Cartoon City 2 – The Best Guide In Building A City

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Posted on June 5, 2021

If you’re someone who enjoys playing a game where you get to build a township, then you’ll enjoy this game. It’s titled Cartoon City 2: Farm To Town. Build your home, house. In this game, you get to build a township and then try to grow it into a prosperous city.

What’s great about a township is that you don’t only build houses, roads, buildings, and other structures. You also have to build farms so your town can produce food. The food will be used to feed your citizens and also to trade with other towns. This blog post will help you as it will provide the best guide to building a city in this casual game.

Follow The Tutorial of Cartoon City 2

The first thing that you should do when you play Cartoon City 2 is to follow and learn from the tutorial. It will teach you the basics of what you need to do in this game. It will start with harvesting crops and then planting them again. Then it will also teach you about feeding animals like the cow and harvesting the milk they produce.

The tutorial will also teach you about building new structures that you will need to make new products. For example, you’ll build a bakery so you can produce bread. You also get to learn about expanding your farm, adding more animals or more areas to plant. Once you are done with the tutorial, you’ll have a basic idea already of how Cartoon City 2 works, so you won’t be guessing or playing the game blind.
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Remember to Keep Each Facility Running

It’s not enough that you just build a structure and then think that it will run on its own. On the contrary, you have to control and make sure it is functioning. For example, to produce bread, you tap on the bakery and then drag the bread icon so the bakery starts producing bread. Make sure you have enough materials to produce what you need.

This goes the same for all facility buildings, you have to control them to make sure they’re producing. Now, the production may take some time, so you don’t have to always have to keep watch. And not all products or materials are needed, so there’s no need to constantly keep things running. What’s important is that you focus on the essentials. You wouldn’t want to run out of supply and then wait a while before you can get them.

Always be Attentive to What Your Citizen Needs

Your citizens will be walking along within your city. From time to time, you will see a thought bubble appear, showing what they want. It can be a particular produce or product, or it can be a building that they need. Make sure you try to attend to their needs as much as possible. Doing this will give you rewards like coins, which you need for almost everything. You also earn stars, which will help you level up in the game.

Aside from the citizens walking, each residential house will also produce coins. Make sure you collect them so you’ll have more to use for building and expanding your town. You can also tap at the various facilities to see what they require, or what they are missing. Though this is a building game, a big part of what you’ll do here is managing the needs of your citizens.
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Be Mindful of Production or Building Time

When you’re playing Cartoon City 2, it’s important that you’re aware of the production and building time. Not all buildings, materials, or products will have the same production time. Some will take longer to build while others are shorter. It’s important that you know these things so you can plan which to prioritize first. When you’re online, it’s best to concentrate first on the materials and buildings that will take less time to produce.

By doing this, you are maximizing the things that you can do while you’re playing Cartoon City 2. If you’re about to log out, then you should start building or producing the ones that will take longer. In this way, it’s consuming the time that you are not playing. So, you’re basically not wasting any time in the game. When you start playing again, these buildings or products will likely be completed. This will allow you to use them already the minute you log back.

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