Boom Beach – The Best Offensive Strategies To Use

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Posted on June 1, 2021

Boom Beach is an exciting and entertaining PVP strategy game where you build a base, train troops, and do some upgrades. But a big portion of what you will do here will be defending your base and attacking other bases. The attacking part is a big thing in this game. For the most part, you’d gain more from attacking another base than trying to defend your own from an attacker.

This doesn’t mean that you should forget about defense. You should still put up defensive strategies on your base. But you shouldn’t focus on it. Whatever resources you lose, you can always earn them back and more when you attack. This is why attacking and raiding other bases is what you should focus on at Boom Beach. You’ll benefit more if you focus on employing offensive strategies when you play this game.

But what would be the offensive strategy that you can use in Boom Beach? What’s the best offensive strategy at Boom Beach right now? Let’s discuss more in this blog post.

Things To Remember About Offensive Strategies

Before we discuss some of the best offensive strategies you can use in Boom Beach, let’s first discuss some things to remember. Regardless of what strategy you use, all of them will have three main components.

They are the composition of your army, the order in which you deploy them, and the use of the Gunboat’s specialty. If you carefully study any offensive strategy out there, you will see that all of them will follow these three basic components. This is also what you need to remember in case you want to come up with your strategy. Remember to always focus on your army’s composition, the order in they will be deployed, and your Gunboat’s ability.

The Gunboat has a wide range of abilities available that can support your attacking troops. But keep in mind that all abilities that deal damage (except for Critters) and the ones that give negative effects allow for friendly fire. This means that your troops can also receive damage if they get caught up in your Gunboat’s attacks.

It’s also important to remember that no strategy is perfect and there’s no one offensive strategy that will fit all bases. Each base you encounter will require you to employ certain strategies so you can defeat it. You also have to make sure that your troops and heroes are upgraded and developed. Even if you employ a strategy that’s supposed to win, if you utilize underdeveloped troops and heroes, you’d have a hard time winning. Now that you have some basic knowledge and information about strategies, let’s discuss some of the best strategies available.

The Meat Shield Strategy in Boom Beach

Probably one of the most common, but very effective offensive strategies that you can use in Boom Beach is the Meat Shield. It’s a strategy where you use troops with high health and defense at the front line. And then pair them up with long-range high damage troops at the back. The most common troop combination used for this strategy is the Heavy and Zooka Army.

Boom Beach Scorchers
Image Source: BoomBeach MeatShield February Hits

The Heavies, for example, have a very high HP, making them a great shield for high-damage troops but with low health. Though Heavies can absorb many of the enemy’s attacks, you should still watch out for cannons and Boom cannons. These defenses can heavily damage the Heavies, making them useless as meat shields. So, make sure to destroy the cannons and boom cannons first.

Zookas, on the other hand, have the highest damage output in the game, so they’re your primary building destroyers. Their only weakness is that they have very low HP, which makes them very easy to kill. So, pairing them with Heavies is a good strategy, as the Heavies can soak up the damage while the Zooka deal damage. Now, the Scorchers are great alternatives to the Heavies. You can say that they’re even better because they can also deal damage. The only problem is that they take up more housing space and more Gunboat Energy. So, unless you have a high-level Landing Craft, it’s better to stick with the Heavies first.

The Sniping Strategy in Boom Beach

Another great offensive strategy to use in Boom Beach is sniping. This is a very effective strategy for bases where the HQ is placed at the back with little to no defense placed behind it. For this type of strategy, you can still use the Heavy-Zooka troop composition and the Flares of the Gunboat. Just use the flares to guide your troops around the enemy base and toward the HQ. Then, use the Heavies to protect the Zookas to deal with the damage.

Another alternative is to use Riflemen instead of Zookas, as they can also get the job done. It’s more advisable to use them if the enemy’s base is filled with Cannons, Boom Cannons, and Sniper Tower. They won’t easily die like the Zookas and they deal decent enough damage. The Riflemen can even be used with the Swarming Strategy, where you just overwhelm the enemy’s base with tons of troops attacking.

The HQ Rushing Strategy in Boom Beach

If you prefer to rush the enemy base, then the HQ Rushing Strategy is a great one to use. In this strategy, you make use of the Warriors, Shock Bombs, Smoke Screen, and the Gunboat’s Flares. Warriors are good at taking down HQs quickly because of their high damage and movement speed. They can also heal themselves, making them harder to kill. You can use the flares to guide the Warriors quickly to the headquarters so they’ll avoid other buildings.

But watch out for Boom Cannons and Sniper Towers that have a high level. You should also be wary of Flamethrowers and Machine Guns. This is where your Shock Bombs and Smoke Screen will come in. The Shock Bombs can stun enemy defensive buildings, so make sure you use them to protect your Warriors. You can also use the Smoke Screen so your Warriors won’t get attacked. But remember, they also cannot attack while inside the Smoke Screen, so don’t use them beside the enemy HQ.

So, if you haven’t employed these offensive strategies, now is the time to try them out. Beat your enemies in battle with Boom Beach’s best offensive strategies today!

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