Epic Seven Guide – The Best Warriors In The Game

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Posted on November 19, 2021

Epic Seven is one of the best and exciting role-playing games that you can play right now. It features epic and action-packed battles, breathtaking visual arts, and awesome characters. It’s an RPG where you get to collect unique and powerful different characters and then form a team that can help you progress. This is easier said than done, considering that there are more than 200 characters available in this RPG. And each one of them belongs to 1 of 6 classes.

Out of those 200 characters, you’ll only need several of them to form your team. This makes it difficult to decide who you should use for your team. Fortunately, this blog post will be an Epic Seven guide. Here, we’ll discuss who are the best characters in the warrior class.

The Best Warriors in Epic Seven

The warrior class in Epic Seven is very straightforward. They are the melee combat class that will deal physical damage to enemies. They have high attack damage, as well as good debuffs like attack break. Warriors also have good synergy with life steal, so they can also be hard to kill if you build them right. In this section, we’ll discuss who are currently the best warriors in the game.

The S-Tier Warriors

The S-tier warriors are the best and most powerful warriors you can use right now. They’re the overpowered characters and will be able to fit into any team composition. With these S-tier warriors, you’ll have an easier time dealing with enemies in battle.

Epic Seven PC Yufine gameplay
Image Source: Epic Seven God Doggos

Their skills and abilities can be a big difference-maker during battle. There are currently only two S-tier warriors in the game and they are Yufine and Martial Artist Ken. They’re the two warriors that you should focus on once you acquire them. They should also be the priority when it comes to development and equipment. Any other warriors would have to come in second.

The A-Tier Warriors

Since there are only two S-tier warriors, it would be difficult to acquire them in Epic Seven. A good alternative would be the A-tier warriors. They’re also powerful in their own right but not as overpowered as the S-tiers. They will also be able to fit in most team compositions and battles would be easier if you have them. It’s much easier to acquire an A-tier warrior since there are currently 10 of them on this list.

And these warriors are Little Queen Charlotte, Straze, Sigret, Chloe, Judge Kise, Cermia, Ravi, Ken, Sol Badguy, and Alencia. If you have any of these warriors, you won’t have to scramble to try and get an S-tier warrior since they’re more than capable to be used in your team. This means you can also spend time and resources in developing them and equipping gear.

The B-Tier Warriors

In case you still don’t have access to A-tier warriors, then you can go for the B-tiers. They’re good warriors that have decent skill sets and abilities. They’re not as powerful as the A- and S-tiers, but they’re still viable options. They might not fit in many team compositions, but they can shine on the right team. They can still help you out in progressing in the game. There are currently 6 B-tier warriors available and they are Assassin Cartuja, Luna, Apocalypse Ravi, Rem, Kitty Clarissa, and Mercenary Helga.

Epic Seven Rem Gameplay

In terms of development, you might want to focus your resources first on other S- or A-tier heroes in different classes. You still have to develop and upgrade them when necessary, but they shouldn’t be a priority. Your more powerful characters in other classes should be prioritized first.

The C-Tier Warriors

In the event that you still don’t have any of the B-tier warriors available, then you can use warriors in the C-tier. They’re decent characters that can still perform well in certain team compositions. But don’t expect them to shine during battle. Also expect a tougher time clearing battles, especially the challenging ones. They’re really the characters that you’ll use in case you don’t have any choice and you need a warrior on your team. The C-tiers actually have the highest number of warriors at 20.

The C-tiers are Khawazu, Lorina, Dingo, Taranor Guard, Free Spirit Tieria, Choux, Holiday Yufine, Designer Lilibet, Inferno Khawazu, and Church of Ilryos Axe. Completing the list are Lilibet, Captain Rikoris, Commander Lorina, Gunther, General Purrgis, Batisse, Clarissa, Mui, Dark Corvus, and Lena. In terms of development, you should only use resources on them when it’s needed. But as much as possible, you should just save your resources for better and more powerful heroes.

Final Thoughts

There are actually countless more warriors available to choose from in Epic Seven. But they’re pretty weak already and should not be used in battle. The ones listed on this blog post should be the only ones you’ll have to focus on when building your team.

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