Sdorica Game Review: A Beginner-Friendly RPG

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Posted on September 26, 2020

Sdorica is a strategy and fantasy role-playing game by Rayark Inc. This game features extraordinary characters, amazing art style, enchanting music, and an immersive storyline. It basically has all the typical tropes that you can find in an RPG. Players will take the role of a character known as the Watcher—a member of the Bequeathers. Together with Bequeather Rei, these characters will watch and record stories together throughout the gameplay.


The storyline of this game has been given much thought. Playing Sdorica allows players to catch a glimpse of each character’s back story that shows their individual arcs. Some back stories are more emphasized than others, but all of them are relevant to the game’s storyline. The main plot might appear to be predictable in a way, but the character-based subplots make it more enthralling and interesting.


Graphics and Sound

Long-time RPG fans would love the graphics and art style of Sdorica. The characters are designed in classic anime art visuals that will make you nostalgic. The developers took a different approach with its watercolor-style drawings, characters, and backgrounds.

As to the game’s sound, players would immediately notice that the background music plays like an orchestra. The developer, Rayark Inc, is already known to be one of the best when it comes to gaming music and production, and Sdorica is not an exemption. However, don’t expect much from the voice acting of the game. You don’t really hear much from the characters except the occasional “oh” and “huh.”

Gacha Heroes

Sdorica also follows a Gacha style of gameplay where players can summon heroes from different tiers. However, in most Gacha games, low tier characters are mostly useless. In Sdorica however, all heroes fill particular roles and synergize with the others to help you assemble a better team that fits your playstyle and strategy.

sdorica heroes

Character Customization

A major drawback of the game is the lack of character customization. There’s no armor and no equipment to choose or upgrade on. In a game with Gacha heroes, you will expect to have some elemental type of system but you cannot find that in this game.

What Sdorica does have is a personality typing system for its heroes or characters. Each character comes with a different moral code or personality. There are shy, naive, innocent, and shady ones. Now, this might be frustrating for long-time RPG players but this is great for beginners who don’t want to be overwhelmed with all the different characters and weapons in a game.


The gameplay of Sdorica is as basic as any RPG can get. Players will assemble a team of 3 characters to take on enemies in the battlefield and complete stages. Despite the rather straightforward RPG gameplay, Rayark adds a challenge by putting a twist on team formations.

sdorica gameplay

It would generally take a lot of trial and error on the player’s part to come up with the perfect squad. This means that players should read up about the character’s personality and synergies to create the best line up. Again, it’s a good exercise especially for beginners who are still getting acquainted with RPGs.


The Sdorica community is quite large, so you won’t have any problem if you need help and assistance. Many would be eager to offer answers to any question or concern. Best of all, the community is very considerate and not toxic at all. That’s probably because the game does not have a PvP mode. Hence, it is not overwhelming.

Final Thoughts

Rayark Inc. merged RPG gameplay and Gacha to come up with an interesting game. The Gacha system in Sdorica is straightforward and generous, plus the characters are all usable despite varying star tiers.

Content-wise, you can play as much as you want because the game does not have an energy system. This means that you can play the game without limits! However, there’s really not much going on in the game aside from completing the storyline and quests. It does not have a PvP or PvE mode.

For players who can finish the main campaigns quickly, Sdorica might not be the best game for you. But if you are just new to RPGs and you want a game that is straightforward and not overwhelming, then this is a great one to start with.

In terms of monetization, you don’t need to buy anything just to progress in the game. Everything can be earned if you just faithfully play the game and work hard to clear levels. Purchasing additional items is completely optional. To put it simply, Sdorica is not a pay to win game. What players really love about the game is the support from its developers. Rayark Inc. cares a lot about its fan-base, and they issue constant updates for the game.

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