Dragon City: A Brief Guide for Breeding & Hatching Dragons

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Posted on April 20, 2021

We all know that dragons are among the fiercest and scariest mythical creatures. It’s a popular part of folklore that has shaped how fairy tales are told today. Each country has its version of dragons; some are cute and friendly, while others are fire-breathing dragons that wreak havoc everywhere they go. Dragons are very popular all over the world, especially in the media and literature. There are even dragons in movies, shows, and video games such as Dragon City! It’s the perfect game for all dragon enthusiasts out there.

Dragon City is one of the famous video games about dragons today. It’s basically about breeding, hatching, and taming different species of dragons. Once you master how to breed, hatch, and tame these dragons, you become a Dragon Master. The only problem is that there are hundreds of different species of dragons you can collect, but you have to be good at breeding them to get the right hatchling.

Proper care for these unique dragons is also critical such as knowing which habitat they belong to. You will learn all of that here, a comprehensive guide to breeding and hatching powerful dragons in Dragon City.

Breeding in Dragon City & Understanding the Five Generations of Dragons

Breeding is a process in Dragon City where two dragons mate. Once the breeding is done, it will generate or result in a Dragon egg. The game will create a dragon egg based on the pairing of the two dragons. Moreover, there is also breeding time you need to watch out for. Once its time is up, you can place the dragon egg on the Hatchery. If the egg is newly hatched, you can put it either in a Habitat, Kindergarten, or a Dragonarium. Remember that when you breed two dragons, they have to reach a minimum of level 4 each.

Dragon City Breeding

There are five generations of Dragons. Elemental Dragons belong in Generation I, which means these are dragons that only have one element. If you breed two dragons of the same element, the offspring will also be an elemental dragon of the same elements as its parents. You can only get a Hybrid Dragon by pairing two dragons with different elements, which belongs to Generation II.

Rare Hybrid Dragons fall in Generation III. These dragons have two opposite elements. Breeding two Rare Hybrid Dragons result in dragons expected from breeding two regular hybrid dragons. On the other hand, the Legend Dragons belong to Generation IV. These dragons only have one element. Thus, you will need to breed two pure or pure hybrids for a slight chance of obtaining a Legend Dragon if you don’t want to purchase them from the store.

Exclusive Dragons belong in Generation EX, previously called Generation X. You can’t buy or breed these dragons. They also aren’t bound to the limitations of the breeding generations.

The Importance of Hatcheries

To complete the whole breeding process, the Dragon eggs are placed in Hatcheries. There is a predetermined time needed to hatch these eggs, and it depends on what type of dragon egg it is. Without Hatcheries, dragon eggs will not hatch. Moreover, all the dragon eggs you can get from breeding, gifts, rewards, or buying need to be put in the Hatcheries. After the dragon eggs have been hatched, you can place them either in a Habitat, Dragonarium, or a Kindergarten.

Habitats for Baby Dragons

Habitats are structures that you can use to put your dragons after they are hatched. They come in different elements; where you put your newly hatched dragon depends on its element. For example, if your freshly-hatched dragon is a sea element, you should place it in the habitat for sea element dragons. If you have a dragon with two different Elemental parents, you should put the dragon in either one of these elements.

A Universal Habitat for All Kinds of Dragons

Kindergartens are also habitats, but they can store up to five different dragons. Their features are universal, which means they can accommodate dragons of different elements and types. You can put your dragons here directly from the hatchery or another habitat.

Dragon City Kindergarten

If other habitats are full, you can store your new dragon in the Kindergarten instead. You don’t need to worry about the attributes your baby dragons have because they will be retained while in Kindergarten. In Kindergartens, you can feed your dragons, tame them, and prepare them for a PVP battle. And that is why they are the perfect emergency habitat, in case you don’t have the required habitat for a certain dragon.

What Are Dragonariums Used For?

Dragonariums are places where you can keep inactive dragons. They are not similar to the Kindergarten or Habitat because once you put a dragon here, they are rendered useless. It’s like a stock room for all your dragons that you rarely use. You can’t use them for combat and they won’t produce any gold.

Now that you have a brief background about breeding and hatching in Dragon City, make sure to play it on PC. It’s fun and definitely entertaining.

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