Among Us New Updates – 15-Player Lobby, New Tasks & More

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Posted on August 4, 2021

Among Us surprised many people in 2020 when it came out of nowhere and became one of the most popular games of the year. As great as that experience is, especially for the developer, InnerSloth, the game is not as popular as it was a few months ago. Of course, the taste of reaching that peak is great and all, but their job is not yet done if they want to continue enjoying the perks of such a peak. Gladly, the developers made the right choice as they made some updates about the game again. Now, the challenge is to acquire and maintain people’s interest in playing the game again.

With the new updates and content, the developers and avid players alike hope that it will continue to attract new players. Fortunately, for the most part, it’s working. Their biggest update so far was the introduction of the 4th map, The Airship, which came out last March 31. But aside from that, what’s the latest update that the developers have for this action multiplayer game?

Among Us Newest Updates in 2021

There are actually several updates made in the Among Us game. In this blog post, we will discuss them one by one. It included the 15-player lobby, new tasks, language translations, new bean color, and more. Read on to know about all these updates in detail.

The 15-Player Lobby

Probably the biggest and most recent update InnerSloth made to Among Us is increasing the lobby size from the usual 10 to a maximum of 15-players. This means that more players can now play in this social action game. This is a new element to the game and will likely surprise many returning players who haven’t played the game for a while. The new update is part of the game’s 3rd anniversary.

Among Us New Lobby
In-game screenshot: Among Us 15-Player Lobby

But can it be considered a good update? For the most part, it is. Since Among Us is a social deduction game, with the keyword here being social, it means that it’s a game expectedly played with other people. The more people, the more fun the game can be. Sure, with the addition of 5 more players in the ship, it may get more chaotic and even toxic at times. But that’s where the fun and challenge usually comes. Having more players also adds a bit more difficulty, especially for the Impostors. There are more people to kill, which means more people to find. So, that’s going to be challenging, too.

New Tasks & Translation

Another new content that arrived in Among Us is a new task as well as new languages to use. Languages such as Simplified Chinese and Irish are now added that lets the players who use these languages play the game fluidly. As for the task, the newest task is cleaning vents.

That’s right! The vents that the Impostors use will now require some cleaning. What’s great about this task for Crewmates is that when someone’s doing the task, that particular vent can’t be used. The Impostor can use the other vents, but they won’t be able to go to the one that’s being cleaned by the Crewmates. The vent cleaning task will also allow Crewmates to identify who the Impostor is. If there’s an Impostor camping in the vent that’s part of the cleaning task, they’ll be booted out.

There’s also an additional dramatic sound when you spot an Impostor, so you’ll instantly know if someone is lurking near. This makes the Impostor’s task more challenging, but also more fun and rewarding if you’re able to pull it off.

New Bean Colors to Choose From

InnerSloth also added new bean colors that players can use in the game. This is a great addition since the available colors are already getting dull. With the maximum of players increased to 15, this requires newer colors to be used by everyone. Cumulatively, there are six new colors added to the game–Tan, Coral, Banana, Rose, Gray, and Maroon. They’re cool-looking palette colors that add more variety to the available bean appearances in the game.

Among Us Bean color
Image Source: New Bean Colors Among Us Official Twitter Account


What Else Can You Expect To Come?

However, InnerSloth is not yet done providing new content and updates to the game. So, you may expect more new content to come down the line in the future. The company shared what they have in mind in a blog, which includes a 5th map, a Hide and Seek mode, new roles (detectives, maybe?), and ways to play. New visor accessories, achievements, and many more. The developer didn’t provide detailed information about these updates yet, like the release date. But it’s likely going to be available before the year ends or at least early next year.

They also teased a possibly major update to arrive real soon in a recent tweet. The tweet also comes with an image of a spacebean that adds more intrigue to the soon major update. As for what that major update is, no one really knows. No details were provided yet in the tweet as of this writing. It could be one of the newest things they shared in their road map blog post or it could be a different update altogether.

For now, it looks like we’ll just have to wait until they finally release it or give more details about it. In the meantime, you can just enjoy the latest updates that we have detailed in this post.

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