Azur Lane Tier List – Most Powerful Characters To Use

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Posted on September 14, 2022

One of the best role-playing tactical games you can play right now is Azur Lane. It’s a game that features naval warfare using some of the most well-known battleships in history. This includes the infamous German battleship Bismarck, The Royal Navy’s HMS Barham, and many more. But what’s interesting about this game is that these famous warships are represented by cute anime-like girls. That’s right, instead of the actual ships, you cute girls with their personalities. Like with many RPGs, there are many different warship characters for you to acquire.

Each one doesn’t only have its personality, but they also have its unique abilities. But with so many different warships available, which ones are the most powerful? Well, that’s what we’ll discuss in this blog post. We will provide the latest Azur Lane tier list and discuss the most powerful characters in the game.

The Best Warships in Azur Lane

There are many different warships available to acquire, develop, and use in Azur Lane. This makes it a challenge for players to decide which warships to use for their team. This is why in this section we’ll categorize warships per tier to identify which among them are the best.

Azur Lane Characters
Image Source: Azur Lane Warships


S-Tier Warships – Overpowered

These are currently the most powerful warships in Azur Lane. You can classify them as overpowered just because of what they can do and how they affect the battlefield. They’re the warships you’d want to have on your team and the ones you’d want to prioritize in developing. With these warships, properly developed, you won’t have too much trouble clearing difficult levels and bosses. Below are the S-tier warships.

  • Battleships and Battlecruisers – Vanguard, New Jersey, Friedrich der Grosse, Lutzow
  • Destroyers – An Shan, Yuudachi, Shimakaze, Chang Chun, Kitakaze
  • Aircraft Carriers – Perseus
  • Large and Heavy Cruisers – Drake, Azuma, Kronshtadt, Agir
  • Submarines – U-37, Leonardo da Vinci
  • Light Cruiser – Plymouth


Azur Lane New Jersey
Image Source: Azur Lane New Jersey


A-Tier Warships – Powerful

If you’re having a hard time acquiring the S-tier warships, then you might have access to A-tier warships. They’ve not overpowered warships like the S-tiers, but they’re still powerful in their own right. They’re very good alternatives to S-tiers and will still be valuable warships to use in any team composition. Even if you’re only using A-tiers, you’ll still be able to progress, that’s how strong they are. Below are the A-tier warships you can use in Azur Lane.

  • Battleships and Battlecruisers – Warspite, Vittorio Veneto, Champagne, Richelieu, Gascogne, Howe, Marco Polo, Odin, Monarch
  • Destroyers – Tashkent, Suzutsuki, Ayanami, Marie Rose, Jervis, Z46, Kazagumo, Allen M. Summer, and Kiev
  • Aircraft Carriers – Hakuryuu, Volga, Shinano, Ryuuhou, Independence, Aquila, Enterprise, Chise Asukagawa, Centaur, Essex
  • Large and Heavy Cruisers – Anchorage, San Francisco, Chesire, Roon µ, Azusa Miura, Prinz Heinrich,
  • Submarines – Archerfish, U-96, U-47, U-81
  • Light Cruiser – San Diego, Rikka Takarada, Mainz, Noshiro, Seattle, Harbin, Duca degli Abruzzi
  • Other Ships – Vestal, Akashi


Azur Lane Warspite


B-Tier Warships – Great

In case A-tier warships are still not part of your lineup of warships, you can go for the B-tier warships. They’re not as powerful as the S- and A-tiers. But they’re still great warships that will perform their role. They’re still viable options in any team composition and can still help you progress and win battles. It might be more challenging to win, but they can still get the job done. Below are the B-tier warships available.

  • Battleships and Battlecruisers – Izumo, Tosa, Akane Shinjo, Sovetskaya Belorussiya, Alabama, Seydlitz, Amagi, Nagato, Bismarck, Kii, Brünhilde, Iori Minase, Duke of York, Gneisenau META, Honoka, Repulse META
  • Destroyers – Bristol, Naganami, Ingraham, Z23, Javelin, Yukikaze, Laffey, Tashkent µ, Le Malin µ, L’Indomptable, Le Terrible, Pompeo Magno
  • Aircraft Carriers – August Von Parseval, Shohou, Ark Royal, Ticonderoga, Formidable, Souryuu META, Hiryuu META, Illustrious, Impero, Intrepid, Shangri-La, Unicorn
  • Large and Heavy Cruisers – Ibuki, Yume Minami, Roon, Talinn, Saint Louis, Prinz Adalbert, Baltimore, Minneapolis, Bremerton
  • Submarines – Minato Aqua, U-101, I-13
  • Light Cruiser – Neptune, Swiftsure, Chapayev, Aurora, Helena META, Pamiat Mekuria, Jeanne d’Arc, Misaki, Jintsuu, Kirov


Azur Lane Tosa


C-Tier Warships – Good

A good alternative to the B-tier warships, in case they’re still not available, are the C-tier warships. They’re not as strong as the S-, A-, and B-tier warships. But they’re still powerful and can help you in many battle situations. You can expect more challenging battles with these warships. But they’re still good alternatives and are more than capable of helping you progress. The C-tier warships available are listed below.

    • Battleships and Battlecruisers – Gascogne µ, Queen Elizabeth, Hood, Hyuuga, King George V, Washington, Massachusetts, Suruga, Prince of Wales, Sovetskaya Rossiya
    • Destroyers – Kasumi, Z28, Kawakaze, Z24, Le Malin, Yoizuki, Le Triomphant, Kagerou, Shirakami Fubuki, Harutsuki, Z1, Hanazuki
    • Aircraft Carriers – Ark Royal META, Casablanca, Bunker Hill, Zuikaku, Chihaya Kisaragi, Saratoga, Graf Zeppelin, Illustrious µ
    • Large and Heavy Cruisers – Chikuma, Portland, Kasumi (Venus Vacation), Pola, New Orleans, London
    • Submarines – Albacore, U-410, Cavalla, Nautilus, I-168, Albacore µ, I-19
    • Light Cruiser – Avrora, Phoenix, Dido, Leipzig, Dido µ, Isuzu, Giuseppe Garibaldi, Curlew, Haruka Amami, Boise, Magdeburg, Birmingham, Biloxi, Montpelier, Sirius, Reno
      Other Ships – Ritsuko Akizuki


Azur Lane Queen Elizabeth


There are many more solid warships available for you to use in Azur Lane. But the ones mentioned in this blog post are currently the best ones you can have and use. Download and play these fun tactical RPGs now on your PC for free!


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