Grow Castle Guide: The Best Strategies To Use In Playing

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Posted on June 21, 2021

Tower defense games are always fun to play. You get to formulate a defensive formation and see if it can survive against the incoming wave of enemies. One such tower defense game is Grow Castle, an arcade strategy tower defense that’s published by Raon Games. What’s unique about this tower defense game is that it’s a side-scrolling game.

This means that you won’t have to worry about trying to defend various locations where enemies can attack from. But this doesn’t mean that Grow Castle is going to be an easy game to play. Yes, the enemies will come from only one direction, but you’ll soon find out that it doesn’t matter since you can still be overwhelmed. This is especially true if you don’t deploy the right strategy in defending your castle.

But what would be the right strategy for Grow Castle? What’s the best strategy that you can use to help you win more in this arcade tower defense game? This blog post will help you with that. This will be your ultimate Grow Castle guide on the best strategies that you can use to survive a wave and win.

Always Focus on Getting More Gold

Gold is going to be very important in Grow Castle since it’s the resource you use for everything. You can use gold to upgrade your castle, add more archers, purchase new units, and so on. This means you’ll always need a ton of gold to fully prepare for the next wave. You earn gold by killing enemies. And even if you’re defeated in a wave, you’ll still keep your gold. So, even if you’re not yet strong enough to defeat the enemy, keep on playing to earn gold.


Grow Castle Enemy Attack


Another way to increase the gold you earn is by using skill points to upgrade the Bonus Gold skill. This increases the percentage of gold you get from killing enemies. So, the higher its level, the more gold you earn per kill. The game also awards you huge gold for watching ads, so take advantage of that as well. You can also purchase the Trophy tower to increase the gold you earn per kill but it’s best to only do this in the beginning. You’d want to save your tower slot for more impactful towers later on.

Focus More on Upgrading Your Castle

When it comes to upgrades, your focus, especially in the beginning, should be on your castle. As you upgrade your castle, you increase its health, which means it won’t easily get destroyed. Upgrading your castle also increases the slots available for your heroes. At the start, you will have 3 heroes guarding the castle, along with archers at the back. As your castle’s level increases, the slots available also increase.

Aside from hero slots, increasing the castle’s level also opens up slots for defensive towers to be used. This is why upgrading your castle should be a priority. Keep in mind, though, that the cost of upgrades increases every time you use them. So, only upgrade once per wave and then use the rest of your gold for purchasing heroes.

Try to Purchase All Heroes First Before Upgrading

There are many heroes available for you to purchase in Grow Castle. Each hero will have a special skill that you can use in the game. Heroes can also be upgraded to improve their stats, making them more powerful. But before you upgrade heroes, it’s important that you try to acquire all of them first. The reason for this is that you’d like to test out all heroes as much as possible.


Grow Castle Druid screenshot


You won’t be able to use all of them to defend your base. So, it’s not a good idea to upgrade the ones you won’t use. But you won’t know this until you try them out. Some heroes that we recommend are the Golem Master and the Druid. This is because these 2 heroes summon a monster to fight for you. That’s an additional unit that will patrol the ground, providing added strong defense to your castle. So, they’re good investments.

Of course, you will likely change your lineup of heroes as you progress further to the higher levels. And you will likely have tons of gold already so upgrading any hero won’t be a problem. But in the beginning, it’s best you focus first on several heroes

The Towers to Use in Grow Castle

As for the towers, one of the best ones would be the Frozen Tower. It slows down enemy monsters, so it takes them longer to reach your castle. The Flame Tower is another good addition since it increases critical damage by 50%, allowing you to deal more damage to monsters. The Cannon and Homing Missile are also good towers to use because of their splash damage, making it easy to take down monsters grouped together.

There’s really no one best strategy available for you to use in Grow Castle. You will likely adjust your defense, depending on the enemies that you are facing. But the tips mentioned above will help you greatly in improving your chances of surviving.


If you want to employ these strategies, try playing Grow Castle on your PC now!

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