COD Mobile: Dropshot & Slide Nerf Issues Addressed by Activision

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Posted on March 17, 2021

Activision has finally addressed the nerfs on the drop shot and slides, claiming that they were “unintentional bugs.” While the next major update is not yet out as of this writing, it may be safe to say that there won’t be any further issues. Get to play Call of Duty Mobile for free on PC. Download here!


Call of Duty Mobile is a fast-paced FPS game with lots of highly intense moments that you won’t stop for a second and think about your next move. While it is more grounded than Black Ops 3 and 4, it still has a much faster pace than any previous CoD games. One of the reasons is the implementation of slides.

You see, in CoDM, sliding is the key to success for high-ranking players. It’s an excellent way to minimize their hitboxes, increase their movement speed, stop campers, and spawn peekers from maliciously cheesing out the game.
Sliding Nerf

After the alleged nerf, players with high ranks in the competitive scene saw this as a stupid move from Activision. In a game where many players camp to take advantage, sliding is the best way to counter them. By taking out that counter, it’s like coming back to the imbalance days of CoD Modern Warfare 2.

COD Drop shot issue

In general, the nerf made using your ADS (or iron sights) inapplicable whenever you slide now. Also, the weapon spread becomes wider whenever you slide. From a newbie’s standpoint, this is pretty helpful. But for seasoned players, this is nonsense. Personally, this alleged nerf seems irrelevant since the creation of a power slide shooting combo is a godsend for players infuriated by campers. If Activision continues to push this nerf, old players may have to adapt to the new changes. The problem is, these players may also feel frustrated and could leave the game for good. However, it does not stop there. Drop shooting has also been nerfed.

Drop Shot Nerf

If you do not know what a drop shot is, allow us to explain. If you face an enemy and he decides to shoot you while you’re standing, the best counter method to this is to press the prone button immediately, all while aiming and shooting against the one who is targeting you.

As your character changes his stance from standing to crouching and then proning, your accuracy also gradually increases. If you never knew by now, your crosshair becomes narrower whenever you crouch or prone, allowing for more hits on the enemy. The bullets “drop” as you lie down on the floor, hence why it is called drop shot.

And so, with that out of the picture, it seems polarizing for many people. For one, drop shots have been in the CoD universe for a very long time now. Taking that out of CoDM would alienate many of its long-time players but something relieving for newer players. However, Activision said this was not part of their plans, but they never said they would fix it or leave it like that.

COD Drop Shot Gaming

Yet, this was not the first time that the drop shot got nerfed. In 2020, Activision lessened the accuracy of drop shots which gave the opponent a fighting chance. Then again, it’s always been simple: if you can’t shoot a prone enemy, then the drop shots aren’t the problem.

Instead, it’s your fault for not being able to predict when an enemy will do a drop shot. It’s not like they’re camping or anything. They’re merely just evading your bullets.

Claimed as Unintentional Changes

With so many players angry about this change, you can hear them speak loudly over at Twitter and Reddit, claiming that removing these will significantly lower the skill ceiling. Activision announced on Feb 14 that these two changes were “not intentional” and were just bugs in the test server, NOT an official nerf.

However, Activision never admits their mistakes anyway. They are most likely only making an excuse to say they messed up the shooting meta. The next patch is not out yet, so we’ll see if Activision decides to push through with these new nerfs.

Upcoming Additions to CoDM

Activision has only confirmed the SKS marksman rifle to be added to this game as of this writing. You should be able to see it in the arsenal right now if you open CoDM. You can earn it for free as long as you join the BR Buff event, where multiple rewards await.

There are no confirmed new characters to join the game yet, but we’re sure existing heroes will get brand-new skins in the latest patch. As for the “nerfed” drop shots and slides, we’ll just have to wait for Activision’s next message if it is going to be an official change or not. But for now, enjoy Call of Duty Mobile!

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