Crossy Road Secret Characters – How to Unlock the Coolest Mascots

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Posted on May 27, 2022

If you have already been playing Crossy Road, then you would know how fun it is to do something as mundane as crossing the road. Yup, crossing the road is fun. But that’s only because in this action game you’ll be challenged by a lot of moving obstacles. However, you’ll have to time your moves correctly, or else you’ll find yourself squished by a moving truck. But did you know you can use other characters besides a chicken? Fortunately, we have a list of the Crossy Road Secret Characters you can unlock right here!

Unlock the Coolest Crossy Road Secret Characters

Crossy Road is one of the most exciting arcade games to play. However, wouldn’t it be better if you could unlock some secret characters while you’re at it? Let us show you how to unlock some of the coolest-looking secret characters in Crossy Road below.

crossy road characters


Purple Bloop

Purple bloop is one of the characters from another game, called Clicker Heroes. Yes, you can also play as Purple Bloop in Crossy Road. For you to unlock Purple Bloop, you will have to meet the criteria below.

  • Choose Grablin as your character
  • Beat another character higher than level 35


Yeti is another cool character that you can get only by unlocking it. Therefore, you can’t get this character through the Prize Machine. However, getting Yeti is not that difficult if you know what you are doing.

  • Choose one of the characters from the 2015 Christmas Update, excluding Gifty.
    • Snowman
    • Elf
    • Pudding
    • Reindeer
    • Tio de Nadal
  • Choosing these characters will bring you to a world with a winter wonderland theme
  • Search for the Yeti throwing a snowball on a pile of snow
  • Get in front of him and allow him to hit you with a snowball
  • Yeti is unlocked as soon as you die from the snowball hit

Hipster Whale

Hipster Whale is a goofy-looking whale with eyeglasses on. He also carries a camera around just in case something interesting comes up. The camera will occasionally flash whenever he feels like taking a picture. Furthermore, he’s the rarest character that you can get in Crossy Road. Simply follow these instructions.

  • On rare occasions, you will find a whale floating on the river, instead of the usual logs
  • Hop onto the whale just as you would with a log
  • The Hipster Whale then becomes available as soon as the run ends.


hipster whale crossy road



Inky is one of the characters from the Pac-Man update. He’s a slimy monster that chases and also gets chased by Pac-Man. To get Inky, you will have to do the following steps.

  • Play as Pac-Man
  • Accumulate over 3,000 points

Note: You can accumulate 3,000 points over multiple runs instead of trying to get it in one run.


Blinky is a character from the classic game, Pac-Man. He’s one of the slimy monsters chasing Pac-Man whenever Pac-Man is not on a powerup. You can unlock this character by using a few secret steps.

  • Play as Pac-Chicken, Pinky, Clyde, or Inky
  • Allow Pac-Man to crush you


blink crossy road


The Totem

Totem is one of the deuteragonists from ustwo’s game, Monument Valley. He’s also one of the unlockable secret characters that can’t be obtained through the Prize Machine. To get him, you will have to follow these few steps.

  • Play either as Ida, Crow, or the Storyteller
  • When playing these characters, you will find a Totem will randomly floating on a river
  • Hop on the Totem just as you would with other floating obstacles.
  • The Totem will be available once the run ends

Pro Gamer

Pro Gamer is a secret character who speaks Korean. As a gamer, he also records actions per minute. For this reason, obtaining him also requires a certain action per minute score.

  • Play as a Korean character
  • Get a score of around 100
  • Maintain 150-200 actions per minute (APM)

Tip: Keep moving left to right while waiting for the right time to cross

Drop Bear

Drop Bear is one of the characters released in the Australian update. However, he’s also quite rare and also can’t be obtained through the usual Prize Machine. However, you can still get him for free as a secret character.

  • Play as any of the other Australian characters
  • This will bring you to the Australian world
  • Find a tree with a Drop Bear sitting on top
  • Go to the tree and let the Drop Bear jump on you


drop bear crossy road


Snow King

Snow King is a character based on the main protagonist in Game of Thrones, Jon Snow. Just like Jon Snow, he also wears a brown cloak and holds a long sword in his hand.

  • You can randomly obtain Snow King by earning 100 tokens
  • Complete the Pecking Order challenge

Dragon Rider

Dragon Rider is one of the two characters from the Game of Thrones series. This character is actually a “she,” paying tribute to Daenerys Targaryen, the dragon-riding female protagonist from the series. Cool, right?

  • To get Dragon Rider you will first need to unlock the other Game of Thrones character, Snow King
  • Play around 7 to 10 runs as Snow King

So, there you have it. That is how you unlock some of the coolest secret mascots and characters in Crossy Road. To learn more about this action game, stay tuned here in!


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