Granny 3 – Terriffic Beginner’s Tips & Tricks to Escape

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Posted on December 18, 2021

We all thought that grannies are these sweet ladies that only want to feed us and give us money. But when you discover the Granny series by DVloper, you will realize that not all grannies are friendly. They can be scary and unnerving, which is what the horror-tastic Granny games are all about. And they have the third installment ready for you, which is Granny 3. It’s an exhilarating arcade game, which is a favorite of horror lovers because of its chilling and ominous atmosphere throughout the game. So if you haven’t tried playing it yet, download it on your PC here.

The whole gameplay of Granny 3 is to escape from the house within five days. You will be playing the role of a prisoner inside Granny’s house. But you will be  inside together with Granny, Grandpa, and Slendrina. You need to find clues and items you will be using to escape the house. But each character has its own characteristics.

For example, Grandpa can’t hear well, but he’ll fire his shotgun at you once he sees movement. Slendrina will make your escape much harder. Plus, Granny can hear very well, so be careful when moving around. The horror game boasts improvements when it comes to visual and audio presentation. Surely, you will have a fun time looking for a way to escape. Read on below to know the best beginner’s guide for Granny 3.

The 15 Important Items in the House

The first thing you need to remember is that you’ll be using different items on your journey to escape the clutches of Granny’s house. In total, there are 15 items that you need to find around the house. It’s up to you how you’ll recover them, but we have a complete list that might be a huge help to you.

  • Blue Padlock Key – Use this key for the front door.
  • Red Master Key – This key is used for the final lock in the house. Remember not to use it unless you have cut the wires of the alarm.
  • Gold Safe Key – Unlock the safe in the basement using this key, which will most likely contain a shotgun or tranquilizer gun.
  • Wood Weapons Key – It might have the shotgun or tranquilizer gun in it.
  • Yellow Car Key – Use this key to activate the car in the garage.
  • Hammer – Used it to open the barricade of the lower part of the front door.


Granny 3 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1
Image Source: Granny 3 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1


More Tools in the House

There are more items and materials that you can see in the house of Granny and Grandpa. You better take a look on these tools in the house.

  • Screwdriver – You can find this on top of the shelf in the front hall. Used in opening the basement door and onto the stairs.
  • Pliers – Use this to cut the circuits in the basement to deactivate the fan and alarm wires.
  • Alarm Code – If you have the code, you no longer need to cut the alarm wires.
  • Cogwheel – This item is used for the playhouse machine.
  • Winch Handle – Use this to raise the bucket for the well, which most likely contains a key.
  • Melon – Great for distractions, so use the guillotine in the yard to cut it.
  • Shotgun & Tranquilizer – These weapons are optional, and you can use them to subdue Granny and her family for a while.

Remember that not all of these items will appear in the same spots. So every time you play a new game, the items are scrambled to new spots again. But the only item that remains in the same spot is the screwdriver, which you will always find on top of the shell in the front hall. And remember to only carry the item if you’re going to use them right away. And if you drop them, expect Granny to hear you, wherever in the house you’re located in. You need to hide in the blind spots right away.

How to Get Rid of Slendrina

Before you start the game, Granny will provide you with a series of tips to make your game experience more bearable. One of these tips includes “Teddy is Pretty Important”, which refers to a teddy bear concealed somewhere inside the mansion. Why is teddy important? Well, that’s because it’s the only thing that can suppress Slendrina. One thing you must remember is to never look at Slendrina for a long period, or else it will be the end of you.

Slendrina in Granny 3 PC

Once you find Teddy , you have to ride the dumbwaiter, which is located in the kitchen. It will bring you to the uppermost room. Here, you have to put teddy inside a crib and wait for Slendrina to appear and vanish. That means she’s now gone. Once she vanishes, she will leave an item or a key.

Getting Your Weapon

There are two weapons, which you can use against Granny and Grandpa, which are the shotgun and tranquilizer gun. Grandpa owns the shotgun, making it hard for you to get it. But the tranquilizer gun is stored safely inside a weapon cabinet, which requires a key.

Granny 3 Drop

The key is hidden inside a coconut, which you can cut open using the guillotine. Once you have the tranquilizer gun, grabbing Grandpa’s shotgun will be a piece of cake. Stun Grandpa with the tranquilizer gun and then grab the shotgun from his hands.

Final Thoughts

If you’re ready to experience Granny 3 on your PC, get it now with your friends. These tips and tricks will help you overcome your fear and escape the house of hell and the clutches of Granny, Grandpa, and Slendrina.

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