Addams Family: Mystery Mansion – A Comprehensive Game Guide

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Posted on August 22, 2021

Following the success of The Addams Family movie and the franchise’s popularity in movies and cartoons over the years, PIXOWL INC. is here to bring the wholesome yet spooky family in Addams Family: Mystery Mansion. The main objective of the game is to restore the family’s scary mansion.

Addams Family: Mystery Mansion offers never-ending fun and excitement as you fulfill quests while traveling back in time to collect all kinds of creepy stuff. There’s no limit as to how long you can spend crafting and farming for the materials you need. Plus, the game is designed for players of all ages. So, the game mechanics are easy and the goals are not that difficult to achieve. But if you hit some roadblocks in the game, you can follow the beginner’s guide below. These are a compilation of strategies, which you can use to progress faster in the game.

Complete Quests To Earn Experience Points, Coins, & Rubies

Most of the time, completing quests will get you to earn experience points, which are imperative if you want to level up. Before proceeding with anything else, you need to look at the objectives that are part of a character’s unique quest. Most of the time, these quests would contain two or three goals, which you need to clear to claim rewards. If the characters run out of quests, you can continue crafting materials, and generate resources to reach new levels.

Take Control of the Addams Family

You can direct each family member to do something even if it’s outside their objectives or quests. Sometimes, these quests need time before you can complete them. But it doesn’t mean that you should keep them idle. On the contrary, you can have them generate resources, which are essential in crafting an item so that you already have these items on hand when it’s time to use them to fulfill the desires of the rest of the family.

Addams Family gallery
Addams Family gallery

Of course, each of these items that the characters create has different completion times, which you need to note if you want to craft items efficiently. Ideally, you should prioritize items that you will need in a particular quest. Otherwise, keeping a healthy stock of essential resources is always a good idea.

Increase Inventory Space

Generating resources for a variety of items can take a lot of inventory space, especially if you are looking to stock up. Since there’s a limit, you should increase your inventory space as much as you can. You will need a set of items to get an inventory upgrade. If the items you need are not yet available, be wise on making use of the space in your inventory. Craft items, fulfill desires, and never throw anything away as much as possible.

Choose Your Battles (Or Desires)

Each family member will have random desires, which you can find on the checklist icon at the bottom right of the screen. You can choose to fulfill their desires, but you also have to check if these items are needed for an important quest. If you don’t want to end up regretting giving those items away, you should check your quests and cross-reference from the desires that the characters have. You can fulfill desires if the items they want are essential resources or objects, such as wool or metal. If the objects are hard to obtain, you should always think twice before fulfilling their desires.
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Obtain Kooky Boxes For Faster Progress

Having a member of the family farm for materials doesn’t only mean you get more resources. But it will also generate spooky spirits, which are needed to fill up the Spooky-O-Meter. When you reach a required level of spookiness in the Spooky-O-Meter, you will have the chance to collect Kooky Boxes. It will take some time to collect the rare Kooky Box, but it’s worth the effort. So, you need to put in extra work so you can fill up the Spooky-O-Meter as fast as you can. This also helps you progress faster in the game too.

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