Cooking Fever – The Ultimate Strategy Guide For Beginners

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Posted on April 30, 2021

One of the best cooking games that you can play right now is Cooking Fever. It’s an arcade cooking game that’s published by Nordcurrent. In this game, you get to play the role of a restaurant owner serving food to various customers. They’ll be requesting different kinds of food and your goal is to serve it to them as quickly as possible.

Doing so will allow you to earn more money in the process since a happy customer will give huge tips. It’s a game that will test your ability to manage time as well as strategize properly. You will need to come up with strategies in serving customers, as well as which equipment to upgrade first. This is especially important for beginners as a good start to Cooking Fever can make progressing a bit easier.

To ensure that you’ll have a great start, this article is the ultimate strategy guide for Cooking Fever. It will provide tips and what you need to do in the beginning so you won’t make mistakes afterward.

Getting Familiar With Your Kitchen

To have a good start in Cooking Fever, you must know your kitchen properly. This will allow you to move quickly and easily serve your customers as fast as possible. There are four main areas in your kitchen, the beverage dispenser area, the kitchen tabletop, the food preparation area, and the main serving or cooking ingredient. The beverage dispenser is where you make the beverage and it’s located on the left side of the screen.

Cooking Fever on PC

On its right is the kitchen tabletop where you prepare the food that you will serve to the customer. There’s a plate on top of it so you can place the food that the customer ordered along with other ingredients. To the right of the tabletop is the cooking area where you will grill and cook some of the orders. It’s something that you should watch diligently since you don’t want to overcook the food.

Underneath the kitchen tabletop is the main serving or cooking ingredient. It’s where buns, pizza dough, cake mix, and so on are located. There are two more areas: the add-on item and the special food treat. These two, though, are not regularly ordered but you should be aware of them as well. It’s important to upgrade each area and doing so speeds up production. Some also add another slot so you can serve more food faster.

The Currencies in Cooking Fever

Another thing you need to learn about is the resources in Cooking Fever. They’re going to be important in your progress since they’re used for upgrading, opening new restaurants, and so on. There are two currencies in the game: Gems and Coins. Gems are the most critical currency since it’s the premium one. They’re harder to acquire unless you’re willing to spend money. So you must save them as much as possible. You should also take advantage of events and achievements that will allow you to earn them for free.

Coins are also important since they’re the main currency you use for upgrades. But they’re easier to earn since they’re what customers pay you. If you do a good job, you can expect to earn more coins in the process through tips. But still, try to use them smartly so you won’t waste these currencies.

Cooking Fever Guide


Customers’ Patience is Key To Success

As mentioned in this game, serving a customer’s order as fast as possible is important. It will determine whether you’ll get a high tip or no tip at all. When a customer orders, they will show a picture of the food they want. Beside the image of the ordered food is the time gauge that goes down the longer the customer waits. Once it reaches half, don’t expect any tip from customers so make sure that it doesn’t reach that level.

One tip is not to collect all the customer’s payments so you won’t overwhelm yourself and serve multiple customers. Open 1-2 slots for customers to order to keep their numbers to manageable levels. Another tip is that if a customer orders more than 1 food, try serving the quicker one to prepare first. Doing this will put their time gauge backup so you won’t have to worry about the gauge going down quickly.

Opening New Restaurants For Expansion

Cooking Fever has many different restaurants for you to open. It will cost a specific number of coins or gems. Some restaurants will also require that you reach a certain level first before you’re allowed to purchase them. Your level is located at the top right of the screen. You gain experience points whenever you play. So, make sure to play often so you can level up and be allowed to purchase new restaurants.

New restaurants mean new locations and new food for you to cook and prepare. It also means more income for you, so you’ll have an easier time earning money for upgrades. Employ this beginner’s guide when you play Cooking Fever. It’s better to play it on PC too. Try it out using our launcher. It’s optimized to run on your PC smoothly.

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