Brawl Stars Guide – Bounty Cheat Sheet

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Posted on November 30, 2021

One of the fun and exciting action multiplayer games that you can play is Brawl Stars. It’s a 3-vs-3 game where players get to battle against each other inside a battle arena. The great thing about this game is that there are many different game modes available for players to compete in. This gives players several options when it comes to the game mode they can play. One such game mode is Bounty.

But what is this mode and how does bounty work in Brawl Stars? Who are also the best brawlers that players can use here? Let’s find out more in this Brawl Stars guide where we provide a Bounty cheat sheet.

What is Bounty in Brawl Stars?

Bounty is one of the game modes that players can play in Brawl Stars. It’s a 3-vs-3 match where the goal for each team is to collect as many stars as they can. The match will last for 2 minutes and the team with the most stars at the end of the time limit will win. Each player will begin the game with 2-stars. To increase the star, they need to defeat the opposing brawlers to get their stars added to them. A player can hold a maximum of 7 stars.

When a player is defeated, their brawler will be revived after 3 seconds and with 2 stars. This is an exciting game since it will require you to just kill as much as you can to collect stars. In the middle of the map, there’s a blue star, which will serve as a tie-breaker. The team that gets that star first will already have an additional star to them. Of course, if the brawler who’s holding the blue star gets defeated, it is transferred to the brawler who defeated him. Let’s now look at the best brawlers available.

Brawl Stars Bounty
Brawl Stars Bounty


The Best Brawlers to Use on Bounty

Looking at how this game is played, the best brawlers for this game mode would consist of those who have high attack power and mobility. They’re the brawlers that are likely going to do well in this game mode. Of course, not all brawlers who possess these traits are created equal, as some are way better. Let’s look at the tier list of brawlers for Bounty Brawl Stars.

The S-Tier Brawlers

These are the best brawlers available for the Bounty game mode. They’re the meta brawlers, the overpowered ones that will dominate matches. They should be the priority when it comes to brawler selection. The current S-tier brawlers for Bounty are Mr. P, Gene, Sprout, and Brock. If you have any of these brawlers on your roster, then make sure you use one of them when you decide to play Bounty.

The A-Tier Brawlers

Of course, not everyone will likely have the S-tier brawlers on their roster. A great alternative would be the A-tier brawlers. They’re not overpowered, but they’re still powerful in their own right. They are still very viable options for matches and can still dominate most of the time. The A-tier brawlers available are Tick, Penny, Piper, Sandy, Bo, and Mortis. They should be the next in line if you don’t have access to S-tier brawlers yet.

The B-Tier Brawlers

If A-tier brawlers are still not available for you, then a good alternative would be the B-tier brawlers. They’re still good brawlers to use and can still be viable options for Bounty. Don’t expect that they will always do well, though. There will likely be certain matches where you need to form the right team around the brawler just to win. The B-tier brawlers that are currently available are Leon, Rosa, Jacky, Darryl, Carl, and Bea.

The C-Tier Brawlers

In case you still don’t have access to even the B-tier brawlers, then the most decent option would be the C-tiers. They’re still decent brawlers that can help you do well in the Bounty game mode. Most of the time, though, you will need the right team composition to increase your chances of winning. The C-tier brawlers are Gale, Poco, and Tara.

The Brawl Stars Bounty game mode is probably the most fun and competitive game mode in Brawl Stars. This is because it involves a lot of killing and battling. And if you’re deciding which brawler to use, just look at the brawlers listed above to help you win the fight.

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