Best Brawl Stars Characters for Beginners

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Posted on February 24, 2022

With over 300 million installs since its official launch, Supercell’s Brawl Stars has been one of the biggest third-person multiplayer shooters in the freemium market. With that said, if you have just discovered this action-packed game or planning to jump into its crazy world, then, you are going to need our list of the four best characters that you can use in the game.

Do take note that the order of the characters does not signify their power since you need to carefully examine the stats of each character before choosing. This is to ensure that the character you have chosen will best fit your play style. So, without further ado, check out the four best characters for beginners in the game.


Classified as a medium-range brawler, Nita is one of the most balanced characters in the game boasting moderate health and damage. One of the reasons that make Nita part of our list is because she is the second brawler that you can unlock in Trophy Road. Not to mention that she has a bear companion that you can unleash on the battlefield as a distraction. 

brawl stars characters NITA
Brawl Stars character NITA


El Primo

El Primo is a melee brawler that packs a lot of HP(6000 at level 1). This brawler is best suited for players who prefer a face-to-face brawl. This is because El Primo can inflict a massive amount of damage at close range.

brawl stars characters EL PRIMO
Brawl Stars character EL PRIMO



Bull is one of the tank brawlers in the game. Getting bull at the earlier part of the game will boost your progression. Just like his name suggests, Bull is capable of destroying walls and massive damage using his shotgun. Get this character if you enjoy short-range combat.

brawl stars characters BULL
Brawl Stars characters BULL



Unlockable by logging into the game using your Supercell ID, Barley is a tricky yet useful character that you can add to your roster. Looking at this brawler’s stats, you will notice that Barley excels in both damage and super which are both useful on the battlefield. To properly utilize his attributes, you need to conceal this brawler and execute attacks on a nearby enemy.

brawl stars characters BARLEY
Brawl Stars character BARLEY


Honorable Mentions

We know that we mentioned four brawlers in the title, however, by careful considerations, we decided to include three honorable mentions on our list.


The first honorable mention is Jessie. Looking at her statistics, Jessie is a well-balanced brawler that comes with decent damage. Similar to Nita, Jessie’s super is summoning which means that you will have an instant distraction each time her super fills up.

brawl stars characters JESSIE
Brawl Stars character JESSIE



The brawler on our list is the RPG-wielding Brock. Looking at this brawler’s stats you will see that this brawler is big on super and damage. On top of that is the range which is better than the rest of the brawlers in the game. The only downside to brock is the reload speed which is disappointing, to say the least. Get this character if you are one of those players who prefer long-range combat.

brawl stars characters BROCK
Brawl Stars character BROCK



Our final brawler is Colt which as the name suggests, wields two six-guns or handguns. Considered as one of the sharpshooters in the game, colt excels in three attributes namely damage, super, and attack speed. Colt is an effective brawler when you want to destroy tanks and throwers. Colt is also unlockable through the trophy road which means that you will be able to unlock this character at the early part of the game. One thing that you need to remember is that you need to utilize the auto-aim feature of the game if you have yet to master your aiming in the game. This is because Colt requires precision to master.

brawl stars characters COLT
Brawl Stars characters COLT


Play Brawl Stars on PC

Now that you know the best characters for newbies in the game. It’s time for you to play this amazing title on your computer. Try the characters now as you download Brawl Stars only here at!

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