Among Us: Tips & Tricks To Be An Awesome Crewmate

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Posted on September 30, 2021

Among Us is a multiplayer party game played by groups of four to 15 players online or via local Wi-Fi. As crewmates, you’ll be preparing for the launch of your spaceship. However, an impostor is among you—going around the area killing one crewmate after the other.

If you’re a Crewmate, you need to hold your spaceship together and survive. There are one to three players among the Crew that could be chosen as the Impostor. It’s a game of betrayal and deception, so be wary of the Impostor who’s killing Crewmates one by one and sabotaging the spaceship. Do your best, and work together as a team to complete your tasks and survive.

Among Us: Tips To Be A Winning Crewmate

If you want to learn how to win the game as a crewmate, don’t worry because you’re in the right place. Read on below to know some of the best tips and tricks.

Always Be With A Group

If you want to know how to win in Among Us, you must prevent an Impostor from killing anyone. You can do this by moving in groups. At first, it will be hard to know who the Impostor is, so you need to go by gut feeling and go with the ones you think you can trust.

Alternately do your tasks and wait for other crew members to finish their tasks before moving to another part of the spaceship. The Impostor won’t risk killing anyone if there are many people around. But be careful because they might be sabotaging events to break the group up.

Check If Other “Crewmates” Are Completing Their Tasks

If you want to know how to win as a crewmate, watch another player doing their tasks. Do not assume that they are safe and friendly because Impostors are supposed to pretend to do tasks. So, if they are completing a task, the taskbar should go up. That’s an indicator that a Crewmate is safe and not an Impostor. It’s important to know whether they truly are completing a task or not, so you can catch them right away!
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Think of Strategies During Emergency Meetings

Emergency meetings are an essential part of the game because this is where you and other players discuss who you think the Impostor is. But aside from discussing and finding out who the killer is, you can use it to create strategies to avoid getting yourself killed.

For example, you can suggest staying in groups and avoid going out alone. It’s also better to also ask someone to check on you while doing a visual task. Unfortunately, emergency meetings often become a screaming match among players, especially when some players are strongly accusing one another. But for the Crewmates to win, it’s safer to discuss in a calm manner so you can understand each other.

Know the Location of Common Tasks

Common tasks are usually done by everybody, and this includes inserting the keys on Polus or swiping the card on Polus and Skeld. If you don’t have a common task, then nobody else has it. So, it’s very useful for you to find out where the locations of these common tasks are. Familiarize yourself with the map and its layout. And if you find someone completing a common task that you don’t have, then they might be an Impostor faking a task.

Don’t Waste Visual Tasks

Visual tasks are very valuable. If you see someone do a visual task such as the scan over at Med Bay, then you can be 100% sure that they are safe and not an Impostor. But if you’re doing a visual task without other players present, it’s more than likely that you will be accused of being an Impostor since you don’t have an alibi anymore. These are also considered “overpowered” because it’s a sure sign of your innocence. So if you’re doing one, make sure to have another player present.
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Fix Sabotages

Another thing you need to do as a Crewmate is to fix sabotages done by Impostors. Don’t think that another player will fix it for you because that’s how Crewmates can lose. If there are sabotages, you need to fix them immediately. It doesn’t matter if there are five of you doing it as long as it’s done so the spaceship won’t encounter any problems. Remember, these can also be traps, so avoid going and fixing them alone. Again, the first and basic rule is to move in groups.

Being a crewmate is not exactly as thrilling as being the impostor but it’s also quite challenging, especially if you take each task and investigative work more seriously. Just take note of the tips above to survive and defeat any imposter in the ship!

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