Brawl Stars Guide – Heist Cheat Sheet

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Posted on November 30, 2021

Brawl Stars is a fun and interesting action multiplayer game published by Supercell. It’s a battle arena game that provides competitive and exciting matches for players. One of the things that people enjoy about this action game is the many different game modes available to play. This provides people with many different ways to enjoy this game. One of the fun game modes available is the Heist.

But what is Heist anyway and why is it a good game mode? And who are the characters that would best be used for this game mode? Let’s find out in this Brawl Stars Heist guide where we provide a cheat sheet for the Heist game mode.

What is Heist in Brawl Stars?

Heist is one of the game modes that players can play on Brawl Stars. It’s a 3-vs-3 match where each team will have a safe that they need to protect on their base. The health of the safe will be based on the power level of the brawlers. So, if your team has high power levels, your safe will have high health as well. The objective of the match is simple: destroy the opposing team’s safe while protecting yours.

The team that destroys the opposing team’s safe first will win the match. In case the game time ends before any safe is destroyed, the team with the highest remaining health for their safe will win. If the health percentage is the same or if both safe are destroyed simultaneously, then the match ends in a draw. Let’s now take a look at the best brawlers to use for the Heist game mode.

Brawl Stars Heist
Brawl Stars Heist


The Best Brawlers for the Heist Game Mode

For the Heist game mode, the brawlers with high attack power as well as good zoning skills are good options. But there are still many brawlers that can provide these things in Brawl Stars. This is why we’ll look at the brawler tier list for the Heist Brawl Stars game mode in this section.

The S-Tier Brawlers for Heist

The brawlers on this list are the metacharacters. They’re the overpowered brawlers and will likely dominate in Heist. They should be the first pick or priority of players if they want to do well in this game mode. For this game mode, the S-tier brawlers are Brock, Spike, Barley, Bull, Darryl, and Emz. They’re the brawlers that you would want to use if you want to dominate or do well when you play Heist mode.

The A-Tier Brawlers

Of course, you might not have any access to the more powerful S-tier brawlers, so a great alternative would be the A-tiers. They’re not the overpowered brawlers that could dominate matches, but they’re still powerful in their own right. They are very good options in case you don’t have any of the S-tier brawlers to choose from. You can still likely dominate matches, but it will require more work and strategizing.

For A-tiers, you have Bibi, Nita, Colt, 8-bit, El Primo, Dynamike, Max, Gale, and Nani. They’re still strong brawlers that will allow you to do well when you play Heist using them.

The B-Tier Brawlers

In case the A-tier brawlers are still not available for you, then a good alternative is the B-tier brawlers. They’re good characters that are still viable in the Heist game mode. But you will likely see some drop in performance and effectiveness. There will also be instances where you’ll need to form the right team to make sure these brawlers can shine. For the B-tier brawlers, there’s Jessie, Pam, Rosa, Frank, Penny, Mr. P, Carl, Sandy, and Jacky.

They are still good brawlers. But don’t expect to dominate in all matches you participate in while using them. You will likely have to properly strategize in many battles for you to do well.

The C-Tier Brawlers

If the B-tier brawlers are still not available for you, a decent alternative would be the C-tier brawlers. They’re decent characters that can still be viable in many scenarios in Heist. But most of the time, they will require the proper team around them to win matches. They’re the brawlers that you only use in case you don’t have any other options available. There are only 2 brawlers that belong on the C-tier, and they are Shelly and Bea.

These two brawlers are still decent to use. But don’t expect them to be viable to use in all matches in Heist. Most, if not all, of the matches you’ll use them in will require the right team composition just to win. Nevertheless, they’re still decent alternatives if they’re the only ones you have at the moment.

The Heist game mode is very fun and exciting to play. And if you want to do well there, just make sure you are using the right brawler. Just take a look at the information on this infographics and you’ll soon dominate Heist in Brawl Stars.

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