8 Educational Video Games Proven to be Fun & Academically Informative

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Posted on January 15, 2023

If you’re a parent that’s looking for an effective way to help your little ones with their current and future lessons, then you shouldn’t miss the amazing Educational Video Games. Believe it or not, video games can be fun, at the same time, educational. According to experts, many educational video games can help your child improve their brain skills.

Nowadays, there are loads of educational video games released by various developers that aim to help and educate children effectively and to engage them as well. But the question is, which among the Educational Video Games now is worth playing for your child? Let this list of educational video games help you out.

Here are the best educational video games your little one should start playing now;

1. Engaging Multiplication Tables – Times Tables Game

Starting the list of best Educational Video Games is Speedymind’s Engaging Multiplication Tables – Times Tables Game. In this casual educational game, your little one can learn and practice Mathematics, specifically multiplication. With this game, you can help your child love Math more and memorize the multiplication table in a fun yet easier way.

In Engaging Multiplication Tables, your child can embark on 11 interactive episodes. You’ll witness various scenarios in each episode that will help your child memorize the multiplication table through interval repetition. In every episode fulfilled by your little one, they will receive a reward that will motivate them to accomplish more episodes.

engaging multiplication tables gameplay on pc


2. Periodic Table – Game

If you’re looking for an Educational Video Game to help your child memorize and familiarize the periodic table of elements, then you should download the Periodic Table – Game. Your child can play various games that cater to chemical elements in this game. For example, your child needs to match a certain element symbol to its name.

In Periodic Table – Game, your little one will be set on a world map with numerous continents. Each continent will have certain learning aspects your child can immerse in. These aspects include various periodic table lessons where your child can learn the name, atomic number, atomic weight, and symbol of each periodic table element.

periodic table gameplay on pc


3. Spelling & Phonics: Kids Games

Joining the roster of the best Educational Video Games is Spelling & Phonics: Kids Games by RV AppStudios. In this casual game, you can help your child learn more about reading and spelling different words. What is more interesting about this game is that there are no ads, and you can even let your child play the game without supervision.

In Spelling & Phonics, your child can learn and understand the sound of each letter. Also, it helps children master phonics through visuals and pictures. There are four game modes available in this game and two adorable characters to anticipate, namely Ruby and Lucas. The said characters will help your little one as they immerse in the challenges.

spelling and phonics gameplay on pc


4. MentalUP Educational Games

If you’re looking for a fantastic game to help your child boost their cognitive skills and brain functions, then you should spare space for MentalUP Educational Games by Ayasis. In this Educational Video Game, there are endless fun and learning activities that will also train your little one’s mind and memory.

Like the other educational games mentioned in this list, MentalUP offers a wide range of games your child can play. These games include solving quizzes and puzzles. You can also let your child play and solve more than 100 brain exercises available in the game.

mental up games download PC


5. Vlad & Niki. Educational Games

Adding to the list of best educational video games is Vlad & Niki. Educational Games by AppQuiz. You can help your child solve simple to complicated puzzles and smart games in this game. With these puzzles, your little ones can hone their learning, reasoning, and concentration skills.

There are numerous educational games included in this game. Your child can learn to sort various objects through different sizes, shapes, and colors. There are also smart puzzles that will teach your child how to solve simple Math and word problems. Aside from the mentioned objects, some puzzles use silhouettes and helpful visuals.

vlad and niki games download PC


6. Baby Games: 2+ Kids, Toddlers

If you’re looking for an educational video game suitable for your 2-year-old child, you better check out Baby Games: 2+ Kids, Toddlers by Bebi Family. In this casual game, you’ll encounter different simple yet exhilarating puzzles suitable for children 2 to 3 years old. What makes this game worth playing is that there are no ads that can disturb your child’s learning journey.

The activities included in Baby Games: 2+ Kids, Toddlers are usually about animals, foods, shapes, colors, numbers, sizes, letters, and phonics. With its colorful graphics and simple controls, you can let your child play the games by themselves alone.

baby games 2kids pc download


7. Numbers – 123 Games for Kids

Another educational video game your child must not miss is Numbers – 123 Games for Kids. Whether your child is a future or a current schooler, this game is perfect for kids, especially if you want them to master more numbers.

There are more than 100 Mathematics activities included in this game. These activities focus on honing your child’s memory, motor skills, creativity, attention, and coordination. The exercises usually tackle tracing numbers, problem-solving, mathematics, and more.

numbers 123 games pc download


8. Baby Shapes & Colors for Kids

Completing the list of best educational video games is Baby Shapes & Colors for Kids. As the title suggests, this educational game focuses on teaching children about shapes and colors. Usually, the games include classifying, sorting, logical puzzles, memory activities, and more.

What is more interesting about this educational game is that it can be translated into 17 languages and is suitable for children with special needs. It is a perfect game for children as it trains them in basic school aspects, such as shapes, colors, counting, and more.

baby shapes colors pc download


Choose the Best Educational Video Game for Your Little One!

So, there you have it! Now that you know the best educational video games that suit your child. Now’s the perfect time to download them and let your child enjoy learning. What is more exciting about these games is that you can get all of them for free here in Games.lol.

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