Mamoswine Pokémon UNITE Build, Moveset & Items Guide

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Posted on August 17, 2022

Prepare to ice out opponents as Mamoswine Pokémon UNITE is now available to join the team in the thrilling Pokémon UNITE MOBA. Mamoswine is a powerful Melee Defender just like Pokémon UNITE Slowbro and Greedent.

It is ready to jump into the front lines, carrying the weight of the team in any match. Before anything else, note that Mamoswine starts as Swinub in every match and evolves to Piloswine at Level 6. It is only at Level 10 that Swinub finally evolves to Mamoswine.

How to Get Mamoswine Pokémon UNITE

Before moving into what we recommend for Mamoswine Pokémon UNITE build, you first must obtain The Twin Tusk Pokémon in-game. To get Mamoswine Pokémon UNITE, you can either purchase it using in-game currency or pay real money. The former will cost you 8,000 Aeos Coins while the latter is worth 460 Aeos Gems. Either way, you can purchase its UNITE license from the UBC in-game shop.

All About Mamoswine Pokémon UNITE Moveset

Now that obtaining Mamoswine is out of the way, let us go over our suggested Mamoswine Pokémon UNITE moveset. Its basic offense turns into a boosted attack with every third hit, dealing damage to enemies and freezing them.

The Gamer Pokemon UNITE Mamoswine Guide
Image Source: The Gamer – Pokémon UNITE Mamoswine Guide

Additionally, its basic attack deals increased damage to frozen opponents. If any of its Mamoswine Pokémon UNITE moveset freezes an enemy within the ally goal zone, that opposing Pokémon suffers a slow effect.

Mamoswine Build Suggestion

Our recommended Mamoswine Pokémon UNITE build is an initiator. Since Mamoswine Pokémon UNITE is a Melee Defender with decent stats, controlling enemies and surviving is the key. For this, Swinub should learn Ice Shard first because this helps you secure the last hits on wild Pokémon.

Additionally, Ice Shard has a solid anti-initiator effect that is useful against opposing junglers. This prevents kills on either your teammate or yourself. When possible, learn Tackle to dash in specific directions, and knock up enemies in your line of path.

When Swinub evolves to Piloswine at Level 6, you are given two Mamoswine Pokémon UNITE moveset options. While Icicle Crash and Ice Fang both offer hindrance effects, getting Ice Fang is perfect as it throws enemy Pokémon towards Piloswine. With Ice Fang, Piloswine deals damage and freezes the enemy as well as slams them in any direction while dealing damage to anyone standing in its area of effect.

Reaching Level 8

Upon reaching Level 8, Piloswine should learn Earthquake to make initiation much easier. This Mamoswine Pokémon UNITE moveset makes Piloswine jump into enemies, pulling them in. Consequently, Earthquake deals damage while decreasing the movement speed of enemies in its area of effect.

The Earthquake > Ice Fang > Tackle combo is a great instigator putting Mamoswine Pokémon UNITE into a good position while dealing damage in an area of effect. Use this to burst opponents or position them behind your team; then keep spamming with your basic attack for the freezing effect. Jump into team fights using Earthquake to draw opponents in then continue attacking with Ice Fang and your basic attack for the freeze effect. Use Tackle to either chase escaping opponents or get Mamoswine out of sticky situations.

Pocket Tactics Mamoswine Pokemon UNITE Build
Image Source: Pocket Tactics – Mamoswine Pokémon UNITE Build

Crush the competition by using Mamoswine’s UNITE move called Mammoth Mash, which can be learned at Level 10. This Mamoswine Pokémon UNITE move makes Mamoswine jump to a specific location. It then repeatedly stomps the ground to deal damage to enemies in its area of effect. At the same time, it is immune to all hindrances and decreases the movement speed of enemies.

The purpose of this Mamoswine Pokémon UNITE build is to be aggressive against enemy attackers like Pokémon UNITE Pikachu or Greninja. Consequently, this Mamoswine Pokémon UNITE build counter engages other initiators. As well as reliably remove enemy Pokémon from team fights by simply targeting them. Doing so gives your team more opportunities to score goals or eradicate Zapdos.

Mamoswine Build Items to Use

For survivability and to efficiently control enemies, Mamoswine Pokémon UNITE should have an increased defensive stat. Mix this with an increased attack speed to rapidly spam basic attacks that freeze enemy Pokémon often. The best Held Items we recommend are as follows.

  • Focus Band increases Special and basic defense plus it recovers HP by 8, 11, 14% of the total HP the user has lost.
  • Muscle Band increases the attack and attack speed of the user. Every time basic attacks hit enemies, the damage amplifies by 1, 2, 3% depending on the enemy Pokémon’s remaining HP.
  • Buddy Barrier adds additional HP and is effective whenever the Mamoswine unleashes its UNITE move. This grants the user and nearby teammate with the lowest HP a shield equal to 15, 20, 25% of their max HP.
  • Weakness Policy increases HP and attack statistics while also increasing damage by no less than 2, 2.5, 3% of the damage the user received. The attack boost increases as the user gets hit more.
  • Score Shield boosts the user’s HP. This also grants a shield equal to 5, 7.5, 10% of its total HP. Whenever the user attempts to score goals while shielded, they will not be intercepted.

For Mamoswine Pokémon UNITE’s Battle Item, we recommend getting any of the following:

  • Full Heal removes any status effects and grants temporary immunity.
  • Eject Button teleports the user to a specified direction quickly.
  • Potion heals the Pokémon for about 20% of its max HP.

This ends our guide for Pokémon UNITE Mamoswine. If you are looking for more Pokémon UNITE tips and tricks, be sure to check out! We will provide you with timely updates about the newest and most popular games.

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