Free Fire Best Gun Review and Guide

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Posted on November 20, 2020

Here is our review and guide of Free Fire’s best weapons for both beginners and advanced players. We will be looking at each of them, and fair, which are the best guns in their respective categories. But first, let’s do an overview of Free Fire weapons. Take note that we will be looking at guns in general. That means we’ll skip the scopes, magazines, and other attachments for every weapon.


Are All Weapons From Free Fire Different from Other Games?

If we compare Free Fire to its main competitors – mainly PUBGM and RoS – then Free Fire bears no vast differences when it comes to weapons. If they are effective in those two other games, then you can bet they are as good in here. Handguns, assault rifles, and shotguns, they’re all good in their respective categories. What matters here is your preference.


How to Consider Which Gun is Best for You

Gun preferences depend on every person. We believe that all guns in the game are meta if you know how to use them properly. We won’t provide pro-level gun efficiency but rather explain which is best for your preference. Some like full-auto, others prefer burst, a side of players love bolt-action. And some players may prefer close-quarter combat yet others like to fight at a far distance. Without further ado, let’s go over each weapon category.


1. Handguns

Free Fire holds the most number of handguns in a battle royale game with over seven sidearms. These include the Treatment Gun, M500, M1873, USP45, G18, Desert Eagle, and Hand Cannon. The most common of the 7 are the G18 and USP – single-fire pistols that serve well in early games.

However, they can only do so much to enemies, especially if they already acquired armor. A more powerful choice includes the Hand Cannon, Desert Eagle, and M500. These have low Fire rates, but if they manage to hit an enemy, they deal with huge damage. The M1873 is a mixed bag. It’s a great CQC option, but it’s tricky to pull off since the ADS does not equate to the damage.

Besides, you will need to get near point-blank to an enemy to deal massive damage. A treatment Gun is a situational weapon that can heal your allies and damage enemies. Don’t even bother using this on enemies because of its low damage.


2. Shotguns

Shotguns in open-ended military-simulated battle royale games are never that good. The only time a shotgun is very reliable is if you either play Fortnite or Apex Legends. In the case of Free Fire, it’s just so-so. Moreover, there are only three shotguns: SPAS12, M1014, and M1887. You have more chances at winning with the M1887 since its pump-action single shots have a good range and equally good damage.

SPAS12 and M1014 honestly depend on the person – as in very situational, if you can predict enemy movement and rings of Fire enclosing inside a house or building. And when you use it inside the buildings, they’re very powerful. In open areas, it’s better to use a G18 or USP instead.


3. Submachine Guns

SMGs are the trickiest weapons in Free Fire. They may be small in stature, but they pop like popcorn against enemies, especially in close range. Their high rates of Fire make great suppression against enemies while your teammates go for a flank or can be a good choice when you like rushing on enemies. There are seven smgs: CG15, P90, MP40, UMP45, MP5, VSS, and Thompson.

If you like a high fire rate, but you can manage to control its recoil, your best choices are MP5, P90, and Thompson. If you like a bit of range with a lower fire rate, the MP40, UMP45, and VSS are the more good picks. The CG15 is a bit tricky since you need to charge it before damaging an enemy; we recommend steering clear of it unless you have enough experience in the game.


4. Assault Rifles

These are the staple for any game beyond Free Fire. They are versatile and highly reliable in whatever situation you may be in. It is also the largest number of options among all the weapon categories in the game. In all honesty, all 13 assault rifles are equally good in their rights. However, for some quick digestive tips, here are some recommendations. Do you like low rates of Fire with high stopping power at the cost of accuracy? The AN94, AK47, SCAR, and AUG are the perfect choices.

What about a decent rate of fire with good accuracy? The M4A1, Groza, XM8, and FAMAS are nice choices. If you prefer single fire weapons, M14 and SKS are more suited to your style. The heatgun is a charged rifle that fires at a high rate after holding the trigger. It takes some skill to get used to this. The best part about assault rifles is that they work well in close, medium, and long-range battles. It all just depends on the scopes that you obtain along the way.


5. Machine Guns

Machine guns are rare drops that you can find in supply crates. The Gatling Gun, M249 SAW, and M60 have large ammunition with a very slow reload speed. Use this for suppressing enemy positions while flanking them. Trust us; they won’t leave their positions. However, they are all lacking in accuracy, making them only good for either suppressive Fire or in close range combat.


6. Sniper Rifles

Sniper rifles require the most skill in the game since Free Fire follows a drop-shot system, meaning the bullet will need to travel as you fire. There are four sniper rifles to choose from SVD, KAR98K, AWM, and M82B. The SVD is the only semi-auto sniper rifle in this category and has the lowest damage. KAR98K is only effective if you find the right scope of at least 4X to make it effective. The AWM and M82B are one of the most powerful guns in the game. One good headshot and it’s bye-bye for the enemies. The M82B only shows up in supply drops.


7. Launchers and Bows

These are the more “novelty” weapons in the game that are only good at situational moments. Don’t expect to catch some kills with these, but if you do, you are a god in the game. There are 4 of them: RGS50, MGL140, M79, and Crossbow. If we were to choose which one of the 4 is the most effective, we have to say it’s the RGS50. It may not deal with good damage on on-foot enemies, but it’s a great counter against enemies in vehicles. It also locks on to vehicles if you aim at them for a few seconds.

The MGL140 and M79 are much like the LMGs. They do have quite a large damage proc, but they suffer from very low accuracy. Plus, their shells bounce first before exploding. Bows are a bit underwhelming in the game unless you can pot them on high-armored enemies. While they don’t do big damage, a crossbow does what no other weapon does in the game: gradual damage. If you hit one with a bow, they gradually bleed. That means armored enemies will suffer health damage even with full armor until the bow wears off.


8. Melee Weapons

For the barbarically brave players, there are some melee weapons too. They all do equal damage, so it’s just up to your aesthetics. For the weebs, there’s a katana for you. Gritty players can acquire a bat. For savages, a machete awaits you. And, for the unorthodox, a frying pan suits you well. Bonus for pan users: if you equip it on your character’s back, it can deflect enemy shots from behind.


All Great Weapons, Only One Preference

As said, we don’t believe there is a needed meta in Free Fire. It all depends on your preference and play style. For the best results, you may want to try all of them out. The game includes semi-single-player game modes too, where you can battle with not-so-smart AI and some noob players. It’s a great way to try them all out there. So, why don’t you try and play Free Fire on PC today? Just click here to get started.

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