Among Us Developers Teases New Map for Release in December 2020

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Posted on November 27, 2020

Ever since its release in 2018, people could not stop talking about the game up until today. Among Us has been on top of the charts because of its uniqueness. Many players find the game interesting, engaging, and something to look forward to every game time. Because of its popularity, Among Us, merchandise is available anywhere, and there are even videos created about the game.

It has swept the world by storm and a great reason to download the game on your desktop PC just in case you haven’t played Among Us yet. In a nutshell, Among Us is a game between the crewmates, who need to finish some tasks and an imposter whose goal is to kill the crew discreetly.


Among Us Killing Crew


Among Us has unique gameplay, and the result is always different. It all depends on how well you play as a crewmate or, better yet, the real imposter. This game is so much fun because you can play the game with friends and family, or even strangers online. There are three maps to play, and each has a different layout and list of tasks.

Though the maps vary, the characters are still the same. The goal remains the same, though – tasks to complete for the crew and killings for the imposter. The developers are cooking a new map in a couple of days, and it’s something to set your alarm upon its release. It is still best to check out the current maps before diving into the fourth map then.

The current maps to date

The Skeld was the first map made by the developers, which is set in outer space. What players see is the inside of the spaceship and has four visual tasks. There are also different vent cycles throughout the Skeld map. This place is the most popular and regarded as the easiest of all maps. It is the second-largest map in which the electrical, security, and medbay are all connected.

The second map in Among Us is MIRA HQ. The location is far up in the atmosphere of Earth, specifically an airbase. Many players like this map because it has a unique type of security system that is devoid of security cameras. MIRA HQ, though, has Doorlogs as compared to the other two maps. It has eight tasks for the crewmates, and the vents are interconnected. It is different from the first map because it has no public restroom. MIRA HQ is the smallest map in the game.

Polus or also referred to as Planet Polus, where it is located. The ground is purple, and it is larger than the Skeld or MIRA HQ, with 12 tasks up for grabs. Polus is the most extensive map in Among Us. The security system is unique, and the only map is lacking a cafeteria. In the game, emergency meetings take place in cafeterias.


Among Us New Game Map


Upcoming map in December 2020

Innersloth hinted at a new and fourth map revealed on December 10, 2020, during The Game Awards. As mentioned, each map has a different design and layout, which affects the crewmates’ gameplay and, of course, the imposter. One can only depict inside a cockpit in the teaser with vents and screens for imposters to move around in the teaser. There is also a small WiFi box on the bottom left, which may be for the crewmates’ data uploading task.

Experts say that Henry Stickmin inspires the entire thing. Themed skins are also shared, and characters are wearing the usual ship’s standard uniform. There is not much detail about what it is, but one thing is for sure- it’s going to be an epic one! This development is an excellent idea after canceling Among Us 2. Updating and developing the original Among Us game is better because many gamers are hooked and following the game ever since its release.

With this new map, more people will be more interested in downloading the game, and new players will be in on the game. As always, there are new gameplay elements in the fourth map, and that’s something to look forward to. It’s not a long wait anymore because December is just around the corner. Stay tuned for the upcoming The Game Awards then, and be amongst the many fans to enjoy the new map soon!

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