Marvel Future Fight Leveling Guide – Ways To Level Up Quickly

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Posted on February 6, 2023

Leveling up is an important part of most game genres. But this strategy and technique are more effective for RPG games. In such cases, leveling up can strengthen your character and create more chances in every match. This includes Marvel Future Fight, an RPG where you collect Marvel characters and assemble a strong team to battle enemies. Battling is only a part of the game, but how you run and settle the gameplay will finish everything. If you don’t plan on leveling up, you might get stuck — which isn’t your goal.

See more details on leveling your characters effectively in this post. Marvel Future Fight might be the game you’ve waited for to hone and test your battle skills.

Marvel Future Fight Leveling Guide – Things To Know

As mentioned above, leveling up your character in Marvel Future Fight is important. It’s one of the ways that you can strengthen your character. It will improve your character’s base stats (without equipment or gear) and core skills that can be useful until the end.

You need to remember four things when leveling up your character. There’s the Level, Rank, Mastery, Advancement & Potential. Understanding these will help you win and maximize your abilities throughout the game. Let’s discuss each one in this section.

Character Level

The character level is the usual leveling that most people are aware of. A number usually indicates a character’s level, and in the game, it’s usually found on the lower right of the character card. This is the most important aspect of Marvel Future Fight’s leveling.

Increasing the character’s level will also increase the character’s stats, making them stronger. It’s also the simplest one to increase because it only requires experience. You can get that whenever you battle enemies or use the experience chips. So far, the highest level attainable in Marvel Future Fight is level 80. But this will require increasing a character’s rank, mastery, and potential.

Leveling up character in Marvel Future Fight
Image Source: Marvel Future Fight – Leveling Guide


Character Rank

The character rank is another leveling trait in Marvel Future Fight. It’s represented by the stars that your character has. Increasing your character’s rank doesn’t do anything to its stats. But it doesn’t mean it’s not playing an important role. A character’s level will have a cap based on its stars. And to increase the cap, you increase the stars. A character can rank up to six stars, and it will allow your character to reach a max level of 60.

Ranking up will require specific Biometrics. You can get the Biometrics from Elite Missions, Special Missions, Villain Siege, Dimension Rift, or Dimension Shift. Some characters’ Biometrics are only available on Dimension Rifts, Tokens, or Dimension Chests.

Marvel Future Fight Character Rank
Image Source: Marvel Future Fight – Character Rank


Character Mastery

The mastery in Marvel Future Fight is similar to Rank in that stars also represent it. But instead of adding a star, one of your stars becomes red. This also means you can reach a six-star mastery in the game. But unlike rank, achieving mastery will increase your character’s stats and leadership skills. Increasing mastery will require Norn Stones. And each character will require certain types of stones. You can acquire these stones in Elite and Bonus Missions or buy them from the Token Shop using Tokens.

Character Mastery Marvel Future Fight
Image Source: Future Fight – Character Mastery Marvel Future Fight


Character Advancement & Potential

This is where things become interesting and also a bit complicated. Marvel Future Fight started with Advancement tiers initially, allowing characters to reach tier 2. Some characters, like Doctor Strange, Wolverine, Deadpool, and so on, are native tier 2 characters and will be able to reach that advancement by completing their Epic Quests.

Advancing characters will give additional stat boost and tier 2 passive skills (It usually has the mark II next to it). Then, advancing to tier 2 requires max level, 6-star rank, and mastery and gears level of 20. It will also require lots of biometrics, Norn stones, Black Anti-Matter, and Norn stones of chaos. Native tier 2 characters will have different requirements for advancing. Aside from advancement, the potential is also added.

The great thing about potential is that it unlocks new level caps for your character to reach and new gear level caps. Unlocking the first potential increase the level cap to 70 and the gear cap to 25.

Enhancing character potential in Marvel Future Fight
Image Source: Marvel Future Fight – Enhance Character Potential


Enhancing Character Potential in Marvel Future Fight

Unlocking potential also allows you to reach tier 3 since it requires level 70 and all gears at level 25. The tier 3 advancement will unlock an ultimate skill for your character. The second potential growth will increase the level cap and gear level cap to 80 and 30, respectively.

It will also allow your character to reach tier 4, increasing basic and instinct stats. The materials and requirements will differ for each character. It will cost a lot, so ensure you only develop important characters up to this level.

Marvel Future Fight Battle
Image Source: IGN – Future Fight Character Potential


Marvel Future Fight Leveling Guide – Tips to Quickly Leveling Up Faster

The hard part of developing your characters in Marvel Future Fight is acquiring the materials needed. It’s a grind fest unless you’re willing to spend lots of money on it. There’s no way you can skip this process or take a shortcut, so here are our tips.

Focus on One Character First

The first thing you need to do is to focus first on one character. Though there are lots of characters that you want to develop in the game, it’s unrealistic to try and develop them all at the same time. This factor will allow you to focus all your time and effort on acquiring the needed materials for that particular character.

This also helps speed up the process a bit since there are no other distractions that will take away from your progress. You only don’t follow this rule when you’re increasing character levels. For this activity, have one strong character that can solo enemies, and the rest are the characters you want to get experience from the battle.

Marvel Future Fight Find a Character
Image Source: Future Fight – Characters


Make Sure to Play Important Game Modes

One thing you need to remember about Marvel Future Fight, especially if you’re new, is that it’s a daily game. Every day there are certain game modes that you need to play because it resets daily. These are the Daily Missions and World Boss.

These two game modes provide materials that you can use for development. Ensure you play them whenever they become available to acquire the needed materials. Also, take advantage of the Weekly game modes. These game modes reset their reward system every week, like the Village Siege, Timeline Battle, etc. They’re also a good source of materials and resources in the game.

Marvel Future Fight Game Modes
Image Source: Game Modes Marvel Future Fight


Marvel Future Fight Leveling Guide Important Reminders

Leveling your character is what matters most in the game. It keeps your character strong and allows you to complete tougher content. Though leveling can be a bit complex, this Marvel Future Fight leveling guide provides tips and information to help you out. Remember that achieving the highest levels the game currently has will be a grind fest. It will require you to play daily, especially the game modes where you can acquire the materials needed.

Things may seem to be a challenge and long, but the satisfaction of achieving it is worth it. It also helps that you’ll have a strong character that can help you power through most of the tough content the game has. Good luck with winning the game!

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