Pixel Gun 3D: Weapons Tier List from S to D

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Posted on March 12, 2021

Pixel Gun 3D is full of awesome weapons to choose from. Despite its rather a kiddie design that tailors to a younger audience, a lot of players of all ages are into the game just because it has awesome gameplay. Arguably, it sits as one of the best casual PvP shooters right now. In fact, it’s even better than the likes of Warface, CrossFire, Rules of Survival, and Free Fire. If you are into the competitive scene of Pixel Gun 3D, or you want to know which weapons are the most desirable to frag enemies in just a few milliseconds, refer to our guide below.

Primary Weapons

Here are the primary weapons based on the top ten tier list provided by the official wiki.

Psionic Sporethrower

The Psionic Sporethrower is an assault rifle that is a heavy favorite in casual games. Its Charm and Poison perks gradually lower enemy health and reduce their attacks, too. Stack it with a high damage ratio, and this weapon is a beast.

Ice Chaser & Storm

These two guns in Pixel Gun 3D are cited as powerful weapons that are par if compared together. The Ice Chaser slows down enemies, making potshots easier. Its Curse perk gradually makes enemies take more damage every time they get hit with raw elements. Meanwhile, the Storm has a fast fire rate along with Area of Effect damage. Sure, its AoE may not be that large, but it does help when enemies are clumped together. Its overall damage output is the same as Ice Chaser.

Pixel Gun 3D Ice Chaser


Aloha! Boom Boom!

The Aloha! Boom Boom! is an assault rifle that slows down enemies when they get hit. Couple that with a high rate of fire and a big damage output, and you have a broken gun like this one.

Chickaboom! & the Last Squeak

These poultry boomsticks do more than just make enemies chicken around the map. The Chickaboom! is an assault shotgun with a good fire rate that can clear out low-health enemies in close range. Meanwhile, the Last Squeak is a burst shotgun that deals heavy damage at close to medium range. It even has a Poison perk, making it a fearful weapon for low-health enemies.

Golden Bros & Storm Trooper Exoskeleton

These two weapons in Pixel n 3D are the must-have guns for edge lords. The Golden Bros is a pair of assault rifle akimbo that also works as a support weapon. Not only does it deal double damage on enemies, but it also buffs your teammates’ weapon damage, too, if you are near them.

Storm Trooper Exoskeleton is a rather unique weapon in the game. It includes handgun akimbo, which slows down enemies if they get hit. It does not have the biggest damage output, although its great Slow perk makes an enemy easy to aim at. Keep in mind that you move slowly with this weapon. Also, take note that while they have good damage, both of them have terrible accuracy.

Royal Fighter & Eckodile Rifle

The Royal Fighter is considered the “standard assault rifle,” with the ability to slow down enemies on every hit. It’s a great medium to long-range weapon, too, thanks to its 4x scope. Meanwhile, the Eckodile is a heavier rifle with a slow fire rate. But it does pack a punch upon hit.

Viking & Acid Shotgun

The Viking has a unique Bleeding effect that gradually reduces enemy health and multiplies for every bullet they take. It’s not as strong as you think it implies, although it becomes an intimidating weapon in enclosed maps.

Pixel Gun 3D Acid Shotgun

The Acid Shotgun already speaks for itself. It’s great to use against high-armored enemies as the Acid melts down armor so fast, it’s like shooting them at raw health. Furthermore, it’s great for small maps.

Potato Implant

Not a lot of players in Pixel Gun 3D use this weapon mainly because it is slow and has a long reload time. But, if it does hit an enemy, all it takes is one or two hits to kill them. Keep in mind about its AoE and Slow perk.

Wrath of Fire & Deadly Tail

Wrath of Fire has an AoE that does fire damage on enemies within its radius. The damage may be small, but the gradual flames can reduce their health significantly. It’s great for enclosed areas. Meanwhile, Deadly Tail includes a Super Punch and AoE also. However, both the Wrath and Tail have bullet travel time, making it tricky especially for newcomers.

Heavy Drill Rifle

This one is a sort of meme gun in the community because of its lesser usefulness in a game where a high fire rate reigns supreme. It’s more of a situational weapon in case you run out of ammo or if you are in a very small area.

In Short, They’re All Good

Each weapon has its ups and downs. But if you can manage, you can make even the lowest tier weapon become the main carry of the game. Now, do you want to get hold and try out these top-tier weapons? Make sure to download and play Pixel Gun 3D Pocket Edition on PC for free only here at Games.lol.

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