted on October 3, 2021

Fate/Grand Order (FGO) is a game that has a well-thought-out story campaign with tons of mysteries that you will eventually unravel as you continue to play. The story of Fate/Grand Order started when a possible extinction threatened humans. In a rural part of Japan, Chaldea confirmed that the extinction would wipe out human beings by 2019.

As part of the grand order, your task is to protect humanity and prevent extinction from happening. So, you must play this card battle RPG and defeat enemies, monsters, and everyone in your way. Then, build a team that can surpass obstacles and slowly determine the cause of this extinction and how human history has disappeared.

Aside from the exceptional storyline, you will have fun finishing exciting missions and quests. You will also come across time-limited events that you need to win to earn an Event Reward Servant. The Event Reward Servant gives you a strong servant that will assist you during your missions. You can also use farm materials to help level up your servants. And if you ever find it difficult to level up, you can enhance and train your servant class to increase their strength. So, what are the different and highly recommended Servant Team Builds you might want to follow? Let’s find out here.

The Most Recommended Servant Team Builds

When planning your servant teams in Fate/Grand Order, there are three main things you need to consider. The active party, the support character, and the reserve party. What you can control here are the active and reserve parties. Servants will be provided at certain times in the game, but you will have the least control over them.
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The main goal is to prepare for self-sustainable active and reserve parties. After that, look for support that will complement the strengths and weaknesses of your active and reserve parties. You must also keep in mind the Servant Attributes and choose Servants that can cover each other’s weaknesses. In addition, you will also find command cards, which are found on each Servant’s page. You must get command cards with good compatibility to create a Command Card Chain.

Buster Teams

Buster teams deal damage by using Buster Chains. They target high HP targets, such as Boss Servants in Grand Battles. The catch is that buster cards have the lowest NP generation. So, you will have to look for other ways to compensate if you’re looking to use your Noble Phantasms. They are also Berserkers with low defense, which means you’ll need to cover for them.

Arts & Noble Phantasm Teams

The arts team attacks and charges the NP gauge to release powerful Noble Phantasms. If you focus on NP gain, the Servants will be able to defeat single targets as well as waves of enemies with their varied NPs. The disadvantage is that arts attacks don’t generate many C. stars, so the party will not be able to get critical hits. Servants who rely on critical hits don’t fit in this kind of party.

Quick & Critical Hit Teams

Quick and critical hit teams generate C. stars. You need these to deliver critical hits to your opponents. Servants are also equipped with skills and passives to generate C. stars and make the most out of their critical hits. And since crits deal double damage and doubled NP generation, this team capitalizes on it so much.

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Image Source: ARTS TEAM – FGO NA Setup Guide – Chaldea Gurus

One main disadvantage of this team is that they heavily rely on RNG. Since C. stars are given randomly to the cards, the crits are just a percentage chance, so it’s not sure unless the card reaches 100%. Hence, you have to make use of classes with a high C. star absorption.

Make Your Own Team

If you want to create your team with different kinds of Servants, you have the freedom to choose and mix and match if you wish. The ones listed above are just recommendations, which you may follow to ensure that you get the best out of your teams.

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