Among Us: The New Airship Map Coming this 2021

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Posted on December 18, 2020

Released in 2018, Among Us is one of the popular video games that made waves in 2020. Thanks to famous YouTubers and Twitch Streamers, millions of people from all over the world started playing this amazing game right away. There’s no wonder it won the Mobile Game of the Year Award during the Game Awards 2020. It’s a Multiplayer Hit that captured the attention of many gamers. Because of its amazing gameplay, simple graphics, and exciting e features, Among Us is easily a 2020 favorite.

Now that this year is coming to an end, the game’s developers announced that they’d be adding a new map. There are more surprises in-stored for you once it’s released in 2021. Before we tackle the game’s newest update, here’s a brief explanation about the game– for the newbies out there.

Among Us New Map Reveal
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There Is An Impostor Among Us

Among Us is a multiplayer party game that involves 10 players in a set location. The participants are classified into two categories namely the Crewmates and Impostors. There can be up to two impostors in a match depending on the game host’s preferences. Each match is isolated in a game room. You can choose to set it to public for a thrilling experience with fans worldwide. You can also make it private so you and your friends can have fun.

The crew’s job is to accomplish tasks given to them while trying to survive the killing intent of the Impostors. During the round, crewmates can try to guess who the impostors are and kick them out of the game. If the crewmates are successful in completing their tasks or eliminating the murderers, then they’ll win the match.

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On the other hand, Impostors must pluck off the crews without being detected. They can stealthily traverse the maps by going through vents. They can also sabotage certain areas to distract the crew or kill them in one fell swoop. If they can successfully eliminate the crew, then they’re the round’s victors. It’s a bit tricky to be the villain in this game. You can check out some neat guides to help you become a successful Impostor. Now that you have an idea of how the game works, let’s talk about the upcoming map of the game.

Ride The Gigantic Red Airship

Among Us bagged a few trophies this Game Awards 2020. Aside from that, they also announced a new map this coming 2021 called The Airship. It’s very different from the previous locations because there will be new features that everyone will surely enjoy. They also released a sneak peek trailer, with Henry giving the viewers a mini-tour of The Airship.

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From what we’ve gathered, the new map is far different from the three old ones. There are a lot of surprises Innersloth has in store for the many Among Us fans. It also gives players something new to memorize since they’re all familiar with The Skeld, MIRA HQ, and Polus. The devs made sure that they show the new map’s features without having to reveal too much information. All we know is that there will be new tasks involved.

Even though it’s a late Christmas present, the new map is still a gift from Among Us that fans shouldn’t miss out on! You can expect this new and exciting add-on come 2021.

The Upcoming Features Exclusive To The Airship

The developers didn’t say exactly what the new features are in The Airship, so keep an eye out for updates. All of the familiar elements from old maps are still there, like air vents, wiring and downloading data solving puzzles, and the beloved emergency meeting button. So there aren’t any changes in the core gameplay, but the teased tasks and new areas can surely hype up the anticipation.

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Some of the new features will also include ladders and elevators for you to traverse The Airship. And after every meeting, each player will be starting in different rooms, which adds a new kind of challenge. You’ll never know if the Impostor is there in the next room.

Among Us Free PC Download
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Thanks to the fans of Among Us, it’s been a social craze from the start of the year. It gave us the chance to enjoy quarantine and lockdown at home. It’s one of the best titles in 2020, and it’s no surprise that they canceled the supposed second installment to keep all of its fans together.

If you are a big fan of this game, you should watch out for the new map next year! Start your 2021 journey as either a crew or an Impostor in the Airship. And if you haven’t tried the game yet, download Among Us on PC now! Experience first-hand why they won two awards in the Game Awards 2020. Just know that you can’t trust anyone in Among Us.

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