10 of the Best Drag Racing Games to Keep Your Blood Boiling

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Posted on September 6, 2022

Racing games are always fun to play because of their competitive nature and, of course, fast cars. But what’s better than racing games? The simple answer is drag racing games. Drag Racing is different from typical racing because it’s more of a test of how fast a vehicle is compared to the driver’s skills. It still requires skilled drivers, but they’re secondary. Races are also done in a straight line, which will showcase better who has the fastest car.

It’s very fun and interesting, which is why many prefer this type of racing game. It’s also the reason why there are many drag racing games available to play. But which ones should you try? This is where this blog post will come in, as we’ll list down the best drag racing games that will keep your blood boiling as you play.

Top 10 Thrill-Inducing Drag Racing Games

Below is a list of the best drag racing games you can play on PC right now.

1. FR Legends

One of the best drag racing games you can play right now is FR Legends. What makes it good is that it’s not just a straight-line race; instead, it’s more of a drift race. Furthermore, it’s a game that puts more premium on drifting, as winning means you score the most drift points instead of finishing first. In addition, it also means your cars will be tested more on their ability to drift than on their speed. It’s an interesting drag racing game that you’ll enjoy since it tests your drifting skills, especially since it uses realistic drifting physics.
fr legends pc


2. CarX Drift Racing 2

Here’s another drag racing game where drifting is going to be a big factor in a race, CarX Drift Racing 2. But it’s not the only thing that will determine winning since you still need to finish first here. Instead, it adds more dynamics to the race, making it more fun to play. It also doesn’t use realistic drifting physics, so drifting here is a bit easier. But you still get to tune and upgrade your car or get new and better ones to use in a race. It’s a fun game that’s worth trying out.
carx drift download full version


3. No Limit Drag Racing 2

If you prefer an actual drag racing race, then No Limit Drag Racing 2 is the game for you. It’s a casual drag racing game where you get to test your ability to drag race and see who has the fastest car. Like with any drag race, your vehicle will be the one that determines whether you win or not since races are done in a straight line. You get to tune and upgrade your car to make it faster or get new ones to use. It’s an exciting game that lets you experience drag racing naturally.
no limit drag racing 2 download PC free


4. Drag Racing Game

Another fun and exciting drag racing game you can play is the Drag Racing Game. What’s great about this game is that it features many different and powerful cars for you to acquire and use. It includes some of the more well-known supercars available right now. Additionally, you still get to tune and upgrade it, allowing you to create a powerful and fast monster machine. With your monster vehicle, you’ll be able to dominate the track. It’s surely worth trying out this drag racing game.
drag racing pc download


5. Pro Series Drag Racing

Do you want to play a more realistic drag racing game? Then try playing Pro Series Drag Racing. It’s a typical drag racing game where you participate in straight-line races. You also get to collect fast cars, as well as upgrade and tune them to make them go even faster. But what makes this game special is it’s immersive and realistic to play. From its graphics, all the way to its gameplay, you’ll feel like you’re the one drag racing and not playing a game. You should try out the game to see for yourself.
pro series drag racing gameplay on pc


6. Drag Racing: Streets

If you’re bored of drag racing on a race track, maybe you’d prefer to drag race on the streets. If so, then you should try playing Drag Racing: Streets, a game where you get to experience drag racing, but on the streets. What makes this game interesting aside from street racing is that it features realistic characteristics for its cars and engines. The customization options available for you here will make you feel like you’re tuning a drag racing car. Therefore, it adds to the game’s overall fun and exciting experience. You should give this game a try.
drag racing streets for pc


7. Real Drift Car Racing Lite

If you prefer another drag racing game that includes drifting, then try Real Drift Car Racing Lite. It’s a drag racing game where you don’t just race in a straight line, allowing you to showcase your drifting skills as well. What’s great about this is the variety of customization options available. The game allows players to customize their vehicle down to minor details like car paint, vinyl, and even tire signatures. Plus, this applies when customizing the engine, allowing for more freedom in how you want to speed up your vehicle. It’s an interesting game that you’ll enjoy.
real drift racing download full version


8. Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing

Here’s a game that provides you with more fun game modes. It’s titled Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing, a drag racing game where you get to experience racing and more. There will be more at stake with this game considering there’s a storyline involved where you’ll have to defeat boss racers. The game also features optional gameplay called Most Wanted, where you play as a cop and bust criminals. Or play as an underground overlord and dominate the underground racing scene. It’s a great addition to your drag racing game list that you’ll enjoy.
top speed download PC


9. Drag Racing: Bike Edition

If you’re tired of drag racing with cars, then play Drag Racing: Bike Edition. It’s a game, but this time for bikes instead. You get to compete in a straight-line race to see who has the fastest motorbike. Like with a typical drag racing game, you get to customize, upgrade, and tune your bike to make it as fast as possible. It’s an interesting and exciting game to play, especially if you’re a fan of motorcycles.
drag racing bike download full version


10. Nitro Nation Drag Drift

Last, but certainly not least, is Nitro Nation Drag Drift. It’s a game where you get to showcase your skills and abilities in upgrading and tuning cars to make them fast. Races are mostly straight lines, so your vehicle’s speed will be the determining factor in winning races. It features many different vehicles for you to acquire and use in races. It’s a fun game where you get to compete with the game’s AI, as well as against other racers.
nitro nation 6 perfect shift


Choose from the Top Drag Racing Games Above

There are many more good drag racing games that you can play. But the ones listed here are already a good start. The games here will surely satisfy your cravings for driving fast and adrenaline-pumping racing actions. And for more thrill-inducing games, you can stay tuned here in Games.lol!

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