Epic Seven Hunt Guide – Completing Boss Hunts in This RPG

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Posted on November 5, 2021

Getting stronger in Epic Seven is essential, especially if you want to progress quickly in this role-playing game. You’ll need to strengthen and develop your characters because the battles become more difficult as you level up. Of course, leveling up and developing their skills is not enough. You also need to acquire powerful gear and equipment to equip your characters.

Now, the main question is how will you level up and get powerful equipment? One of the ways that you can do both is through Boss Hunt. But what is Boss Hunt and how does it help you develop your character and acquire good gear? Continue reading our Epic Seven hunt guide to know more.

What is the Boss Hunt?

Boss Hunt is actually an area in Epic Seven where you can farm, develop your characters, and get good gear. It’s an area where you will challenge four different bosses. The most common Boss Hunt that people begin with is the Wyvern Hunt. After that, there’s the Golem Hunt, then the Azimanak Hunt, and the Banshee Hunt.

The Wyvern Hunt is usually the first hunt that players go to since it’s the easiest. The Golem Hunt is more challenging, but it’s still easier compared to the Azimanak Hunt. The most difficult among all the Boss Hunts is the Banshee Hunt. Each boss hunt will require certain strategies and team composition for you to win. It’s also worth noting that there are several stages for each hunt, and the higher you go, the more difficult the hunt becomes.

Completing The Wyvern Epic Seven Boss Hunt

The Wyvern Epic Seven Boss Hunt is the area where you get to farm for the Speed Set. It is considered the most important set in the game. There will be two stages in the Wyvern battle. In the first stage, which will act as the test stage, you’ll deal with three small snakes and a giant snake. If you have had a hard time surviving and dealing damage to the snakes, then you will likely fail the Wyvern.

Wyvern Epic Seven Boss Hunt

The snakes can also apply poison debuff, so bring a character that can provide debuff immunity or cleanse. After that, it’s Boss Wyvern. The Wyvern is immune to certain debuffs like Slow, Stun, Provoke, Decrease Combat Readiness, and Silence. Additionally, the Wyvern uses three primary attacks: Fire Breath, Tail Swing, and Dragon’s Might. Fire Breath inflicts poison for two turns, while the Tail Swing provides a wyvern barrier and dispels your team’s buffs. The Dragon’s Might is a powerful AoE attack that increases his Dragon’s Rage passive by 30% if you survive this attack.

For this boss, the ideal characters to use are Angelica for tanking and Dizzy for providing debuff. Complete the team with Taranor Guard to break enemy defense and Alexa as your DPS. You can substitute the Water knight (Crozet/Rose/Tywin/Krau) for Angelica or Aither for Dizzy to provide heal instead.

Completing The Golem Epic Seven Boss Hunt

The Golem Boss Hunt is where you can acquire the health, defense, and attack sets. The health set makes healers more effective and efficient. This boss hunt consists of two stages, where you’ll be battling against the bee and two turtles on the first stage. The bee can apply poison, while the turtle deals AoE damage and lowers your attack.

The second stage is where you’ll deal with the Golem together with a healing tree and buff stone. The cooldown of the Golem’s ultimate is reduced by one turn every time he is hit.

Once it reaches max, he will use a counterattack that will stun you. When it’s his turn, he uses an AoE attack that can stun and break defense. The Buff Stone provides attack and defense buff to the Golem. Meanwhile, the Healing Tree heals the Golem a decent amount of health (in Golem 11, the tree can also cleanse debuffs and provide two attack buffs).

Building a team for Golem is a bit difficult because of the many things that you have to deal with in battle. In general, you will need the main DPS and a healer for this Boss Hunt. For the other two slots, you can go for sub-DPS or supports, with at least one of them providing a consistent defense break.

You also might want to make sure you bring a character that can provide immunity, as well as cast unhealable. You’ll have to deal tons of damage to the Golem while making sure he doesn’t heal as much as possible.

Completing The Epic Seven Azimanak Hunt

This Boss Hunt is where you can get the Immunity, Unity, and Rage sets. These sets are not really needed to progress in the game’s main story. However, they can be very useful during PVP and Dual Attack. In this hunt, the main thing you’ll have to worry about is Azimanak himself. His troublesome skill is the Berserk, where he gets a huge stats buff every four hits.

Epic Seven Azimanak Boss Hunt

There are also two Eggs that will spawn in the beginning. Your team will have an 80% damage reduction whenever they’re up. And they respawn after the boss casts his AoE bleed CD twice. Azimanak also has a debuff removal passive, where all debuffs are removed once three of them are applied to him. He also has a skill that can silence a character, which can be annoying to deal with.

For the characters, you will need two good DPS, one that can deal AoE damage, and another that has single target skills. You will also need support with the debuff and buff removal, as well as a healer. The AoE damage will deal with the eggs that are spawned, while the single target deals with Azimanak himself.

Completing The Epic Seven Banshee Hunt

The Epic Seven Banshee Boss Hunt is where you can get the Destruction, Lifesteal, and Counter sets. These sets are not particularly popular, but the Destruction set can be very useful for damage dealer characters.

The Banshee has two phases during battle as she splits into banshees after losing 1/3 and 2/3 of her health. She has the lowest health among all the bosses, but that doesn’t make her easy to deal with.

Epic Seven Banshee Boss Hunt

The battle will be littered with debuffs, including bleed and curse, which makes it very difficult to deal with her. The battles are also usually long, about 4-minutes, which makes it difficult to construct a team. You can shorten the battle duration, but you need to have certain characters. You will need at least either Iseria, Yufine, Baiken, Lilibet, or Specter Tenebria. You also need to have at least one of Charles, Vildred, Celestial Mercedes, or Arbiter Vildred.

The fast clear also requires specific steps that you can look at here. If you don’t have any of the units available, you’ll need two DPS (two AoE or one single target and one AoE character) and two healers that focus more on cleansing to remove debuffs and curses and healing. You need to make sure debuffs are cleansed at all times, or else it will be a quick loss for you.

Final Thoughts

The Boss Hunt in Epic Seven is a great way to get good gear and equipment to use for your character. But completing the Boss Hunt is not going to be easy. Fortunately, this Epic Seven hunt guide will greatly help you in defeating the bosses on your journey.

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