Raid Shadow Legends Guide: How to Play the Game

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Posted on January 19, 2021

Raid Shadow Legends is an epic turn-based RPG that sees you set out on a quest within the mystical world of Teleria. You’ll battle beasts, monsters, and other formidable enemies using your team of champions you’ve summoned from across the plain. But before you explore the vast world of Teleria, we’ve prepared a Raid Shadow Legends guide you can take a look at.

Important Gameplay Structures

Following the epic introduction, you will be whisked off into the game’s overworld. This will serve as your main hub for anything and everything you will do in Raid Shadow Legends. Let’s take a closer look at the structures you can interact with at the main hub, and what they do:

Raid Gameplay Elements
There are several buildings that you can interact with once you are in the main hub of the game. Each has a specific purpose to aid you in your quest to save Teleria. Here is a breakdown of the different structures in the hub.


The Portal is the place where you can summon new champions to fight for your team. This place also lets you combine heroes you already own to create more powerful and rarer ones.


This place is where you can gather additional gems after you’ve purchased it at the Bastion. While unlocking it costs money, it’s a good investment since it’ll become your constant source of gems in late-game. This particular structure can also be upgraded, and it is wise to do so when you have the funds. It will reward you with more gems you can use to buy more champions, armor, and other purchasable items.

Great Hall

If you’re looking to hone specific champions in your team, you can do so in the Great Hall. You can mix and match different champion affinities apart from improving their respective Health, Magic, Defense, and Offensive stats. Doing so allows you to breeze through dungeons and gather loot quicker. That said, you will have to earn Arena Medals before you can upgrade your champions. Arena Medals are obtained whenever you take part in PVP battles.


Once you’ve amassed tons of silver and gold, you can use them to buy items in the Market. The items on sale change by the hour, so you’ll need to be quick to get the best deals. Similar to the Mine, the Market can also be upgraded by investing in Silver and Gems. Doing so will allow your Market to house rarer items that you can buy!

Sparring Pit

If you feel like leveling up your champions, but are low on Energy, you can use the Sparring Pit. You can send the champions you want to strengthen in the pit while you work on other aspects of your raiding team. This structure is especially useful if you get a new champion and want to level it up without going through Raids. It also avoids needless deaths while in high-level dungeons.


Finally, the Tavern is another place to give your champions additional XP outside the battlefield. You can level up them by upgrading them which will make them have increased overall stats. The same concept also applies to their Ranks and Skills. However, when upgrading a champion’s rank, you’ll have to sacrifice another that has the same Rank as the one you’re upgrading. As for Upgrading a Skill, you will have to possess Skill Tomes that have the same rarity, or a duplicate of the champion you wish to Upgrade.

You can also help your champions Ascend in the Tavern. To do this, you will have to collect the specific Potions and other materials that are unique to each champion. Once you have obtained the items, you can proceed with the Ascension. Heroes that underwent this process will significantly bolster their overall stats and give them new abilities!

Once you have mastered all the structures, navigating through them every time you get back to the main hub will be a breeze!

Compelling Game Modes

Now that we’re done with the structures in the game, we now head onto the different Game Modes. The modes allow you to play and amass Silver, Gems, and loots to help your champions become more formidable. Here are the different Game Modes you can choose:

Story Campaign

Campaign is the game mode where you can experience the whole story of Raid Shadow Legends. You will be tasked to go through challenging quests to help defeat the Shadow and release its clutches off Teleria.


Entering Dungeons has you face off against a group of enemies. Defeating them will let you advance deeper into the dungeon until you face its Boss. They are harder than those you encounter in Campaign, but they’ll drop rare loot if you manage to vanquish them.

Faction Wars

Faction Wars sees you choose a specific faction’s Crypt and do a mini-dungeon run. There are 13 different factions in the game, each with their strengths and weaknesses. Ensuring your team is fully geared and upgraded will increase your chances of success.

The PVP Arena

This is the game’s PVP area. You will test your team against another player’s and find out who has a stronger line-up! If you manage to win, you are rewarded with various loot that you can use to improve your team!

Clan Boss

Last but not the least, the Clan Boss game mode pits you against a powerful Dungeon Boss. They drop powerful loot once you manage to defeat it. However, you will have to be part of a Clan and get a Clan Key before you can square off against them. Level up your champions, equip them with the best gear, and venture forth to reap awesome rewards!

Collect As Many In-Game Currencies As You Can

We have noted earlier that the game also has tons of in-game currency. You obtain these whenever you complete a level in the Campaign, defeat a boss in the Dungeon, and more! These in-game currencies are Potions, Silver, and Gems. Each of them is used to purchase items and level up your characters.

Silver and Gems are used to purchase items and level up structures in your main hub. This is important since leveling up structures will grant you access to more powerful items and equipment for your champions. Meanwhile, Potions are essential to level up your champions in the Tavern. Potions are harder to come by, so make sure that you level up the correct champion at your party!

The Summoner’s Champions List

Now that we’ve defined and explained the basic stuff, let us now do a brief rundown of the different Raid Shadow Legends champions. These heroes are the foundation of your team. They serve as your soldiers that you’ll command whenever you go through a dungeon, the campaign, and the PVP arena. There are thirteen Factions in the game that are home to powerful champions. Here is the breakdown of those said Factions and their legendary heroes:

Raid Champions List

Starter Champions

You begin the game by choosing one champion from a starting Faction. The Factions available to you are The Sacred Order, Dark Elves, High Elves, and Orcs. True to their namesake, the starter champions are there to get you started in forming your team. Most of them have the Attack Role as well as having an Affinity for Magic.

Banner Lords

Banner Lords are your standard heavily armored Knights in the game. They usually have high Defense and HP with decent Attack stats. This makes them good tanks for your team since they can soak physical damage while others reign havoc on your enemies. There are eight Legendary Banner Lords and are split evenly across HP, Attack, and Support.

High Elves

High Elves possess well-balanced overall stats. They are serviceable front-liners as well as strong ranged soldiers, depending on their Role. You can never go wrong with adding a High Elf to your team since they are hardy champions. Moreover, there are nine Legendary High Elves in the game, and they focus more on Attack and Support.

The Sacred Order

The Sacred Order is a group of Telerian humans who were once tasked to cleanse Teleria of any form of evil. However, following the declaration of war, the Sacred Order swore their allegiance to the Queen of Aravia alongside her Necromancer. Now, they are stalwart protectors of the Queen’s chattel. Sacred Order champions have strong Attack stats, but their HP is decent at best. They have six Legendary champions that mostly orbit around the Attack Role.


Barbarians are another group of Telerian humans who excel in Defense and Attack roles. They are particularly potent additions for purely offensive or defensive team compositions. Similar to The Sacred Order, Barbarians also have six Legendary Champions, and their Roles revolve around Attack and Defense.

Ogryn Tribes

Ogryn Tribes specialize in brute force, and their champions are proof of that. Sporting high HP and Attack stats, they swing hard and hit hard. That said, they are often slow and have to wind up their attacks. They have five Legendary champions, and they predominantly have the Attack Role.


Lizardmen are an ancient prehistoric race that has dwelled in Teleria for over a millennium. After the emergence of humans and other advanced races, the Lizardmen continued to live in the marshes and swamplands. They also ventured into the sewers of the cities. Cunning as they are dangerous, Lizardmen have three Legendary Heroes with two hovering around the Attack and one over the Defense Roles.


Also known as shapeshifters, Skinwalkers were once able to transform between man and animal at-will. However, centuries of overusing their skill have rendered them stuck between the two forms. That said, Skinwalkers are good at offense and defense, depending on what beast form they are stuck in. Skinwalkers have four Legendary Champions that hover around the Defense Role. Adding one of these champions on your team will bolster your defensive stats.


Orcs are a proud warrior race that lives for combat. Most of their champions either have good HP, Attack, and Support stats and usually, do away with defensive stats altogether. This makes them excellent offensive weapons to have on any team since they can dish out consistent damage. Orcs have three Legendary champions that are classed in Attack, Support, and HP roles.


Demonspawn is a race that was born from a realm that is doused in fire and darkness. They possess the ability to manipulate void and chaotic energies to help augment their battle prowess. If you manage to get a Demonspawn champion, it is a welcome addition to your team. Demonspawn currently has four Legendary Champions who are strewn across different Roles. Check out their affinities to help you decide which Legendary Demonspawn champion fits your team.

Undead Hordes

Nefarious entities that were awoken by the corruption spreading throughout Teleria. The Undead Hordes specialize in malefic and corrupting magic to overwhelm their targets. Some of them were once proud Telerians who couldn’t resist the Corruption and were resurrected into vile versions of their former selves. There are five Legendary Undead Heroes currently in the game, and they primarily focus on Attack as their Role. Only two of the Undead Heroes have Support Roles.

Dark Elves

Dark Elves are elves that were banished from their home in Aravia. They now call the forest outskirts of Teleria their home. They have been honing their offensive prowess and have foregone their nobility in favor of surviving at all costs. They also carry a deep-seated grudge against those who casted them away. As such, their legendary champions predominantly fall under the Attack role and are significantly potent at killing enemies with precision.

Knight Revenant

Finally, Knight Revenants revel in death. Their cult sees themselves as vessels for their long-dead leaders, and would indiscriminately raid and pillage countless villages. They use dead bodies as tools for their sacrifices. Knight Revenants have three Legendary Champions and are classed in the Attack, Support, and Defense Role. They prove to be hardy front liners and are more than capable of handling damage for their team.

And there you have it! A brief rundown of the different factions and their Legendary Champions. Check out the list above again to help you decide which champions are the best fit for your team and let the grind begin! Then try out your newfound knowledge by playing Raid Shadow Legends on PC!

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