Dragon Nest M – SEA: A Guide To Playing The Machina Class

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Posted on April 23, 2021

Choosing the right class when you’re playing Dragon Nest M – SEA is very important. This is because your chosen class will determine your playstyle in the game. If you chose the Warrior class, well you can’t expect the character to be good at battling against enemies while at a distance. If you’ve selected the Archer class, you can’t expect the character to be good at close combat. The class that you need to select will have to be able to play the style that you prefer.

One of the available classes that you can choose in the game is the Machina class. It is the ninth class added to the game and is the 6th female class available. This is a class where the character uses a large mecha arm to deal damage to enemies. It’s also the character that uses animal-like moves to wreak havoc on the battlefield and baffle enemies. But how do you play this class? What are its advancements? This article will help you with that as it’s a guide to the Machina class.

Dragon Nest M Guide


The Specialization of the Machina Class

Just like all the other classes, the Machina also has specializations that you will have to choose from once you reach level 15. Before that, this class only has 1 specialization, the Patrona. A second specialization was released, which is the Launcher. The Patrona class further improves the Machina class’s control over the Knuckle Gear, making it a more powerful and versatile weapon to use against enemies.

This class also introduces animal-like movements of the character, allowing her to easily subdue and defeat enemies. The animal-like movements also make it harder for other characters to target her. The Launcher, on the other hand, takes control of the Blaster that has become a part of her using the Power of Light. This allows her to deal massive damage to enemies over large areas. This class also has dynamic movements, making her difficult to target and deal with.

In the right hands, this class can be deadly and will likely shift the tide of the battle. It’s a powerful class that’s hard to hit, which is a deadly combination. Looking at the options, the Patrona is more suited for players who prefer close combat while also using animal-like moves to swiftly subdue enemies. The Launcher is for players who prefer dealing with AOE damage while also being hard to target with its dynamic movement.

The Advancements of the Machina Class

Once you reach level 45, you will again have to decide which advancement you’d want to have for the Machina class. If you’ve chosen the Patrona specialization before, your options for advancement are Defensio and Ruina. If you’ve chosen the Launcher specialization, the advancements available are Impactor and Buster. The Defensio advancement focuses the Machina class on being a defensive specialist. Its skills are geared more towards physical defense, protecting the allies from enemy attacks.

Of course, this advancement still maintains some offensive skills, being able to silence enemies while also targeting them with pinpoint attacks. The Ruina, on the other hand, is more of a damage dealer, specializing in dealing pure physical attacks on enemies. This is a great option if your teams need a strong physical damage dealer that can melt the enemies’ health easily. If you’ve chosen the Launcher, the Impactor is a great option if you prefer to be a character that deals more damage.

Dragon Nest M Machina gameplay
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It’s a bit similar to Ruina in that it’s a burst DPS, being able to dole out heavy damage with its skills and abilities. It’s a fearsome opponent to deal with on the battlefield. The Buster, on the other hand, is more of a support DPS. It won’t be able to burst down enemies like an Impactor, but it can damage it enough to make it easier for the main damage dealer to finish them off. It’s like being a secondary DPS, providing support firepower, and helping the main DPS burst down the enemies.

The Weapons the Machina Class Uses

Since the Machina class’s skills and abilities are unique, the weapon it uses is also unique. Their main weapon is the Knuckle Gear, the giant mecha arm that’s attached to the character. It might not look that intimidating or powerful, but don’t let the appearance fool you. It can easily burst down opponents, especially with the skills and abilities that the Machina class possesses.

For the secondary weapon, there’s the Claw, which is not as powerful as the Knuckle Gear, but it can still get the job done. It’s a great secondary weapon, making use of the skills and ability of the Machina.


The Machina class is an interesting class to use. It might not be the easiest class to master, but it can be a powerful one if you happen to properly master it and equip the right gear. It’s a great class to try, especially if you prefer using a unique character.

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