Duraludon Pokémon UNITE Build, Moveset & Items Guide

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Posted on August 30, 2022

Pokémon UNITE is unlike many of the MOBA games that you can play right now. Though it still involves a lot of killings, scoring on the enemy’s goal is the primary objective. This is why teams need to have several Pokémon who are good at scoring. They’ll be the ones to lead the team to victory. This doesn’t mean attacking is not needed. They’ll still play a vital role in taking down enemy Pokémon to make it easy for scorers to score points. One such Pokémon that’s good at attacking is Duraludon.

Duraludon in Pokémon UNITE is a ranged attacker. This means he doesn’t need to get close or be at the center of a team fight to dish out damage. But how do you properly build Duraludon? Let’s discuss this in more detail in this blog post. If you’re looking for guides for other Pokémon in the game, go here.

Pokémon UNITE Duraludon Moveset

Let’s first talk about the movesets of Duraludon in Pokémon UNITE. This will help you understand what the Pokémon can do and how you can use it effectively.

Heavy Metal Passive Ability

Duraludon’s first ability is Heavy Metal, which is a passive ability. This ability prevents Duraludon from throwing in the enemy’s first attempt to do so. After that, the ability goes on a 50s cooldown, which means Duraludon can now be shoved or thrown.

Duraldon Pokemon
Image Source: Duraludon Pokémon UNITE


Attack Basic Ability

Duraludon’s basic attack becomes boosted with every third attack. The Pokémon will shoot a long beam that will deal huge damage to all enemies that it hits. The damage is capped at 800 against Wild Pokémon.

Laser Focus 1st Moveset

The first moveset of Duraludon in Pokémon UNITE is Laser Focus. It will reduce the damage the Pokémon will receive for 5s. After that, Duraludon’s auto attacks will deal additional damage to enemies. The ability expires after 8s or after 3 auto attacks. Once it reaches level 5, you can choose between the following evolution of the moveset:

  • Flash Canon – Duraludon ruptures the ground in a designated area, dealing damage to enemies in that area while decreasing their movement speed. The Pokémon goes into Cannon Mode for 6s where he will have a longer-range attack and deal increased damage.
  • Dragon Pulse – The Pokémon will charge power then release it in an area and deal damage to all enemies in that area of effect. Duraludon’s movement speed work less while charging, but the area of effect increases the longer the charge. If you choose this ability, enemies will start to have markers attached to them whenever Duraludon damages them. The marks can stack up to 5 and the Dragon Pulse deals additional damage for every mark on marked enemies.

Metal Claw 2nd Moveset

Metal Claw is Duraludon’s second moveset. He will send sharp claws forward that deal damage to enemies it hits while decreasing their movement speed. Duraludon’s next auto attack also becomes boosted after using this move. Once it reaches level 7, you can evolve this move to one of the following:

  • Dragon Tail – Duraludon will shove enemies and moves backward for a short distance. After using this move, Duraludon’s next auto attack becomes boosted. It can store 2 uses for this move with a 1.1s cooldown between uses. At level 13, a mark will start to apply to enemies that gets consumed the next time Duraludon deals damage. Marked enemies will receive additional damage.
  • Stealth Rock – A stone is thrown at an area and creates an invisible field of stones for 60s or until it is triggered. Enemies inside the field receive damage over time and decrease their movement speed for 2s. If the stone hits an enemy Pokémon before it reaches the designated area, the center of the field becomes the area where the Pokémon is hit. Enemies who take damage from the field become visible to allies. Enemies who take 4 damage from the field will be unable to move for 1s. At level 13, the move will have 3 reserve uses instead of just 2.

Revolving Ruin Ultimate Move

The ultimate move of Duraludon in Pokémon UNITE is Revolving Ruin. The Pokémon will direct a light beam at the ground in a circle around Duraludon. Enemies hit by the beam will receive damage while Duraludon gets a shield and a boost in Attack by 8% for a short duration.

Duraludon Pokemon Unite Ultimate Move Revolving Ruin
Image Source: Duraludon Pokémon UNITE Ultimate Move Revolving Ruin

The boosts that Duraludon receives increase for each enemy that the beam hits. Enemies within the area of effect will also get damage after you fire the beam. A ring of fire is left on the ground after the beam is fired and enemies touching the fire will receive additional damage every 5s.

Their movement speed will also decrease for a short duration. Let’s now go to the best build for Duraludon;

Best Duraludon Pokémon UNITE Build

There are three builds that you can go for Duraludon. There’s the Flash Cannon build, the Dragon Pulse build, and the Full Dragon Burst build. But the best build to use for the Pokémon is the Flash Cannon build, especially if you want to maximize his attacker role. This build will maximize the damage that the Pokémon can dish out, making him like a turret that hits hard. For this build, the movesets you need to go for should be the Flash Cannon and Dragon Tail.

  • The Flash Cannon will turn him into a turret while Dragon Tail works for repositioning and additional mobility.
  • For Duraludon’s Pokémon UNITE items, go for Muscle Band and Scope Lens for additional attack damage when using Flash Cannon.
  • Focus Band will provide more durability for the Pokémon. Duraludon is a bit of a glass cannon, so you need some durability.
  • For Battle Items, X Attack is best for more damage.
  • And finally, for the emblem, go for 7 Red Emblem for max attack speed, and 2 Brown for some damage. After that, it’s any color.

Pokémon UNITE Duraludon Gameplay

Finally, let’s discuss the gameplay of Duraludon in Pokémon UNITE. With the Flash Cannon build, it’s best he takes the Top or Bottom Lane. His kit and damage make him good to use in these lanes. As an attacker, Duraludon is a Pokémon you should not play aggressively. He should always be at the back line, utilizing his range to deal damage to enemies.

Duraludon Pokemon Unite gamepla
Image Source: Duraludon Pokémon UNITE gameplay

You should also avoid battling 1-on-1 enemies that have burst potential or high movement speed. His low defense and mobility make him vulnerable to these types of enemies. Duraludon’s high damage makes him a good Pokémon to defend goals, provided he does it at a distance. Use your range and damage to pressure enemies, whether it’s the early game or late game.

Getting Duraludon in Pokémon UNITE

So, how to get Duraludon in Pokémon UNITE and use him? Well, he is one of the more expensive Pokémon in the game. You can purchase him for 10000 Aeos coins in the game or use 475 Aeos Gems. He can be acquired from the in-game shop called Unite Battle Committee.


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