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Posted on February 12, 2022

Gacha Club, since its inception, has managed to become one of the biggest social gaming titles in the freemium market. If you are one of the millions of fans who are hooked on this casual game, then you already know that avatar customization is one of the biggest elements in the game. Nevertheless, if you are a new player who is looking for a way to spruce up your avatar, then, you are in luck as we have here a list of hairstyles that you can use for Gacha Club. But before anything else, let’s take a quick overview of what Gacha Club is all about, for the sake of those who have yet to try out the game.

What is Gacha Club?

Launched in 2020 by acclaimed developer Lunime, Gacha Club is a social game and is part of a bigger franchise. Like most of the titles under the Gacha label, Gacha Club allows players to create and customize their own avatars and create up to 10 characters who can star in their very own story. On top of that, players can also choose from over 180 characters and over 180 pets that they can deploy in intense battles. This brilliant concept has managed to accumulate over 30 million installs and hundreds of thousands of accolades from players across the globe.
gacha club hairstyles

With that said, as much as we want to discuss the numerous achievements that the game has managed to accomplish over the years, that is a topic for another day. Today, however, we are going to proceed with our main topic which is to learn how to create unique hairstyles for your character in the game. So without further ado, feel free to check out some of the methods below.

Gacha Club Hairstyle to Spruce up your Avatar

There are five major components that you must take into consideration when designing hair for your avatar – the rear hair, front hair, back hair, ponytail, and ahoge. The aforementioned five components will serve as your main elements in creating a unique hairstyle. You can also adjust the base color, all fade colors, all colors, high colors, and accessory colors.

As you may have noticed in the first style shown above, we can see the adjustment or the settings of the entire design. First is the rear hair which has the adjustment of 205/206 followed by the front hair with the settings of 85/338. The back hair on the other hand comes with a 1/108 while the ponytail is 79/91. Finally, the ahoge comes with a 40/51 setting. By now, already have an idea of how to create or design the hairstyles of your avatar or character.

Moving forward, we have a couple more designs that you can try out below. We intentionally did not include any images of each of the hairstyles to not spoil the fun.

gacha club hairstyle ideas
Image Source: Gacha Club Hairstyle Ideas


Style #1

Style #1 begins with the 22/224 adjustment of the Rear Hair and the front hair adjustment of 317/323 with the following scale X 0, Y+4, X-Scale 1/20, Y-Scale 2/20, and Rotation 1/30. The back hair is 78/100 with a scale of X+4, Y-10, X-Scale 1/20, Y-Scale 17/20, and Rotation 0. The Ponytail does not apply to this style which means that the adjustment should be 0/83 and the same goes with the Ahoge which should be set at 0/51.

Feel free to make your own adjustment as you go. This goes for all the styles that follow.

Style #2

In style #2, the rear hair is adjusted to 28/224 while the front hair comes with 74/323 with a scale of X+0, Y+4, X-Scale 2/20, Y-Scale 2/20, and Rotation 1/30. The back hair on this style comes with a 70/100 with a scale adjustment of X+2, Y-8, X-Scale 4/20, Y-Scale 1/20, and a Rotation of 0. The ponytail does not apply to this style but the ahoge comes with an adjustment of 41/51 with a scale of X-10, Y+4, X-Scale 1/20, Y-Scale 1/20, and a Rotation of 354.

Style #3

The rear hair in style #3 comes with a 98/224 adjustment followed by the front hair with an adjustment of 268/323 and a scale of X+2, Y+6, X-Scale 1/20, Y-Scale 1/20, with a Rotation of 1/30. The back hair on the other hand comes with a 20/100 adjustment with a scale of X-2, Y-16, X-Scale 1/20, Y-Scale 1/20, and a Rotation of 0. The Ahoge does not apply to this style but the ponytail does and comes with an adjustment of 74/83 and a scale of X-10, Y+14, X-Scale 19/20, Y-Scale 18/20, and a Rotation of 345.

Play Gacha Club on PC

Now that you have an idea of how to create or design hairstyles for your character, your next task is to play the game on your computer. Enjoy this casual game on the bigger screen. Get Gacha Club on PC for free at now!

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