Gacha Club Review – Is It A Good Game To Play?

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Posted on October 7, 2021

Gacha Life is a popular casual game that allows players to express their creativity. However, many parents are not too happy with the game since there are inappropriate elements in it. The game itself doesn’t have any inappropriate things. But the mini-movies that many Gacha Life players upload on YouTube do. This is why there are also some skepticisms with the second game, Gacha Club.

But is the second game that Lunime introduced similar? Does it contain elements that make it toxic? Does it also have features that make it as good as the first game? Let’s find out the answers to all of these questions in this blog post. This will be a Gacha Club review, and we’ll see if this is an excellent game to play.

Gacha Club Gameplay
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The Gameplay of Gacha Club

Before we look at what’s good and bad about Gacha Club, let’s first discuss the gameplay. If you’ve already played Gacha Life, you’ll recognize many of the elements of the first game into the second game. You can still create and customize characters, as well as create various scenes and scenarios. The game still features various game modes where you can exercise your creativity. There are also mini-games that you will enjoy playing.

But what makes Gacha Club different from Gacha Life is the RPG element that this game features. That’s right; there’s an RPG element in the form of the battle mode. The team of characters you created will participate in a turn-based battle against various enemy teams in this mode. The great thing about the battle mode is that there are four different options available. There’s the training mode where you will learn the battle gameplay and fighting style.

There’s also the tower mode, where you can participate in an endless battle. But the mode that you will likely enjoy the most is the Story Mode, which is the main campaign storyline of the game. This is where you get to go on adventures, progress in the game’s story, and level up your characters. The last game mode is the Shadows of Corruption, another campaign mode where you can encounter new characters that you can start customizing after they’re defeated.

You can see that Gacha Club is like an updated version of Gacha Life. It offers more fun and exciting game modes for you to enjoy. Let’s now look at what’s good and bad about this game.

The Good Thing About Gacha Club

Now that you know how Gacha Club is played, it’s time to discuss what’s good about this game. We’ll look at the things that make this game worth downloading and playing.

Gacha Club Battle Mode
Image Source: Gacha Club Battle Mode – Youtube


The Added RPG Element

Probably the main thing that’s great about Gacha Club is the added RPG element of the game. The creative things and freedom to do something are great, but it can get a bit tiring if that’s the only thing you’ll do. So, the added element is a welcome addition to the game. It gives players more things to do in the game. It also provides them with a sense of progression since there’s going to be a storyline. You can also level up your characters and meet new ones, so you’ll add to your collection of characters. This makes the game more fun and exciting to play.

There’s no Player-to-Player Interaction

Another great thing about Gacha Club is that the toxic community that plagued Gacha Life won’t be a problem here. This is because of the no player-to-player interaction, which prevents other players from communicating or interacting. This eliminates the possibility of other players harassing other players. This will help immensely in minimizing the toxicity in Gacha Club. Sure the mini-videos still can’t be controlled, but at least parents won’t have to worry about their kids learning things when they play.

The Gacha Club parent review won’t be providing a negative comment about the game. They can be assured no toxic players can harass their kids while playing. Lumine also changed some of the poses in the game to make them less inappropriate, so parents won’t have to worry about anything.

The Bad Things About Gacha Club

Of course, not everything is good about Gacha Club. There are also bad things that can affect the gaming experience. One thing about it is the inappropriate YouTube content that might still continue. This is another issue that many parents have with Gacha Life, and it could likely continue with Gacha Club. This is not something that the game and the developers can do something about. But it’s still something that could affect parent’s views on the game. The added RPG element might lessen players creating inappropriate content, but that’s something that still can’t be fully avoided.


Looking at what Gacha Club offers, you can see that this game offers more features and fun things than its predecessor. The overall toxicity of the game will also be lessened, along with the inappropriate stuff in the game. Improving the character poses and removing the player-to-player interaction removes the toxicity and inappropriate content in the game.

Sure, there can still be inappropriate content on YouTube, but that’s really out of the control of Lumine. Looking at what Gacha Club offers, we’re giving it a score of 4.5 out of 5. It’s a game that you’ll enjoy playing.

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