Among Us Imposter Tips – How To Successfully Avoid Detection

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Posted on September 30, 2021

Among Us is one of the surprising games of 2020. It’s not a newly launched game, but 2020 was the year that the game took off. It’s an action multiplayer game that’s played by a maximum of 15 players with 1 to 3 who will play as an Imposter. The rest would play as Crewmates, where their goal is to complete all tasks or identify the Imposter before they all get killed. As Imposter, the role is to kill all the Crewmates before they complete all of their tasks.

Looking at the roles Among Us offers, you can see that the Imposter role seems to be the one that’s more exciting. It does sound more fun to kill other players than try to complete tasks. Of course, that’s not going to be easy since you have to make sure you won’t be identified. The difficulty of this role is something that many players underestimate. This is why many players fail in their role as the Imposter. To help you with that, here are some Among Us Imposter tips.

Tips to Becoming A Great Imposter in Among Us

One of the important things you need as an Imposter is to be good at lying and directing attention. Your goal is to kill all Crewmates before they complete their tasks. But you also have to make sure that they won’t detect you. This would likely require you to lie during discussions and to be good at directing attention or doubt to other players. This makes being an Imposter difficult. In this section, let’s discuss tips for being a great Imposter.

Target Immune Players First

There are certain tasks in Among Us that will prove if a player is a Crewmate or not and those are visual tasks. When a player completes a visual task, it shows that they’re a Crewmate because it’s the only task Imposters can’t fake. So, when a player completes a visual task in front of everybody or at least many players, they already have proof they’re a Crewmate.
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So, if the suspicion is between you and that player, they’ll have an advantage. This is why you should try to target them first as much as possible. Eliminating the immune players first, as much as possible, would make your life easier. That will be one less problematic Crewmate to worry about.

Act Like A Crewmate

It’s also important that you act like a Crewmate. This would mean trying to fake completing tasks (except the visual ones), participating in discussions, and so on. You don’t want to draw suspicion or attention to you, so try to act like a Crewmate as much as possible. This is especially important during the discussions. This would mean asking questions, telling them where you were, and what you’re doing. It would even help if you happen to be with another player that can back up your statement. So when you kill a Crewmate, make sure you go to a room or area where there are other Crewmates. This could help you give an alibi.

Don’t Be Defensive During Conversations

It’s not going to be uncommon to be accused during the discussion portion of the game. If they happen to see you near a dead body or if you just left a room where a dead body is found, you will be a suspect. Being defensive in this situation might not be a good idea. One thing you can do is to accuse the other person. This could possibly work, especially if it’s only 1 Crewmate that’s accusing you.

This is where your bluffing skills will be tested. You need to be good at lying about your whereabouts and when you accuse the other player. One tip that can help is you should always try to stay calm during the discussion. If you start to sound agitated or if you even shout, you’d look more guilty. So, try to be calm but firm in your conversations.
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Don’t Go for the Kill Outright

When the game starts, don’t try to go for the kill immediately. Try to build your credibility among the Crewmates. This would involve helping them out in tasks, supporting them during discussions, and so on. This would make you look trustworthy, which can help greatly in diverting the suspicion away from you. When you earn their trust, then this would be a good time to start picking apart Crewmates. You can use the Sabotage feature to delay the Crewmates’ progress. This would give you more time to set up your trap.

Final Thoughts

Being the Imposter is an exciting and thrilling role in Among Us, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. Just follow the tips provided in this blog post since it will help you become a great Imposter in the game.

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