Call of Duty Mobile – Among Us Mod Coming To The Game

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Posted on April 14, 2021

One of the surprise games of 2020 is Among Us. The multiplayer action game just suddenly took off and became one of the most popular games you can play that year. Even in 2021, the game maintains its popularity, as many other games are, including the multiplayer action game’s gameplay. They’re creating mods that will mimic Among Us and incorporate it into their gameplay.

The Chinese version of PUBG Mobile tried it out before, and people liked it. Now, another multiplayer shooting game is trying it out, and it’s Call of Duty Mobile. There was a leaked video of an Among Us gameplay from the Chinese version of the popular multiplayer shooting game. The new mod is titled Werewolf, and 12 players play it. In this article, let’s discuss further what this new game mode is that’s likely to come to Call of Duty Mobile.

What is The Werewolf Game Mode in COD Mobile China?

As mentioned earlier, Werewolf is the leaked game mode from the Chinese version of Call of Duty Mobile. Twelve players play it, and all of them will start by selecting which character they’ll use in the game. Once done, all players will spawn at the center of the map Meltdown and wait for the countdown before the game begins. Once it starts, players are free to roam around the map.

Call of Duty Werewolf

Each player will need to collect weapons, materials, and other items that they can use. These things will come in handy for a variety of reasons, including completing tasks. Similar to Among Us, players will have tasks to complete and finish to win the game. Of course, there’s also going to be a traitor among them. The goal is to kill all players before completing the tasks and not to get discovered by the others. Thus, unlike Among Us, the Werewolf gets played in rounds.

At the end of each round, all players will converge and discuss what happened during the round. They can talk about dead bodies that they found, people they found suspicious, and so on. After everyone’s done talking, players will also have a chance to vote who they think is suspicious during this period. And if a player has enough votes, he or she will be kicked out of the game.

A winner gets determined once the traitors are not in the round, tasks are finish, or the traitor successfully killed everyone. Discussions can also be done throughout the game as a player can call for a discussion. The gameplay is pretty much the same as Among Us, but with some major differences.

How Werewolf Differs from Among Us?

One of the major differences between Werewolf and Among Us is that players will have to collect weapons and other materials. You don’t do that in action multiplayer, as you immediately proceed to complete tasks or sabotage Crewmates. In the Chinese version of Call of Duty Mobile, this is a requirement. You can collect a pistol, a shotgun, or melee weapons as they are essential in completing the task.

Another difference is that you can use the weapon to fight back. That’s right; the traitors aren’t the only ones capable of killing, as every player in the game can also do that. However, it is also worth noting that players can also kill their allies and not just their enemies. You can shoot or hit other players until they’re dead. But there is a repercussion for killing allies, and that’s losing the game.

If you happen to kill teammates twice in a row, you will automatically lose the game. Only you and not your team, as they will continue playing. So you better think twice about killing allies since there are repercussions to it. Besides, killing allies would only put you at a disadvantage in this game, so you might as well reserve that for taking down enemies instead.

Call of Duty Werewolf Gameplay


When Will Werewolf Come to Call of Duty Mobile

The Among Us game mode, Werewolf, was leaked on the Call of Duty Mobile China. And you might be wondering when this game mode would come to the Call of Duty Mobile game in general? Unfortunately, there weren’t any details regarding when the actual game mode will become available. What’s more, there’s also no guarantee that it will become available at all since the game is still on trial.

But if the game mode is final, it will likely become available in a couple of months. This means you can expect to play Werewolf on Call of Duty Mobile at around April or May. The game mode seems like it’s going to be very fun to play. Here’s hoping the game’s developers finalize this game mode and make it available for everyone to play. It will result in a lot of excellent and interesting gaming experiences for Call of Duty Mobile players.

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