Girls’ Frontline: A Comprehensive Guide for Every New Gamers

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Posted on January 26, 2021

Strategy games mixed with role-playing are the best kinds of games to play in. These games will test your critical thinking skills, how creative you are in planning strategies, and most importantly, your quick thinking capabilities. Girls’ Frontline is one such game where your gaming skills will be tested. It’s full of exhilarating cinematic action scenes, cute girls, and a whole lot of fun-filled gameplay. Plus, the storyline is unique, with you being one of the survivors tasked to lead an echelon of T-dolls to victory. Furthermore, you have to save the world from permanent destruction.

As a newbie, you will receive tons of missions. At first, you will find it hard to understand the gameplay. But the longer you explore, the more you get the gist of it. To further help you in your journey, read this comprehensive guide for beginners. With this guide, you can get ready to restore peace and order in the world with the help of your highly optimized T-dolls. As one of the very few remaining, your job is to defeat the evil and prevent darkness from prevailing. Join the team now and learn the basics on how to become an effective leader at Girls’ Frontline!

Girls Frontline Formation


Check & Clear Your Missions in Girls’ Frontline

Missions and combats are the main events of this game. After the intro scenes, you will find the missions list right away because this is where you will be spending most of your time. Clearing the missions is very important, especially if you want to level up your T-Dolls and echelons. Once you complete more and more assignments, you will be able to unlock many features and obtain powerful T-Dolls. However, keep in mind that there are conditions that you need to fulfil before starting the mission. Also, there are objectives that you need to align to as well.

Complete S-Rank Stages

Complete the stages with an S-rank as much as you can to get all those rewards and medals. Part of the rewards you’ll get is resources, which are very helpful in the game.

There are four basic resources in this game: Ammo, Rations, Manpower, and Parts. These are primarily used in the production of new T-Dolls, as well as during battles. Remember, every echelon you deploy requires Manpower, Ammo, and Rations for resupplying purposes. The resources needed also depends on how large your echelon is. Make sure to never run out of resources because your echelon won’t make it without their basic needs and supplies.

Resupply Ammo & Rations to Your Echelons Wisely

Echelons can be deployed through the HQ or captured Heliports. You can choose up to five characters for your echelons. Every time they are deployed, their ammo and rations are automatically resupplied back to 100%. But it will be deducted from your grand total, which is found on the top right corner of the screen. Remember to resupply when necessary because no matter how strong or powerful your echelons are, they are useless without ammo and rations. You can also avoid resupplying all the time by optimizing your route to complete the mission without needing to spend extra resources.

Girls Frontline Battle


Learn More About the T-Dolls in Girls’ Frontline

There are different types of T-Dolls in Girls’ Frontline. These girls offer various skills, which you can strategically use during your battles. The SMG wields submachines with high HP, which makes them perfect for tanking bosses. The AR uses assault rifles and has a high focus on DPS. On the other hand, the RF uses sniper rifles and attacks the enemy’s back row more efficiently and effectively. They also offer powerful DPS.

HD is handgun wielders that are mostly used for support to buff nearby enemies. Aside from that, the MG used machine guns and has high burst damage, but they require a lot of ammo. Lastly, SG uses shotguns and are the best tanks due to their high HP and armor.

Get to Know the Factory

The Factory is where you will be recruiting new T-Dolls. You will also be upgrading your existing ones here. This is the place where you get to optimize them to make them stronger and better on the battlefield. Therefore, familiarize yourself with The Factory to create better T-Dolls.

Final Thoughts

All in all, make sure you get yourself familiarized with the different combat styles and techniques. It’s all about learning every step of the way. The more you play Girls’ Frontline, the more you will be able to come up with strategies that will help you win your battles.

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