Pokemon Cafe Mix: Tips on How to Ace the Orders

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Posted on December 5, 2020

Announced last June 17 during Pokemon Presents, Pokemon Cafe Mix is an FTP puzzle game from the popular series. It has the elements of simulation and puzzle in its gameplay and its cute graphics will surely keep you hooked! What makes this game special among the others is that this is a stress-free game. Meaning, there no grinding, battling, or facing other trainers and wild Pokemon. Here, you can enjoy managing your Pokemon Cafe and provide food and beverage to other Pokemon. Do well, and they will become your friend and help you out.


Pokemon Cafe Mix Snubbull Joining the Staff


Despite being a game that doesn’t include exploring the region or catching any Pokemon, you can still encounter them here. In Pokemon Cafe Mix, various Pokemon will drop by as your customer. Some will also help you in expanding your cafe! Starting with Eevee, you may expand your network of Pokemon if you provide quality service. Just like in the original game, each Pokemon has its unique abilities. Although you can’t use Fire Blast or Hydro Pump here, your Pokemon can surely make some mouth-watering pancakes!

How to Play Pokemon Cafe Mix

Before I start with the tips and tricks, let’s have a review of its gameplay. As mentioned, you will be managing a Pokemon Cafe. This is where the simulation part happens. More decorations will appear and your cafe expands as you progress in the game. Also, you may unlock more recipes for your menu that your customers will love.

As the manager, you can assign team leaders for your cafe staff depending on the customer’s order. Each Pokemon has its specialty, so assess them well and assign the right one to make food that will surely satisfy your customer. For example, Charmander’s specialty is making drinks. Thus, whenever a customer orders a drink, assign Charmander as a leader to The better the serving, the happier the customer will be.

On the other hand, the puzzle part of the game is where the success of your cafe depends on. It is a simple matching puzzle where you have to match and link the same Pokemon icons on the screen. Moreover, it has certain missions that you have to fulfill. For example, you have to reach a certain score or you have to clear the whipped cream icons. Fulfilling these missions within a particular number of moves will complete the order.


Pokemon Cafe Mix Order Complete


Failing to complete the order will make the customer give you fewer stars. These stars are important as it fills the friendship bar of the Pokemon. Once it gets full, you are now friends with them and they will help you out. As you get further into the game, the puzzles become more difficult. Unlike the earlier stages where you can just wing it, you have to strategize your moves to win. Therefore, here are some tips to ace those difficult orders.

Connect Your Pokemon Well

In other puzzle games, you have to connect icons in three directions and finish the mission to win. But in Pokemon Cafe Mix, it’s more of a freestyle. Here, you can connect the Pokemon icons in any direction. You can circle around or just keep it straight. Moreover, as you connect them, the other ones surrounding it will move around. It has a time limit as well, so don’t take too much time trying to connect the Pokemon icons. Therefore, if you’re not careful, you’ll end up wasting your moves because of it.


Pokemon Cafe Mix Timer


To make each move count, you have to use this feature to your advantage. Since you know that it’s freestyle, you can use this to push the items away or surround them. Doing this can make you easily succeed in your mission. However, this requires pre-emptive thinking and accuracy. Before you make your move, look at the board and start thinking about the possible direction you’re going. Once you got it, start connecting the Pokemon icons. But again, be accurate with it or else you’ll either lose time, mess up your strategy, or both.

Learn About the Ingredients in Pokemon Cafe Mix

Of course, knowledge is key. That is why you have to know how to clear the ingredients indicated in the mission to complete the order. Once you know how to clear them, you can strategize your moves. Different ingredients have different requirements to clear them. Here’s a quick run-through:

  • Sugar Cubes – clear the icons surrounding it three times
  • Whipped Cream – make a combo around it three times
  • Tomato – lead it towards the basket below
  • Nuts – use a megaphone or Cafe Skill
  • Olive Oil – make a combo beside it

Use Cafe Skills to Win

Finally, we have Cafe Skills which are the power-ups of the game. These are individual skills by your Pokemon set as a leader. To use it, you must fill up the gauge by clearing Pokemon icons. Also, clearing the icons of the selected leader will fill the gauge faster so try to focus on them more. Here are the Cafe Skills of some Pokemon:


Pokemon Cafe Mix Charmander Cafe Skill


  • Charmander – clears icons and items below
  • Squirtle – clears icons and items to the right
  • Starly – clears the icons and items around it. Then, sets off megaphones created in place of other icons above and below
  • Steenee – clears icons and items above

With these skills and some practice, you will surely take on those orders and accomplish them. Give it a shot by playing Pokemon Cafe Mix here in Games.lol! Check out other puzzle games as well on this site. Have fun!


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