Genshin Impact Artifact Tier List: Best Artifacts for Your Characters

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Posted on May 29, 2021

Genshin Impact is a game that revolves heavily around its characters that makes up the story and plot of the game. While it may be always such a blissful moment pulling the SSR character you want, you should always remember that they always remain weak if you do not give them the proper weapons and artifacts. Without these two pieces of equipment, your character cannot perform efficiently no matter how maxed up his or her level is. For this article, we’ll conduct a tier list of the artifacts best suited for each character to help you play the game best.

The Importance of Artifacts

Artifacts give stat buffs and enhancing amplifiers for your characters. Without them, your characters will not be able to perform properly as their Talents and stats demand it. Some artifacts work as healing bonuses while others increase the Crit Chance. Depending on where you are searching, Artifacts may either be randomly farmable in the open world or have a chance to get the best ones within the domains.

Much like Stigmatas in Honkai Impact, Artifacts are the backbone that makes up the power spike for your party members. Without them, you won’t see overpowered stat buffs like 16k crit damage from Ganyu or 5000 DPS from Keqing.

Also, before we get started, we just want you to know that ALL artifacts are good; it all just depends on who you use them for. And also, not everybody can afford the time to farm so many artifacts within domains so we’ll be highly friendly regarding the stat buffs of specific Artifacts.

Artifact Sets

Artifacts have five segments: Flower of Life, Plume of Death, Sands of Eon, Goblet of Eonothem, and Circlet of Logos. To complete a set, you will need all five parts under the same label such as Gladiator’s Finale, Berserker, and Wanderer’s Troupe. Having at least two Artifacts within a set will grant you a minor buff. Meanwhile, having four of them will give you the maximum buff. That means the fifth artifact can just be anything outside the set.

You’ll know if you complete the set when you look at the right part of the screen with green checkmarks.

genshin impact artifacts
In-game screenshot: Genshin Impact Artifacts

On the other hand, every Artifact has a main buff and sub-buffs. The main buff is the stat bonus right under the title of the artifact. The sub buffs are found under the stars and the “+” bonus. The problem with these buffs is that they are random, which makes every artifact set different from each other even if they have the same name. For example, one Instructor’s Goblet has DEF Percentage as the main buff while another Instructor’s Goblet has Cryo Bonus instead. It all depends on your loot.

Also, they are all upgradeable as long as you sacrifice the other artifacts to buff one artifact. The more you upgrade an Artifact, the more its main buff will scale up. Additionally, it can add a random sub buff, too. As Thanos would say, “I used the stones to destroy the stones.”

Artifact Tier List

We’ll do a quick round-up of the existing Artifacts. If you need to know all of them in full detail, head on over to the Genshin Wiki page.

Noblesse Oblige (S Tier)

Best for Elemental-focused characters that need more Elemental Burst damage plus party member attack stacks.

Gladiator’s Finale (S Tier)

A must-have for DPS-focused characters. Having four pieces of this will grant even more attack bonuses for sword, claymore, and polearm wielders.

Archaic Petra (S Tier)

Geo-focused Artifact set that grants Geo damage. At four pieces, this will also grant 35% more damage for Geo-induced reactions with other elements.

Blizzard Strayer (S Tier)

Cryo-based Artifact set greatly increases crit rates, especially if the enemy gets frozen.

Crimson Witch of Flames (S Tier)

Pyro-focused Artifact that gets even better damage on Overload, Burn, Vaporize and Melt.

Heart of Depth

Hydro-based Artifact set which greatly increases elemental damage and charge attacks.

Thundering Fury

Electro-focused Artifact which stacks up more damage upon Overload, Electro-charged, and Superconduct reactions.

Viridescent Venerer

Anemo-based Artifact that significantly increases Swirl damage and reducing enemies’ elemental resistance.

Bloodstained Chivalry (S Tier)

Charge-based Artifact set that amplifies physical damage while reducing stamina cost when an enemy is defeated. Great for mob clearing.

Wanderer’s Troupe (S Tier)

A good general Artifact collection that improves elemental mastery and charge attacks for catalyst and bow wielders.

Berserker (A Tier)

Best for increasing crit rates.

Gambler (A Tier)

Increases Elemental Skill Damage and can reset the cooldown for every 15 seconds.

Instructor (A Tier)

Another great damage bonus for the Elemental Skill. Increases party members’ Elemental Mastery too.

Lavawalker (A Tier)

Best against Pyro enemies. Also does even more damage against Pyro-induced targets.

Martial Artist (A Tier)

A physical damage-based artifact that increases charge attacks and normal attacks.

Retracing Bolide (A Tier)

Shield-focused Artifact that strengthens the Shield along with more attack damage.

Maiden Beloved (A Tier)

Great for amplifying your characters and heals even more.

Thundersoother (A Tier)

Increases resistance against Electro enemies. Also does more damage against them.

B Tier Artifacts

Brave Heart and Resolution of Sojourner increase attack damage. Defender’s Will provides more elemental resistance and defense stats. Scholar and Exile are centered around Energy Recharge. There’s really nothing much else to talk about these ones.

Situational Artifacts

They’re not bad per se but they can only be effective at low levels. Alternatively, these are only good if you need to fill in the fifth artifact piece once you complete four pieces for your character. For Adventurer, Lucky Dog Traveling Doctor, and Tiny Miracle, they are best for early games but only for utility and defenses. These should be your sources to sacrifice for upgrades on your better Artifacts. On the other hand, 1-piece Artifacts such as Prayers for Destiny, Prayers for Illumination, Prayers for Springtime, and Prayers for Wisdom are all elemental defenses.

Good Luck With Your Search

Don’t forget to ask for the RNGods’ favor to grant you the artifacts you need. They come in randomly or through heavy grinding in the Domains.

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