Summoners War Guide – The Ideal Guide for Beginners

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Posted on December 13, 2022

A fun and exciting turn-based role-playing game you can play is Summoners War. It’s a game where you play the role of a summoner and you summon various monsters and creatures. The goal is to assemble a powerful team and become the best summoner in the game. As simple as that sounds, the game can be confusing for beginners. It’s because of the many factors to consider to achieve the goal. It’s why this post is a Summoners War guide.

We’ll provide some tips and information on what beginners must do when they’re first starting the game. It ensures that you’ll have a good start in Summoners War and put you on the right track to becoming the best summoner in the game.

Summoners War Guide – What Beginners Must Do

Though Summoners War will have a tutorial in the beginning. They’re just there to teach you the basics of the gameplay. At the end of the day, you’re still left to figure things out yourself as you play. Let’s start the Summoners War guide below.

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Focus Only on the Important Monsters

One of the things that you’ll enjoy with Summoners War is that they have a lot of cool-looking monsters. There are more than a thousand different monsters available to collect. Of course, many of them are just the same monster but with different elemental attributes. It’s easy to get sucked into trying to develop all of them, especially the ones that look cool and powerful.

Though there’s nothing wrong with that, you are just slowing down your progress if you do that. Not all monsters you acquire in Summoners War are worth leveling up. Sure, they might help you in the beginning, but you will soon see that there are more powerful monsters that are worth using later on. You can start by focusing first on your Nat 5 monsters. Though they’re harder to develop and rank up, they’re usually the most powerful monsters in the game.

The Nat 4 monsters are okay since they’re powerful enough to help you, especially early on when you don’t have lots of Nat 5s yet. Eventually, though, your team will be composed of all Nat 5 monsters and higher. So, don’t spend all your resources on building them. Nat 3 might be a good alternative early on and in some situations. But don’t waste too many resources on them as well. Focus more on your Nat 5 monsters. This is especially true if you already have a lot of them.

Summoners War Gin
Image Source: Summoners War Gin


Don’t Forget to Buff Up Monsters’ Skills

It’s also important that you buff up your monsters’ skills as you’re developing them. It’s not enough you just level them up and equip them with powerful runes. You also need to buff their skills. This will help them deal more damage and survive more during fights. It’s usually something that many beginners tend to overlook, focusing more on ascending their monster, leveling up, and rune combinations.

Don’t overlook this part. Buffed skills can also make a huge difference during battles. They could be the difference between you winning and losing a match.

Summoners War Buff
Image Source: Summoners War Buff Skills


Always Farm for Runes

A big chunk of your gameplay in Summoners War will go to farming. It’s how you’ll get resources and level up your monsters. But when you farm, make sure a majority of the time you’re farming for runes. They’re one of the most important items in the game. They’re the ones you equip your monster to make them more powerful.

Fortunately, you can acquire them through farming. But expect that you have to grind to get good runes for your monsters. When farming for runes, focus more on acquiring the ones you’ll put in slots 2, 4, and 6. Be aware as well of the multipliers and bonuses that runes provide. Completing a set of runes can provide multipliers and bonuses and it’s what makes runes great.

It’s the one you need to keep on looking to see the rune’s effectiveness. It’s also important you’re aware of the strengths and abilities of your monster. You want to equip runes that will further enhance their strength and help them dominate during battles.

summoners war runes
Image Source: Summoners War Runes


Put Together a Team that Works

Acquiring powerful monsters in Summoners War is important to be the best summoner. But it’s also important that the team you assemble works well together. Another common mistake that beginners make is that they try to just load up on powerful monsters and hope they do get the job done. It could work early on. But as you progress and you start to encounter more powerful monsters, proper team composition becomes more important.

Check your monster’s stats and abilities and see how they can synergize with other monsters you have. Some monsters are healers, damage dealers, buffers/debuffers, and so on. You must try to build a balanced team to help you deal with any situation. It’s also worth remembering that you will change your team composition a lot in the game.

It’s not easy to create a team that can do everything for you. You will have to mix them up, depending on the battle you’ll participate in. Expect to have a different team when you’re dealing with dungeons and when you’re farming. You should also expect to use a different team for PVP or guild wars. The important thing is you’re aware of the proper team compositions and synergies, so you can build a good team.

Summoners War Team
Image Source: Summoners War Team


Take Advantage of the Different Dungeons

You need to make sure that you also take advantage of the different dungeons in Summoners War. The Tower of Ascension, The Giants Keep, Dragon’s Lair, and many more. These dungeons are where you can acquire more powerful runes and resources that can help your progress in the game. It’s why you must try to complete them whenever they’re available.

Of course, that’s easier said than done, especially at the higher levels. They become more difficult as you progress. But it also means rewards become much better. That’s one goal that you can try to achieve here, making your team strong enough to progress in these dungeons.

Summoners war dungeons
Image Source: Summoners War Dungeons


Try To Take Advantage of Daily Missions

Summoners War will have daily missions for you to complete. Try to complete them as much as you can to get the rewards. They’re decent rewards and can help in your progression in the game. Besides, they’re also free. No need to spend money to get these rewards, so take advantage of them whenever you can.

Summoners War Daily Missions
Image Source: Summoners War Daily Missions


Join Guilds

Speaking of free rewards, joining guilds can also help you get good rewards and items. You get access to exclusive guild prizes when you join a guild. Like with the daily rewards, you just need to complete certain things and participate in guild wars to earn guild points. You can spend these points on awesome rewards that can help your progress in the game.

A guild can also help you meet more seasoned players that you can ask for tips and guidance. Early on you might go to lower-level guilds since they’re the ones who are willing to accept newbies. But as you become stronger and progress, you could join more powerful guilds to have a better chance of winning guild battles and getting more points.

Summoners War Guild
Image Source: Summoners War Guild


Follow the Summoners War Guide for the Ultimate Success

Summoners War is a fun RPG to play. You just need to make sure that you do the right things early on to make sure you progress properly in the game. The tips provided above can help you achieve that.

Make sure you follow each one and have a good beginning in Summoners War. And if you’re ready to play the game, get it here now in for free!


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