Beginner’s Guide: Alto’s Odyssey

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Posted on January 26, 2021

Alto’s Odyssey is the fun sequel to Alto’s Adventure. From the snowy mountains of the first game, Alto ventures into more vibrant and hauntingly beautiful areas with his trusty snowboard. This includes Sand Dunes, Canyons, and the Temple City, and each of them has specific obstacles and mechanics that are only found in their respective stages. That said, Alto’s Odyssey premise is simple – you control Alto or one of his friends and have to navigate through a procedurally-generated stage that contains tons of different obstacles you have to jump over or grind through. The more distance you cover in one run, the more points you will get, on top of the collectible coins that are littered across the levels.

However, as simple as the gameplay sounds, it can get daunting for newer players. Given that the game has pleasant graphics on top of a calming soundtrack, you might get lulled into a calm state since there is a high chance that you will be staring at the graphics and enjoying the scenery at certain points of the game. This will then lead you to crash into rocks and other hindrances and stopping your run short.

With this in mind, here are some useful tips to help you become better at sliding across majestic landscapes and racking up tons of points in the game.

Master the Lay of the Land

One of the first things you can do to improve your runs in Alto’s Odyssey is to familiarize yourself with the different stages. There are three stages in Alto’s Odyssey – the Sand Dunes, Canyon, and Temple City. Each of these stages has different obstacles and hazards that will alter your runs. For example, Sand Dunes have tornadoes and hot air balloons that allow you to bounce, provided that you land on them correctly.

altos odyssey beginner guide

Meanwhile, the Canyons and Temple City have their own set of map hazards you need to watch out for such as wall riding segments in the Canyon, and waterfalls as well as vines that can snap if you are grinding them for long durations at the Temple City. You will need to be attentive to what map you are playing on so that you can determine what hazards you will encounter during your runs and make the proper adjustments.

Focus on One Objective First

Another thing to remember when playing is to focus on one objective during your runs. Similar to the first game, Alto’s Odyssey will give you a couple of tasks that you can accomplish. However, if you are still getting the hang of the controls, it is better to pick which objective you want to accomplish first. For example, you might get a task that sees you cover a set distance during one of your runs. Focus on accomplishing this first so that you can get the corresponding reward and progress your character.

altos odyssey game guide

As you get more accustomed to the controls, map hazards, and different objectives being given to you, then you can start branching out and try to complete more than one objective during your runs.

Trick Linking is Key

Jumping from the objectives, you should also be actively looking for ways to link as many tricks during your runs as possible. Not only does it increase your overall score each time you land multiple tricks, but it also gives you a short burst of speed that can help you cross large gaps or even help you propel up to higher areas and smash through rocks.

Simple trick linking involves trying to do backflips after you jump from a hill, ramp, or dunes then bunting your way through a long stretch of rope, tile ruin, or vines. This will take practice since you have to nail the timing of each rotation for a backflip so that you can land them safely.

In specific stages like the Canyon, you can link wall riding or wall jumping to backflips if you have enough air to do so. Otherwise, it falls under your discretion if you feel like you can link multiple tricks during your run. With that said, once you master linking your tricks, you can get consistently high scores each time you make a good run!

Grab Power-Ups

Along with the different obstacles, you might also notice some glowing items lying around the map during your runs. This includes the Magnet, Lotus Flower, and the Wingsuit, to name a few. These are power-ups that provide much-needed assistance to improve your score, help you cover more ground, traverse harder areas, and push through obstacles. If you see them during your run, do your best to get them. Doing so will further improve your current run and give you a higher score and let you gather more coins to use to upgrade your power-ups.

And there you have it – some useful tips to help enhance your Alto’s Odyssey runs. Continue to practice your jumps and when to execute some tricks to ensure you will cover even more ground and get higher scores.

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