Epic Seven Soul Weaver Tier List – The Best Heroes to Invest In

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Posted on August 1, 2022

Epic Seven is one of the most comprehensive role-playing games nowadays. With its awesome anime theme and brilliant mechanics, many players around the world have anticipated this game until now. This game was published last 2018 by the Smilegate Megaport and developed by the South Korean devs Super Creative. Currently, there are six classes. And our Epic Seven Soul Weaver tier list, you will find out which of the characters are the best under this class.

A Quick Overview of Epic Seven

In Epic Seven, you’ll take the role of a Covenant heir created by the Goddess of Creation named Diche and destined to fight against the Archdemon. Every time the antagonist destroys the world, Diche saves humanity by resetting the world. Over time, Diche becomes weaker and weaker, and presently on her 7th reiteration of the world. At this moment, it is your time to defend the world from Archdemon and tactically create your dynamic team of heroes.

Epic seven gameplay

Like the typical role-playing games nowadays, Epic Seven works with Hero-Collecting role-playing mechanics, the gacha system. Here, you’re tasked to control up to four different heroes and fight against your opponents through turn-based mechanics. In Epic Seven, there are six available classes; Knight, Ranger, Thief, Soul Weaver, Warrior, and Mage. Each faction depicts different battle abilities and stats that make them stand out in-game with proper usage. But in this article, we will focus more on the Epic Seven Soul Weaver class. So you’ll find out the most powerful heroes you should consider adding to your team.

What are Epic Seven Soul Weavers?

Your team in Epic Seven will never be competitive and efficient if you don’t have an Epic Seven Soul Weaver hero. These heroes are known as the bread and butter of your team because they offer support skills such as heals, barriers, stat buffs, and revival. So if you wish to prosper in-game and defeat your enemies quickly, investing in a strong Epic Seven Soul Weaver hero is important.

Epic seven dialog
Image Source: Epic Seven Gameplay

Generally, there are two types of Epic Seven Soul Weavers; the Tank and Fast Soul Weavers. When we say Tank Soul Weavers, these heroes are effective only during the beginning and mid-game. Therefore, you must place this type of Soul Weavers in the frontline to absorb the damage. A Tank Soul Weaver is acclaimed to have loads of defensive stats, and longer cooldown spells that can help you in your battle. Some famous Tank Soul Weavers are Destina, Angelica, and Ruele of Light.

On the other hand, Fast Soul Weavers are renowned for their utmost speed. In contrast to Tank types, this type of Soul Weaver has short cooldowns, incredible spells and provides a promising buff that’s preferable to use at first. Some well-liked Fast Soul Weavers are Diene, Angelic Montmorancy, Achates, and Tamarinne.

Epic Seven Soul Weaver Tier List – The Best Heroes Worth Aiming For

There are 33 Epic Seven Soul Weavers available in this game. But the ultimate question is who among them is worth investing in? To help you decide on which Soul Weaver hero you must add to your team, let this Epic Seven Soul Weaver Tier List help you.

In this tier list, the Soul Weavers are classified into five tiers; S, A, B, C, and D. S-Tier heroes are known to be the most potent Soul Weavers and D as the weakest ones. So, without further ado, let’s check out the strongest Epic Seven Soul Weavers now!

S-Tier Epic Seven Soul Weavers

As mentioned above, heroes under this tier are known to be the most powerful. So if you’re opting for a winning team to beat any kind of opponent, you must consider investing in the heroes under this tier. Here is the list of heroes under this promising tier;

  • Roana
  • Ruele of Light


Epic seven ruele of light


A-Tier Epic Seven Soul Weavers

If you’re having trouble obtaining the S-Tier heroes, you can settle with the A-Tier Epic Seven Soul Weavers. These heroes are also known to be competitive like the characters above and can still help you out in winning the battles quickly. Usually, heroes under this tier are easy to obtain, unlike the S-Tier heroes. Here are the heroes under A-Tier;

  • Tamarinne
  • Angelic Montmorancy
  • Angelica
  • Blaze Dingo
  • Achate
  • Ray
  • Main Chloe
  • Shooting Star Achates


Epic seven ray
Image Source: Epic Seven Summon Heroes


B-Tier Epic Seven Soul Weavers

If it’s your first time playing Epic Seven, you’ll most likely acquire B-Tier heroes. If you’re having difficulty unlocking heroes under S and A Tiers, you can alternatively utilize the B-Tier heroes. Additionally, they are known to have decent powers, but it will be more effective if you upgrade them. Here’s the list of heroes for B-Tier;

  • Mascot Hazel
  • Diene
  • Destina
  • Blood Moon Haste
  • Magic Scholar Doris
  • Lots
  • Rin


Epic seven destina


C-Tier Epic Seven Soul Weavers

If you’re new to Epic Seven, you can explore the game using C-Tier heroes. Even though these heroes can help you progress in the game, it’s not recommended to stick with them. If possible, swap them with the higher-tier heroes to win more challenging battles. Here are the heroes under the C-Tier;

  • Sinful Angelica
  • Elena
  • Requiemroar
  • Emilia
  • Sonia
  • Aither
  • Kizuna AI
  • Lucy
  • Ainos
  • Shuna


Epic seven aither


D-Tier Epic Seven Soul Weavers

If S-Tier heroes are renowned for being the most notable characters, then D-Tier heroes are the opposite. Heroes in this tier are not as powerful as the characters above. But if it happens that you land having heroes included in this tier, try your best to change them with stronger heroes quickly. Here are the heroes under the last tier;

  • Doris
  • Jecht
  • Montmorancy
  • Elson
  • Desert Jewel Basar

Choose the Most Powerful Epic Seven Soul Weaver Heroes

So, there you have it! We hope this Epic Seven Soul Weaver Tier List helps you decide which Soul Weaver you’ll include in your ultimate heroes team. For more updates and information about this fantastic role-playing game, stick around here in Games.lol.

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