Comprehensive Guide to the Guns of Glory Strategy Game

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Posted on July 23, 2023

Published by Century Games, Guns of Glory is a thrilling multiplayer strategy game that has enthralled gamers worldwide. Set in an alternate, fantastical version of the 19th century, the game falls into the massively multiplayer online (MMO) genre and strategy category, requiring players to build bases, form alliances, and conquer enemies to assert dominance.

Guns of Glory Gameplay

As a player, you’re thrust into the role of a lord responsible for building an estate, training a formidable army, and forging strategic alliances. The game revolves around constructing and upgrading various types of buildings, each with its unique purpose in strengthening your estate.

The intricacy of battle strategies lies in training different types of troops, each boasting its own strengths and weaknesses. Alliances form a critical part of the gameplay, offering mutual protection, resources, and support against adversaries. Research is another pivotal aspect, as players unlock new technologies at the academy to enhance their estates and troop capabilities.

Some variations of Guns of Glory even allow exploration of mysterious territories where players can combat monstrous creatures and discover hidden treasures. Our comprehensive game guide takes a deep dive into this strategic universe, equipping you with everything you need to know.

5 Key Responsibilities in Guns of Glory

Here are the 5 key responsibilities that you need to fulfill as you play Guns of Glory:

1. Building Your Estate

Your estate forms the cornerstone of your success in Guns of Glory. It’s crucial to construct and upgrade various buildings:

  • Castle: The heart of your estate. Upgrading your castle not only enhances its defense but also unlocks new buildings and upgrades for existing ones.
  • Barracks: This is where you train infantry units. As you upgrade your barracks, you can train more troops at a faster rate.
  • Stables: This facility is used to train cavalry units. Higher-level stables allow for quicker training and a larger cavalry.
  • Shooting Range: Here, you train distance units. Upgrades improve training speed and increase the number of troops you can train simultaneously.
  • Hospital: This building heals injured troops from battle. Upgrading it increases healing speed and capacity, allowing you to recover your army faster.
  • Academy: The place for research. New technologies can be developed here to boost your troops and estate.

Balancing upgrades across all buildings is key to maintaining a strong and efficient estate.

2. Training Troops

Training a balanced variety of troops is crucial for success:

  • Infantry: Infantry units are robust and strong against distance units but fall short when faced with cavalry.
  • Cavalry: These fast-moving units excel against infantry but are weak against distance units.
  • Distance Units: These troops, armed with long-range weapons, have an advantage over cavalry but are vulnerable to infantry.

Understanding these dynamics will help you form a well-rounded army and devise impactful battle strategies.

3. Forming Alliances

Being part of an alliance provides you with protection, resources, and support:

  • Protection: Being in an alliance means that members can aid in defending your estate against enemy attacks.
  • Resources: You can share resources within your alliance, helping each other in construction, research, and troop training.
  • Support: In times of war, you can request reinforcements from your alliance members.

Actively participating in an alliance can significantly accelerate your progress in the game.

4. Researching Technologies

Investing time in researching technologies at the academy is vital:

  • Military Technology: This type of research enhances your troops’ attack, defense, health, and loading capacity, giving you an edge in battles.
  • Development Technology: This focuses on boosting construction speed, increasing resource production, and expanding storage capacity, which accelerates your estate development.

Regular investment in both military and development technologies is crucial to maintain competitiveness.

5. Exploring Unknown Territories

In certain versions of Guns of Glory, exploration of mysterious islands is possible:

  • Combat Monsters: Engage in thrilling battles against ghosts and sea monsters to gain rewards such as resources or equipment.
  • Discover Treasures: Search the lands to unearth buried treasures, gaining valuable items and resources that can give you an advantage in the game.

Exploration adds an extra layer of excitement and opportunity to acquire resources.

Guns of Glory Guide to Do Well in The Game

Learn more about how to do well in playing the Guns of Glory game.

Mastering Estate and Resource Defense

Upgrading your castle regularly and training a diverse mix of troops helps create a robust defense. Don’t forget to use the academy for defensive research. Joining an alliance can offer mutual protection, and efficient resource management keeps your estate thriving.

Zeroing in on Campaigns and Tasks

Campaigns and tasks are not just about progressing in the game – they also provide valuable rewards, including speedups, resources, and rare items. Prioritize completing these to enhance your progression.

Activating ‘Collect All’ for Resources

The ‘Collect All’ feature comes in handy when you need to gather resources from all your farms, sawmills, and mines in one click, saving time and ensuring you maximize your production.

Frequent Airship Enhancements

Your airship is a critical tool in battles. Regular enhancements can improve its combat abilities, making it a formidable force against enemies.

Joining the Ranks of an Alliance

Being part of an alliance offers numerous benefits such as shared resources, mutual protection, and cooperative gameplay. Participate actively in alliance events for extra rewards.

Personalizing Your Lord Profile and Avatar

Add a unique touch to your gaming experience by choosing a distinctive name and portrait for your lord profile. This helps you stand out in the player community.

Consistently Powering Up Your Top Guard

Guards come with unique skills that offer bonuses to your estate. Regularly upgrading your top-performing guard maximizes these bonuses and strengthens your estate.

Optimizing Troop Expeditions

Enhancing your troops’ marches involves increasing both their speed and capacity. This allows you to gather more resources or carry more loot in each expedition.

Removing Ruins Around Your Stronghold

Clearing ruins around your castle provides additional space for building and upgrading structures. Sometimes, these ruins may hold hidden rewards, so don’t miss out.

Leveraging Free Daily Opportunities

Guns of Glory offers daily free attempts at various activities like the Shooting Range or Lucky Shot. These opportunities can earn you rewards like speedups, resources, and even premium currency.

Giving Priority to Economic Skills and Technologies

Investing in economic talents and techs can boost your resource production and construction speed, allowing for faster growth and development of your estate.

Claiming Your Weekly Sign-In Bonuses

The game offers daily sign-in rewards, culminating in a 7-day bonus. These rewards often include valuable items that can significantly boost your progress in the game.

Boosting Your Troops’ Carrying Capacity

Increasing your troop load allows you to gather more resources or carry more loot during expeditions. You can do this through specific research and equipment.

By keeping these points in mind, you can strategize effectively and enjoy a rewarding experience playing Guns of Glory.

Learn the Essential Guns of Glory Tips for Success

This detailed guide serves as your roadmap to mastering the immersive world of Guns of Glory. Whether you’re fortifying your estate, navigating through exciting campaigns, or setting out on resourceful expeditions, these strategies are designed to enhance your gameplay and provide a competitive edge.

Guns of Glory is not just about amassing power; it’s also about strategic planning, making wise decisions, and actively engaging in the game’s diverse activities. With this guide at your side, you’re well-equipped to navigate the challenges and reap the rewards that this dynamic game has to offer.

Playing Guns of Glory offers an excellent blend of strategy, collaboration, and competition, making it an engaging and enjoyable game for all. So, gear up, dive in, and may your journey in Guns of Glory be filled with victories.


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